Foursquare Updates iOS App

38526v7 max 250x250 Foursquare Updates iOS App

Location based social networking service Foursquare has released a new update to its iOS app that features changes on both its front end and also its internal infrastructure, the changes have also made the Foursquare app more compatible with the iPhone 5’s bigger screen.

The new Foursquare app has improved speed in browsing because of the changes made in its code.  Also, the new update has made changes in the way the app behaves, for example, by providing every user with unique results. All of the search results will be tailored towards the preferences and behavior of the user, a far cry from the general results that it once generated. [Read more...]

Google Hasn’t Submitted a Maps App to Apple

27860997 926e66c4bd m Google Hasnt Submitted a Maps App to Apple

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To say that the new Apple Maps that came with the release of iOS 6 is a disappointment is a vast understatement. I can’t remember the last time Apple even released an unmitigated disaster as its Maps service. If you’ve read the complaints (of which there are many online) then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Apple’s misstep has led iOS users to demand the return of Google Maps. Not as a replacement to Apple’s Maps app – because that will never happen – but as a separate app that they can download. There were rumors that Google is already close to releasing the Google Maps app on the App Store. But it looks like this not true. [Read more...]

Apple Reports 5 Million iPhone 5′s Sold in Three Days

7400998992 48a6137dfa m Apple Reports 5 Million iPhone 5s Sold in Three Days

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Apple has reported that it has sold over 5 million units of the newly released iPhone 5 over just three days. The sales exceeded the 4 million units Apple sold of the iPhone 4s when it was released a year ago.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, “demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working hard to get an iPhone 5 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible.” Cook added that the initial supply of units have sold out but Apple is hard at work replenishing stocks in stores while also continuing to accept online orders. [Read more...]

How Important is a Mobile App for Your Business?

19797v1 max 250x250 How Important is a Mobile App for Your Business?

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There is a high possibility that soon the world will be dominated by Smartphones. This is the primary reason why most business owners are turning to making an app for their business. The concern arises from the notion that a lot of people are already dependent on their Smartphones for their internet requirements. Basically, their palm sized handheld devices are doubling as their computers, their diaries, and their social networking aid and of course, their phones.

Having said this, is it absolutely necessary to jump along in sync with the bandwagon of Mobile Application Developers? Before taking the plunge into this field one must think about a few things absolutely clearly. [Read more...]

Facebook for Android Now has In-App SMS Feature

300px Android robot.svg Facebook for Android Now has In App SMS Feature

Facebook is finally paying attention to its mobile apps. A few weeks back they finally released a new Facebook app for the iPad that actually works. Now the attention has been focused on the Android version of the Facebook app, which receives a number of new features.

The new version of the Android Facebook app now has a new in-app texting feature. The new feature uses the Facebook Messenger app and allows users to text their friends from the app itself. Users can send and receive SMS messages Facebook messages and emails using the address that Facebook provided to all of its users several months ago. [Read more...]

Motorola Announces Razr i

razr i 300x204 Motorola Announces Razr iMotorola has announced a new smartphone to add to its growing lineup. The Motorola Razr i is an Intel Atom powered phone, and the first product of the partnership between Motorola and Intel.

The Motorola Razr i was unveiled during a short event held in London. It is actually a familiar device because it is a reworking of the Motorola Droid Razr M that was shown at the Motorola and Verizon event held in New York. The most significant difference between the two units is, of course, the processor. The Motorola Razr i’s Intel Atom processor runs at 2Ghz, which makes it the world’s first smartphone to reach this clock speed. This is going to be one fast smartphone. [Read more...]

Microsoft Patents “Whacking” Feature for Phones

 Microsoft Patents Whacking Feature for PhonesMicrosoft has recently filed a patent that would elicit two specific responses from mobile phone users. First is “why didn’t they think of this earlier?” The second is, “what possessed them to call it whacking?”

The patent Microsoft filed basically involves a new way of triggering a phone to go on silent or stop making a sound by “whacking” the device. You have to acknowledge that the process of whacking a phone to keep it quiet is, well, genius. It’s one of those things that’s so obvious, so basic that you wonder why no one implemented this feature before. [Read more...]

Apple Announces New iPod Touch, iPod Nano

ipodnano 300x210 Apple Announces New iPod Touch, iPod NanoApple has announced the iPhone 5 and, frankly, I wasn’t really impressed with it. There was no feature announced that people didn’t already knew from the unprecedented amount of information leaks about this new iPhone that the media reported. It was a ho-hum product, to say the least.

What I got excited about, on the other hand, are the newly redesigned iPod Touch and iPod Nano. [Read more...]

The iPhone 5 is Here

150x98 The iPhone 5 is Here

Today, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 5 at a press conference held at the Yerba Buena Center for The Arts in San Francisco.

The new phone was well received by the audience even though there was really nothing surprising about the phone at this point. The iPhone 5 has been the subject of many rumors and speculations and a lot of the rumors turned out to be true so the official unveiling was a little anti-climactic. [Read more...]

More Than Half of Teens, Aged 13 to 17, Now Own Smartphones

300px HTC Trophy smartphone More Than Half of Teens, Aged 13 to 17, Now Own Smartphones

English: An image of the HTC Trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Based on new research conducted by Nielsen, it was revealed that of teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old who live in the United States, 58 percent own a smartphone. This is a very significant increase from the 36 percent saturation rate that was measured just a year ago.

The research has also shown that the largest incidence of smartphone ownership is at the 25 to 34 age group, where 74 percent own a smartphone, an increase from the 59 percent measured a year ago.

Based on data collected, as of July of this year, more than half of all mobile phone subscribers in the US (55.5 percent) are smartphone owners. This is a 14.5 percent increase from a year ago. [Read more...]