“Distracted Walking” Accidents On The Rise

walking 300x199 Distracted Walking Accidents On The Rise The saying “look before you walk” may be what a lot of people should be following, especially now that accidents are on the rise.

According to a report made by ABS News – which compiled the data taken by the Consumer Product Safety Commission – the incidents of “distracted walking” accidents has been on the increase. According to the report, about 1,150 people in the US had been sent to hospitals a year ago after they met with accidents while they were using their mobile phones. The figure may be considered insignificant considering the US is a country with 300 million people but it is statistically significant considering that the incidents of these kinds of accidents have increased by 400 percent over those reported over the last seven years. [Read more...]

Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in Germany

motorola android phones 300x240 Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in GermanyMotorola has suffered a setback in Europe. A ruling promulgated by a Mannheim Court has resulted in Motorola’s Android-based devices getting banned for sale in Germany. More specifically, any Motorola device that uses FAT technology for its internal storage are going to be pulled from stores and other sales avenues in Germany. The ruling’s effect is immediate.

The court ruling was basically in favor of Microsoft’s suit. The software giant has a patent for the FAT or File Allocation Table, a technology that allows people to more readily find and label media files when using a storage system that runs FAT. With this ruling, Motorola may be forced to just implement a different file system, but in the meantime, expect the company to file an appeal with the court. [Read more...]

North Korea Comes Out With Its Own Tablet

 North Korea Comes Out With Its Own TabletNorth Korea may be one of the most secretive countries in the world and news involving the country are generally not always positive. Thank heavens, then for good pieces of tech news like this – North Korea has launched its own tablet that it will be bringing to its consumers. [Read more...]

New York Times Blackberry App Discontinued

nyt New York Times Blackberry App DiscontinuedThe New York Times developed an app that for accessing New York Times content on various devices. But this week, the publication announced that it was going to stop supporting the New York Times app for BlackBerry devices. The reason? There aren’t enough users who use their app.

The decision to stop operating the app is because there are not enough users of the app. It’s not because the New York Times is unpopular. In fact, its apps for Android and the iOS are doing quite well. The anemic usage is attributed to only a few BlackBerry users who are going to the BlackBerry App World and downloading it. [Read more...]

Pearltrees Releases iPhone App

 Pearltrees Releases iPhone App One of the more interesting productivity apps that has come out recently is Pearltrees. It’s an app that helps a user in collecting and organizing their interests and related information.

Pearltrees does something that is also addressed by other apps but it does it differently by presenting the information in a unique, but very effective way. A few months ago, it released a web app and then released an iPad app. Now, Pearltrees is coming to the iPhone.  [Read more...]

Lenovo’s New Transformable Tablet Launches with Attractive Price

lenovos ideatab 300x200 Lenovos New Transformable Tablet Launches with Attractive PriceLenovo has released a new product to compete in the transformable tablet market niche and it’s making itself noticed with its very attractive price.

The Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 was originally shown in January but is now available online. Although the standard price for the product will be $450, buyers can get the IdeaTab S2110 for only $343.20 – quite a reasonable price for a tablet that runs Android 4.0. The optional keyboard dock can be had for just an additional $56. So in essence, you’ll only pay for the whole package for just $400 – a real steal. Compare it with the pricing of the other popular transformable tablet in the market, the ASUS Transformer, where the keyboard alone costs $150 and its Transformer tablets range from $400 to $500. [Read more...]

New Personal Assistant App Friday Released on Google Play

friday New Personal Assistant App Friday Released on Google PlayA new app recently debuted at the Google Play store and it has the potential to actually become extremely popular.

The app, called, Friday, is a personal assistant app. How does it work? Friday basically locates the different sources of information on your device – your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, your email, your text messages, phonecalls, even photos – then scrunches it up into a seamless repository of all this data. What you get is one go-to place to find out what has been happening in your life by looking at all of this information. [Read more...]

More than 50 Percent of Americans Use Their Phones While TV Watching

 More than 50 Percent of Americans Use Their Phones While TV WatchingA very revealing fact was revealed by a recent study conducted by the Internet & American Life Project of the Pew Research Center. According to the research, about 52 percent of mobile phone users in the United States actually use their phones as supplemental activity while watching shows on TV.

The new study, entitled The Rise of The Connected Viewer, showed that 38 percent of mobile phone users use their mobile phones when there’s a commercial break, about 22 percent try to find information to corroborate a fact or news they heard while watching TV, while six percent go and vote for reality shows. [Read more...]

UK Phone Users Text More Than They Make Phone Calls

texting 300x215 UK Phone Users Text More Than They Make Phone CallsA study made by Ofcom on the mobile phone habits of mobile phone users in the UK revealed that about 58 percent of users texted people every day in 2011, only 47 percent of them used their phones to make a voice call daily.

The study is part of the more comprehensive annual Communications Market Report that was published just this week. According to the report, the average mobile phone user in the UK sent about 50 texts last year. This is 200 percent more than the texts that UK users were sending four years ago. It was also in 2011 when  that making voice calls finally showed a decline in its practice. The study revealed that there was a decline of one percent in the number of calls made in 2011 compared to the number of calls recorded in the previous year. [Read more...]

Samsung Increases Lead Over Apple in Sales

s3 300x230 Samsung Increases Lead Over Apple in SalesIn the smartphone sphere, the two players that have a lion’s share of the market are Apple and Samsung. These two companies have been the dominant players in the global market and their respective sales numbers show that their competition is fierce with no true leader.

But a recent survey released by Reuters has revealed that Samsung may have finally widened its lead over Apple by a significant margin. The study was the result of a poll made involving 41 financial analysts. The analysts have observed that the tremendous interest the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been generating is the factor that has put Samsung over Apple in sales. From the period covering April 1 to June 30, Samsung has managed to sell over 50 million smartphones worldwide, which definitely dwarfs Apple’s own sales figure of 30.5 million smartphones. [Read more...]