Raspberry Pi Release A Hit

Raspberry Pi B 300x192 Raspberry Pi Release A HitThe extremely small Raspberry Pi computer, arguably the smallest computer in the world, is now available for sale. After years of development and growing hype among tech enthusiasts on the internet, the Raspberry Pi is now here. It officially went on sale last Wednesday, and to say that it is a success is an understatement. It’s so successful that the web sites that sell the Raspberry Pi have gone down because of the huge online traffic. [Read more...]

ZTE, Huawei To Release Powerful Phones

huawei zte logo 300x264 ZTE, Huawei To Release Powerful PhonesChinese electronics manufacturers are known in the west not so much for their own products for the fact that they are usually used as OEM companies by more established companies from the west. But this close relationship with the giant electronics companies only means that technology transfer happens and these companies benefit from the relationship.

Two companies that are getting a lot of benefits from its role as an OEM are both ZTE and Huawei. These two companies are actually extremely huge and successful companies from the east that are rarely known outside of the region. But both companies have a desire to enter the western market and they are going to do it this year. [Read more...]

Is BlackBerry Dying?

blackberry logo 300x300 Is BlackBerry Dying?We’ve been reporting about the number of corporate clients that BlackBerry has been losing over the last few months, and this has been further confirmed by a study that IT research company InformationWeek recently conducted.

According to this new study, only seven percent of IT administrators are planning to increase their usage of RIM products. The study was conducted among 530 technology processionals. This result is just a grim reminder of what we have been seeing all these months. BlackBerry is dying. [Read more...]

Amazon Removes 5000 Books From Kindle Store Over Contract Dispute

amazon kindle logo Amazon Removes 5000 Books From Kindle Store Over Contract DisputeAmazon recently removed about 5,000 ebooks from the Kindle store as a result of not being able to forge an agreement with Independent Publishers Group about over a new contract. The 41 year old IPG was founded in Chicago and officially went into the ebook business in 2001. The group is the second largest independent book distributor in the United States.

Amazon began to remove IPG titles from the Kindle Store at the beginning of the week when the two entities could not agree on terms on a new contract. The pullout is only for the ebooks, the printed editions of the same titles are still available at Amazon. [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble to Release New Nook Tablet With Reduced Specs

nook tablet 211x300 Barnes & Noble to Release New Nook Tablet With Reduced SpecsWhen Barnes & Noble announced its Nook Tablet a few months back, it placed a lot of emphasis on its features and how it is superior to Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet. It did have a lot going for it. It had a more RAM (1GB to 512MB) and storage (16GB to 8GB), and these specs were used to justify its price, which is more expensive than the Kindle Fire (the Nook Tablet is $250 while the Kindle Fire is $199). [Read more...]

Panasonic to Introduce Eluga To Europe

Panasonic Eluga 460x279 Panasonic to Introduce Eluga To EuropeThere was a time when mobile phones made by Panasonic was readily available all over the world. But the Japanese company decided to leave the worldwide market in 2006 and just concentrated on manufacturing and selling phones in Japan, where it has had a lot of success. Currently, 20 percent of the mobile phones in Japan are made by Panasonic.

After years of catering exclusively to the Japanese market, Panasonic is now ready to return to the global market. The company announced its intent last year with news that it will begin selling smartphones in Europe again this year. [Read more...]

Microsoft Working On a New Music Streaming Service?

music Microsoft Working On a New Music Streaming Service?There are indications that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new music service/application that will be similar to what Spotify, Pandora, MOG or Rdio offers. Microsoft is reportedly talking with different record labels about developing the said app/service.

Experts say that Microsoft’s plan is to release the service as part of the applications or services associated with the Xbox 360. It does not intend to use its Zune brand name because it did not gain traction with consumers. [Read more...]

Sony Completes Ericsson Buyout

sony1 Sony Completes Ericsson BuyoutLast October we reported on Sony’s desire to go it alone with their mobile phone business, which will effectively end its partnership with Ericsson.

Now, the Sony Ericsson partnership and mobile phone brand is effectively ended as the deal for Sony buying out Ericson in the partnership has been consummated. Sony has paid Ericsson the equivalent of $1.3 billion. [Read more...]

Mobile Devices Will Outnumber Earth’s Population

earth 300x300 Mobile Devices Will Outnumber Earths PopulationA decade ago, having a mobile phone was considered a status symbol. Not everyone can afford them then. But now, mobile phones are so ubiquitous it’s not unheard of for a person to carry more than one phone. Mobile devices like phones and tablets are encroaching on our lives in a huge way.

Network company Cisco recently conducted research on mobile devices and according to its findings, sometime this year there will be more mobile devices being used on earth than there are humans. This means there will be more than seven billion mobile devices on the planet by the end of the year. [Read more...]

Spark, a Linux-Powered Tablet, To Be Released Soon

spark 300x164 Spark, a Linux Powered Tablet, To Be Released SoonA new tablet is being scheduled for release and this one will offer a completely different experience and environment from the ones we have been used to.

The new tablet, called the Spark, was announced by the lead KDE hacker Aaron Seigo. The new tablet will run an open source Linux operating system. A Linux powered system tablet will definitely be welcomed by the developer community and also by users who do not want to be burdened with using a proprietary system even if it’s free. [Read more...]