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Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 2

Samsung officially announced the next generation of its popular oversized smartphone the Galaxy Note at an event held in Berlin, Germany. The Galaxy Note 2 is seen as an overall improvement over the niche-making Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note 2 now ...


Flipboard Reveals Impressive Stats to Show Its Success

If you own a smartphone, or better yet, a tablet, then one of the most essential apps that you should install on your device is Flipboard. The social news reader is arguably the most popular news reader in the market, with the company reporting that ...


Hidden Safari Features on iPhone

The iPhone allows users to do many things – make a phone call, surf the Web, watch a film – all by just touching a virtual button. However, there are also plenty of ‘hidden’ features waiting to be discovered, especially with the Safari ...


The iOS Facebook App 5.0 is Now Faster

The Facebook app for iOS has been used begrudglingly by Facebook users for two reasons. It’s a completely free app (other apps that access Facebook are paid apps or ad-supported), and it’s the official app of Facebook. Unfortunately, the ...