Skype: Android 3G Calling Now Included

skype logo Skype: Android 3G Calling Now IncludedAndroid users have one less reason to gripe about Skype as the VoIP king has given the green light for 3G calling upon their Android app.

And to show there are no hard feelings, tucked into this morning’s update is “Calling over your 3G connection is available worldwide – now including the US.”  This opens up 3G calling to everyone, not just Verizon customers like we’ve seen so far. (Android Central)

Previously Skype only allowed WiFi calling for their Android devices which was odd seeing as their official iPhone app could make 3G phone calls as well as WiFi.

Surprisingly Skype did not update any their corporate blogs highlighting this new ability, although they did note the change upon Android Market.

With the inclusion of 3G calling upon Android Market,  it looks like Skype is ending their practice of playing carrier favorites with users (although the Android app is still lacking when compared to its iOS brother).

Note: Unfortunately video calling over 3G isn’t listed as a feature for Android (is video calling even available for Android?), although hopefully the company will add that feature soon (so yours truly can video chat with his Droid loving relatives).

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