Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 2

 Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 2Samsung officially announced the next generation of its popular oversized smartphone the Galaxy Note at an event held in Berlin, Germany. The Galaxy Note 2 is seen as an overall improvement over the niche-making Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note 2 now sports a slightly larger touchscreen  at 5.5 inches. The first gen Galaxy Note had a 5.3 inch touchscreen.  But even with the slightly larger screen, the Galaxy Note 2 has gotten thinner at 9.4mm and also taller. The reason is that the new screen has also gotten taller and wider with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The Super AMOLED screen has a resolution of 720p. [Read more...]

Flipboard Reveals Impressive Stats to Show Its Success

fp Flipboard Reveals Impressive Stats to Show Its SuccessIf you own a smartphone, or better yet, a tablet, then one of the most essential apps that you should install on your device is Flipboard. The social news reader is arguably the most popular news reader in the market, with the company reporting that it already has 20 million users. Flipboard has also reported that one new user per second gets Flipboard, that’s impressive growth right there. [Read more...]

Sony Mobile Announces Layoffs, HQ Relocation to Japan

Sony Mobile Sony Mobile Announces Layoffs, HQ Relocation to JapanIt looks like if your company name is not Apple of Samsung and you’re in the mobile phone industry you’re most likely have some financial problems.

Sony, which most recently bought Ericsson’s half of its previous partnership to go it alone in the mobile phone industry, has announced that its new Sony Mobile Communications will be letting go of 15 percent of its employees. The removal of approximately 1,000 people is part of a larger restructuring plan for the company. Apart from the layoffs, the company will also be moving its headquarters and other company functions from its original Lund, Sweden base to Tokyo, Japan by October this year. [Read more...]

Hidden Safari Features on iPhone

iphone 231x300 Hidden Safari Features on iPhoneThe iPhone allows users to do many things – make a phone call, surf the Web, watch a film – all by just touching a virtual button. However, there are also plenty of ‘hidden’ features waiting to be discovered, especially with the Safari web browser.

Make a call from Safari

If a user finds a phone number in Safari that they’d like to call (for example, the phone number of a reputable online gadget insurance company) then they do not need to jump to the phone component to ring it. In fact, all they need to do is tap the number and their iPhone will dial it for them. Simple and very handy. [Read more...]

The iOS Facebook App 5.0 is Now Faster

facebook2 300x218 The iOS Facebook App 5.0 is Now FasterThe Facebook app for iOS has been used begrudglingly by Facebook users for two reasons. It’s a completely free app (other apps that access Facebook are paid apps or ad-supported), and it’s the official app of Facebook. Unfortunately, the Facebook app is largely considered a broken app. It takes a long time for things to appear on the display – not just the photos but sometimes even the text. Scrolling through the news feed is also molasses slow. [Read more...]

Apple returns to EPEAT after realizing mistakes, goes green again

apple 300x223 Apple returns to EPEAT after realizing mistakes, goes green againThe Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool or EPEAT® is a rating system that is a concerted effort between activists, agencies (government) and manufacturers and tells you how environmentally friendly your electronic equipment(desktops, monitor and laptops) truly is. Through this you can make conscious choices to protect the environment by going green. Products that are endorsed by EPEAT carry less mercury, have less toxic products and can be recycled efficiently. They also help you reduce your energy consumption (and expenses), backed as they are by ENERGY STAR® specifications. Thus the emphasis is on energy consumption and recyclability. [Read more...]

Video Chat Service ooVoo Now Offers Four-Way Video Chat

17 Video Chat Service ooVoo Now Offers Four Way Video ChatSocial networking services have been popping up all over the place, with most of them presenting their own take on the social networking game. Of course, with so many services out there, features are bound to overlap one another.

One social networking service that’s trying to catch people’s attention is the weirdly named ooVoo. It’s a social video call app that is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. OoVoo is getting very popular. [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble to Start Selling Nook E-Readers in The UK

nook1 288x300 Barnes & Noble to Start Selling Nook E Readers in The UKThe UK e-book reader market has been quiet in terms of competition for the simple reason that it is only Amazon that has been aggressively selling its items in the country, which has resulted in the company occupying the top position as the leading e-book reader seller in the UK. This is a big oversight by its competitors, and fortunately, Barnes & Noble has realized that it has overlooked a potentially lucrative market. [Read more...]

Google Play Gift Cards Released

 Google Play Gift Cards ReleasedGift cards for the Android Market (now called Google Play), similar to the cards that Apple sells for its iTunes/App Store, has been requested by Android users for a long time now. After years of waiting, Google has finally addressed this request and has released Google Play gift cards.

The release of the Google Play gift cards came a few days after the Google Play Android App received an update that allowed for gift cards support. The cards come in both $10 and $25 denominations, but you can expect to see cards with higher denominations at some point in the future. The card itself has an ubiquitous Google Play logo in the front, you won’t ever mistake what it is, even from afar. [Read more...]

AT&T To Release App To Discourage Texting While Driving

dr 300x199 AT&T To Release App To Discourage Texting While DrivingTexting while driving is a very real problem. At best it’s an annoyance to other motorists who have to contend with a person who’s probably driving too slowly at worst this habit can lead to accidents, with some of them proving to be fatal.

AT&T is addressing the problem of texting while driving behavior by releasing a new app that has been specifically designed to prevent or discourage texting while driving. The app is actually geared towards parents, who can control their children’s phones remotely by giving them access to their children’s cell phone service, allowing them to cut off the phone’s texting and internet browsing features and even the ability to receive and make calls when their children are driving. [Read more...]