RIM To Cut 5,000 Jobs, Shows Poor Fiscal Performance

Research In Motion Limited 300x264 RIM To Cut 5,000 Jobs, Shows Poor Fiscal PerformanceResearch in Motion’s troubles look like it’s not going to ever let up. The BlackBerry maker has released details about its first quarter 2012 financial report and it just shows the extent of the bad situation the company is in right now.

First off, the company posted a loss of $0.37 per share on its total worth of $2.8 billion – a 33 percent drop from the $4.2 billion in revenues it posted in the quarter before it. The net loss RIM suffered was pegged at $518 million just for the quarter. To make a bad situation even worse, the company has announced that it will be cutting 5,000 more jobs as one of its strategies to try and save $1 billion. [Read more...]

Users Can Now Purchase Magazines, Movies, TV Shows in Google Play

Google play Users Can Now Purchase Magazines, Movies, TV Shows in Google PlayDuring the Google sponsored Google I/O Conference, the folks behind Google Play revealed a few new things about Google’s app store. Specifically, the company revealed that people can now buy TV shows, movies and magazines directly from Google Play. Previously, users can only rent videos from Google Play.

With the new functionality of Google Play, purchases are now officially opened to users. For example, for magazines, users can buy individual magazine issues or buy a subscription to receive new issues when it is released. [Read more...]

Zynga launches social platform “Zynga With Friends”

zynga2 300x175 Zynga launches social platform “Zynga With Friends”Have you ever played any of Zynga’s multiplayer enabled games and had trouble compelling your friends to play with you? Or maybe you’ve been playing Cityville and you want to increase the number of people you interact with? It was relatively difficult to find like-minded players before. Apparently, Zynga also thought so.

Zynga has now addressed the actual social aspects of its games by announcing the creation of Zynga With Friends, a social lobby where players of Zynga’s many games can meet and play regardless of the social network they’re using or the platform on which they play. [Read more...]

Free WiFi To Be Offered in Six NYC Subway Stations

subway Free WiFi To Be Offered in Six NYC Subway StationsMore and more public areas are getting free WiFi as demand for connectivity to the internet increases. New York City is one  of the busiest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world but signals for phones and internet connections are still quite poor. But Boingo and Google Offers recently announced that it has partnered to provide free WiFi in six different subway stations all over New York City. Aside from the free WiFi in subways, 200 other hotspots all over Manhattan will provide Boingo services, allowing people to gain access to the internet all day. [Read more...]

Flipboard Now Available For Android Devices

Flipboard 300x190 Flipboard Now Available For Android DevicesAndroid users complain that there are a lot of sought after apps that appear first in the iOS environment but take a lot of time before it is ported for Android devices, with Instagram being one of these apps. Another app that Android users have been requesting is a port of Flipboard, the amazing app that allows users to read through news stories and feature articles in a cool magazine format, with the content taken from the user’s chosen news feeds. [Read more...]

Amazon Opens Its Appstore to International Developers

amazon app store Amazon Opens Its Appstore to International DevelopersAmazon made an announcement that it is opening its Appstore to apps made in other countries. This is the company’s first overt move to really go international with the Appstore, which was officially opened in the United States a year ago. According to Amazon, developers from European countries like France, Italy, Germanty, the UK and Spain can now submit apps to the Amazon Appstore for consideration. The company has also teased that it will further open up this opportunity to other countries in the future.

Many pundits think that this move by Amazon to open up the Appstore to other countries is an important step towards Amazon being able to sell its hit Kindle Fire tablet to markets outside the United States. [Read more...]

Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet

microsoft surface 300x214 Microsoft Unveils Surface TabletMicrosoft is going to go head to head with Apple’s dominance in the tablet landscape with its new Microsoft Surface tablet. The new device was unveiled during a press event held in Los Angeles.

Rumors of Microsoft making a tablet has been circulating on the internet for many months now and the final reveal was not much of a surprise. What was surprising though was the tablet itself, with many saying that it does look like it has what it takes to really take on Apple. The Microsoft Surface tablet was revealed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, with Steven Sinofsky talking more about the tablet at length. [Read more...]

Mozilla To Make Junior Browser for iPad

mozilla Mozilla To Make Junior Browser for iPadArguably, the most overlooked application in your computer or your mobile device (whether it be a tablet or a smartphone) is the browser. A browser has become so ubiquitous and such an integral part of surfing the internet that it is usually overlooked. It’s that app that is there, but is not there. I bet you just mindlessly open the browser of your choice, use it, then then close it without thinking about the browser itself and how it is the vehicle towards accessing the world wide web. [Read more...]

Nokia to cut 10,000 jobs, sell Vertu brand

Nokia Logo 300x204 Nokia to cut 10,000 jobs, sell Vertu brandThe once mighty telecoms giant Nokia has been going through some difficult times over the last few years and this week’s announcements only confirms that the company is going through more trying times.

The Finnish company has announced that it has let go of three of its top executives, but more than this, it has also announced that it is laying off 10,000 people. Other announcements include the shut down of three facilities and the sale of its luxury brand Vertu. The only positive bit of news, if you can call it that, is Nokia’s decision to buy imaging technology from Scalado. [Read more...]

Zynga releases Draw Something in Different Languages Despite Dropping Stock Prices

zynga1 300x175 Zynga releases Draw Something in Different Languages Despite Dropping Stock PricesZynga has decided to up the ante on its hit social multiplayer game Draw Something. The company has released the game in 12 different languages, which includes Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and both simplified and traditional Chinese. Most of the new versions offer user interfaces that have already been translated to the supported language along with the accompanying dictionaries to truly enhance the gaming experience with the preferred language. [Read more...]