More Photos Being Taken With Smartphones

smartphone 300x199 More Photos Being Taken With SmartphonesSmartphones are getting slowly but surely replacing other devices as it continues to improve on its features and become more powerful. For example, point and shoot cameras and video cameras are being replaced by smartphones. This is according to research conducted by NPD, a market research company.

The NPD study was made on US adults and the data collected revealed that 27 percent of photos taken by the respondents were taken with their smartphones. The usage was up by 10 percent from last year. On the other hand, photos that were taken using point and shoot or stand-alone cameras dropped by 8 percent – from 52 percent to 44 percent.

The results of the study means one thing, the features of smartphones are beginning to approximate or even at some points surpass the qualities of devices like cameras. The usage of smartphones for taking photos is also based on opportunity. Since people bring their smartphones with them constantly, it is used more often to take pictures to capture spontaneous events or moments. But the study also revealed that when it comes to important events in a person’s life, they don’t use smartphones to record the moment but instead rely on stand-alone cameras or video recorders.

The NPD report has also indicated that this is a growing trend that will continue especially with smartphone technology becoming more advanced and more people buying smartphones.

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