InstaBG Spruces Up Your Twitter Background

instabg 3001 InstaBG Spruces Up Your Twitter BackgroundOne sign of a service’s popularity is the proliferation apps related to that service. Take for example Twitter. The microblogging social service is so hugely popular that many companies have developed their own apps that will allow users to access their own Twitter accounts and read others.

But even if Twitter apps for mobile devices are very convenient to use, the whole user experience is still quite different from using Twitter in its original environment – your browser. One of the best reasons to use Twitter using your browser is the personalization you can apply to your Twitter page. If mobile devices have apps for accessing Twitter. The desktop PC also has online services that allow the user to personalize his Twitter page. [Read more...]

Ubuntu Shows TV Interface

image 11 300x223 Ubuntu Shows TV InterfaceA few months ago we reported that popular Linux build Ubuntu announced that it plans to expand its coverage from just PCs and expand to mobile devices. According to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, the plan is for Ubuntu to eventually be installed on “tablets, phones, TVs and smart screens.” Using Ubuntu will create a seamless integration between various devices, the desktop, the servers and the cloud.

Ubuntu has gotten some mixed responses upon the announcement of its bold plan to go mobile. Some liked it, some were skeptical and others were plain apathetic about it. Ubuntu has been relatively quiet about since the announcement but the progress of its project… until CES when it finally unveiled the Ubuntu smart TV interface. [Read more...]

Android Tablets Global Market Share Growing

5611236614 fd673fca5d5 300x168 Android Tablets Global Market Share GrowingStrategy Analytics, a market analysis company, recently released its report on the global market for tablets for the fourth quarter of 2011. The company’s analysis showed that even though the Apple iPad is still the market leader with a very formidable 58 percent share of the market, Android tablets are fast gaining ground with Android powered tablets now getting 39 percent of the market. Windows powered tablets have also figured in the results, accounting for 1 percent of the global market share. [Read more...]

The ‘LikeBelt’ Now Lets People Thrust Their Way to Facebook Updates

likebelt1 The ‘LikeBelt’ Now Lets People Thrust Their Way to Facebook UpdatesSomewhere along the way someone decided they like to dance and move their bodies, but they couldn’t be away from Facebook. After all, if you’re out doing some great you want everyone to know about it in your status. Pulling out your phone and typing in a status can be a drag. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just move your body to update your Facebook status? Well you guessed it—a new technology known as the LikeBelt makes this possible. No, I’m not joking.

The belt was created by design and development company Deeplocal. The way it works is this: If you’re walking down the road and see something that you like and you want to Facebook “like” it, all you have to do is thrust your hips into the direction of what you like. This thrust will then register with your android smartphone and let all of your Facebook friends know what you “like” at the very moment you have decided you like it. You can see a photo of the LikeBelt taken from Deeplocal up above.

[Read more...]

Feature Phones Still Posting High Sales Figures

phones2 228x300 Feature Phones Still Posting High Sales FiguresSmartphones may be getting most of the attention in the mobile phone industry because of the amazing features that are constantly being introduced by phone manufacturers. But feature phones are not entirely dead yet. In fact, feature phones are still selling at a very impressive rate.

Nokia has recently announced that it has sold its 1.5 billionth feature phone – a Series 40 model. The company also said that they sell 12 similar phones very second. [Read more...]

CyanogenMod To Open Its Own App Market

CyanogenMod1 300x300 CyanogenMod To Open Its Own App MarketIf you have an Android smartphone or tablet that you have rooted with CyanogenMod then you’ll be pleased to know that the guys behind the popular Android custom ROM are going to put up its own application store.

This was announced by Koushik Dutta, one of the people behind CyanogenMod. Dutta said the new store, which will be an independent enterprise, will bring in much needed revenue for CyanogenMod. The custom ROM is arguably the most popular Android modification around the world. It is estimated that more than a million Android phones run CyanogenMod. [Read more...]

Sony Announces New CMOS Sensor, Ushers In More Powerful Smartphone Cameras

Sony 300x200 Sony Announces New CMOS Sensor, Ushers In More Powerful Smartphone CamerasIn an earlier article here in 901AM, we talked reported on survey results that more and more people are relying on the cameras on their phones in favor of point and shoots for taking photos on the fly. That report showed that current technologies are making the built in cameras on phones perform almost at par with stand-alone cameras. But Sony has announced a new technology that will still narrow that gap between built-in cameras and stand-alone cameras some more. [Read more...]

Mobile phone thefts up by 400 percent in London

london 225x300 Mobile phone thefts up by 400 percent in LondonSmartphones are quite expensive devices. Our wallets and bank accounts know it, but unfortunately so do criminals. In the UK, phone mobile phone theft is becoming quite a problem, based on figures released by the authorities.

Based on a report published by The Guardian, the police in Islington, one of London’s boroughs, reported a whopping 400 percent rise in crimes involving mobile phones, namely, phone snatching. The 400 percent increase happened over the span of just one year, that is from 157 reported crimes in 2010 to 786 the following year, 2011. The increase may actually be higher because the figure does not even include the last two months of 2011. [Read more...]

New Spare One Phone Runs On One AA Battery

SpareOne Cellphone 300x210 New Spare One Phone Runs On One AA BatteryMobile phone technology has reached a point where new features are just taken par for the course. It gets harder and harder to be really amazed by any new features or innovations on mobile phones. But that’s not the case for Spare One. It’s one mobile phone that will impress anyone who finds out about it.

The Spare One is a relatively cheap mobile phone. Retailing for just $50, you won’t hesitate to buy this phone, especially after you find out its features. The Spare One is a mobile phone that can run on just one single AA battery – arguably the most popular and readily available battery type in the world. [Read more...]

Zynga Acquires Four Game Companies

zynga 300x160 Zynga Acquires Four Game CompaniesZynga is very intent on strengthening its already secure position as the top provider of casual games in the world. The company, who makes highly popular games like Words With Friends, has announced that it has recently bought four different mobile game companies over the last few months.

The acquisitions Zynga made, as told to Reuters, include Gamedoctors, a German company and the maker of the hit game ZombieSmash. Zynga also said that it has bought Astro Ape Studios, a New York based company. [Read more...]