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Why Android OS Is Still Better Than iOS5?

Apple’s latest update iOS5 has created a great buzz in the entire mobile industry. Some of the mobile phone fanatics claim that it is just a catch-up to the offerings already provided by Android. Some gadgets experts even declare the Samsung Galaxy S II is the best android Smartphone in the market.

On the other hand the Apple fanatics are no ways ready to agree that Android is better that iOS5. This competition between world’s two most popular operating systems will get fiercer day by day. The head to head comparisons between the gadgets running on these two OS will give more innovative and advanced gadgets to the world. In this short editorial we will discuss why Android is still considered better that iOS5.

Excellent voice commands

If you have used the barking voice commands of the Android Smartphone, you will come to know that iOS voice commands are very limited. The voice commands in the android Smartphone is fabulous, right from the searching to executing the commands, everything is magnificent. You can dictate your email as well as the text messages with your Android Smartphone. Just speaking to your Smartphone you can actually get directions also. The music by voice option in iPhone is just limited to the iPod app whereas in the Android Smartphone, the listen to command allows you load to the third party music apps like Pandora, Shazam, etc.

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GPS Navigation

There is a free voice guided GPS in the Android Smartphone and it is being offered since October 2009 and on the other hand the iOS still is not giving the flair of voice GPS. The users have to look into their gadget for Map app, even when they are driving which is by no means better than Android.

Androids in-built functionality allow the user to jump into navigation from one app to other seamlessly where as the iPhone users have to copy and paste the address manually into the app they want to move on. However, it is true that there are some very good third party apps in iPhone too.

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Setting Default Apps

If you own an Android Smartphone, you can decide your default apps by your own. The apps like, default browser, music player, any picture are totally in your own control. You can set any of your desired app to the default settings. However it is not such a big and high tech feature but works really well for the Android users. It actually makes you the boss of your device.

Fantastic Widgets

There are fantastic widgets in the Android Smartphone which allow you to display whatever you want. You can manage your widgets according to your own preference. All of the widgets are placed on the Home screen and thus you can access them in real time. The most popular widgets of Android Smartphone are emails, messages, sports updates, media player controls, display properties, and Wi-Fi. The best part is that you are the boss here, and can adjust it all in your own way which you will always miss in the iOS5.

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Extensive range of hardware

With the Android you have a diverse choice of hardware. Android has the best choices on hardware than any other mobile operating system in this world. This extensive range includes the 3D video recording, physical QWERTY keypad, wireless streaming to your TV or anything else. Some incredible ones are dual screen, dual cameras, and dual core. The Samsung galaxy S II has all of these proving that Android is much better than the iOS. So if you are a big screen lover, text addict, media junky and multi tasking user, then the Android Smartphone is the best choice for you.

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