Viddy Gets Major Update

viddy Viddy Gets Major UpdateViddy is quietly but also surely dominating the social video segment of the market with its easy to use app. It is on its way to becoming the Instagram equivalent for videos. Alongside its growing number of endorsers and influx of investor money, Viddy recently announced a major new update for the Viddy app.

The new update features a lot of new changes and additions to Viddy. One of the new features is an option to choose the thumbnail cover art for the videos you’ve captured. This makes the video thumbnail more beautiful to look, providing the thumbnails with an Instagram-like look because of your chosen image in place of the dull first frame of the video (which was the default thumbnail before). [Read more...]

The Rise of The Mobile Platform

mobile ecommerce 300x169 The Rise of The Mobile PlatformThe mobile platform is now fully realize because of the vast improvements in the power of mobile devices and reliability of mobile communication technologies. We can now truly say that we have been untethered from the traditional wired technologies and are now mobile in the truest sense of the word.

With mobile communication now at its maturity stage we can now expect to do many things that, at some point in the past, we could only do with wired solutions – like streaming content or doing mobile transactions. But with the new technologies mentioned we can now do these things and more even when we are in the middle of a place with no foreseeable cables in sight. [Read more...]

New Survey Reveals BlackBerry’s Drastically Reduced Market Share, Android Still Top Smartphone

blackberry logo2 300x225 New Survey Reveals BlackBerrys Drastically Reduced Market Share, Android Still Top Smartphone The IDC recently released new survey results regarding smartphone market share and the results are very alarming for Research in Motion and its once mighty BlackBerry phone.

According to the IDC report the market share of BlackBerry has drastically fallen to 6.4 percent this year. Contrast it to the 13.6 percent market share it was enjoying just last year and you’ll realize that the BlackBerry is really in jeopardy. [Read more...]

Facebook releases Facebook Camera App; No, This is Not Instagram

FACEBOOK CAMERA 300x225 Facebook releases Facebook Camera App; No, This is Not InstagramA few weeks ago, Facebook made waves when it announced that it has bought the hugely popular photo taking app Instagram for $1 billion. According to the press statement, Instagram will be developed independent of Facebook. With Facebook recently announcing its own photo taking feature that promise may have been kept but it also creates a lot of questions about the future of both Facebook and Instagram.

The new Facebook Camera is a new app that the leading social networking company will be releasing on the iTunes App Store. [Read more...]

New Test Drive Feature Added to Amazon App Store for Android

amazon appstore 300x300 New Test Drive Feature Added to Amazon App Store for AndroidAmazon is continually finding ways to improve its level of service and support for its commercial efforts. One of these new improvements is the company’s release of a new version of its App Store that will be made available to Android tablets and smartphones.

The new version of the App Store will include a Test Drive feature that was also first seen and implemented on the site. The Test Drive feature allows a user to see for themselves how an app works and what its functions are even before they get to purchase the app and download it. [Read more...]

ITC rules against Motorola, Bans Imports of Motorola Android Phones

Motorola logo.jpg 300x209 ITC rules against Motorola, Bans Imports of Motorola Android PhonesMicrosoft has successfully made a move that is going to hurt Motorola in a big way in the US. The US International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Microsoft and has banned the import of Motorola Mobility Android devices until Motorola changes the software so that it won’t be infringing on the Microsoft patents or it can also buy a license from Microsoft so that it can continue selling the said devices.

The ITC’s ruling follows a December court ruling that states Motorola’s products, namely, the Atrix, Droid and Xoom smartphones, infringed on a Microsoft patent that is related to Exchange ActiveSync technology. [Read more...]

Google Plans New Strategies for Android release and Nexus Phones

nexus 300x230 Google Plans New Strategies for Android release and Nexus PhonesGoogle is planning to change its whole strategy on subsequent releases of Android and its self-branded Nexus phones, pushing its presence in the mobile phone market to more prominence.

The new strategy that Google plans to implement is to first diversify its partnership with phone manufacturers. Whereas before, the company would only work with one manufacturer in developing its Google Nexus phones, the new strategy is to offer consumers an array of Nexus phones and tablets that have been developed and manufactured by up to five different manufacturers. [Read more...]

Facebook Testing Facebook Highlight in NZ, Other Markets

facebook 300x185 Facebook Testing Facebook Highlight in NZ, Other MarketsSocial network giant Facebook is currently testing a new scheme that where you pay to have your status update promoted. With the new system you pay Facebook a small fee to have a status update you’ve chosen appear on Facebook more prominently.

The pay to promote system is already being tested in New Zealand although some people have claimed that it is also running concurrently in a few other countries. At this point, Facebook has not released any statements on whether it plans to expand it to its other markets or even to continue with this new payment system. [Read more...]

Intel Smartphone Now Runs Android 4.0

intel logo1 300x198 Intel Smartphone Now Runs Android 4.0Intel may dominate the PC and laptop sectors with its range of processors built for these specific hardware but when it comes to the mobile device segment of the market – which is exploding like crazy – it has not been able to gain much of a headway. For this segment of the market, ARM processors are the acknowledged king.

But this may soon change. [Read more...]

More than 50 percent of People Use Smartphones during Workouts

workout 300x206 More than 50 percent of People Use Smartphones during WorkoutsA recent study conducted by Lab 42, a market research firm, revealed that 51 percent of the study respondents used a smartphone for various purposes while they were working out.

The Lab 42 study showed that among the various uses for a smartphone while working out, 91 percent used it as a music player while they are lifting weights or doing cardiovascular exercises. [Read more...]