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“Distracted Walking” Accidents On The Rise

The saying “look before you walk” may be what a lot of people should be following, especially now that accidents are on the rise. According to a report made by ABS News – which compiled the data taken by the Consumer Product Safety Commission ...


North Korea Comes Out With Its Own Tablet

North Korea may be one of the most secretive countries in the world and news involving the country are generally not always positive. Thank heavens, then for good pieces of tech news like this – North Korea has launched its own tablet that it will ...


New York Times Blackberry App Discontinued

The New York Times developed an app that for accessing New York Times content on various devices. But this week, the publication announced that it was going to stop supporting the New York Times app for BlackBerry devices. The reason? There aren’t ...


Pearltrees Releases iPhone App

One of the more interesting productivity apps that has come out recently is Pearltrees. It’s an app that helps a user in collecting and organizing their interests and related information. Pearltrees does something that is also addressed by other ...