Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

150x100 Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

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Who knew media reception about Windows RT is going to give a major electronics manufacturer the jitters?

Acer has announced that it will be delaying the release of new Acer tablets that run under Windows RT, from the earlier posted announcement of the first few months of 2013 to the new date of between April to June 2013. The company has cited the mixed reactions Mcirosoft Surface received from various media entities when it was officially launched a week ago. [Read more...]

Nokia Still Going to Release a Windows 7.5 Phone, The Nokia 510

510 300x180 Nokia Still Going to Release a Windows 7.5 Phone, The Nokia 510Expect Windows 8 phones to start popping up in stores by next month, that is, right after Microsoft’s official launch even for its smartphone lineup on Monday. As expected, people will probably think that the Windows 7.5, the old mobile OS, is now effectively abandoned. But Nokia doesn’t think it should leave Windows 7.5 just yet.

The company thinks that Windows 7.5 is still a viable OS in terms of public acceptance and consumption that’s why, instead of abandoning it in favor of Windows 8, it is coming out with a new entry-level phone that will have it as an operating system. [Read more...]

White House Report Says No Evidence of Huawei Spying

 White House Report Says No Evidence of Huawei Spying

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A few weeks back a US House of Representatives intelligence panel report basically accused two Chinese technology companies – ZTE and Huawei – as being threats to the US’ security. The allegations were made because of these two companies’ ties with the Chinese government. The report further stated that US companies should refrain from doing business with these two firms. [Read more...]

The Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business Owners

300px Group of smartphones The Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business Owners

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Looking for the right apps for your business can be difficult, especially now that the App Store has over 700,000 apps, while Google Play has 600,000. To make your search easier, here are the top 10 smartphone apps for business owners.


Scan2PDF Mobile

PDFs are incredibly useful; you know that. But what if you were given a hardcopy and not a PDF? No problem. Just run Scan2PDF, scan the document using your smartphone’s camera, and voila—an instant full-colour PDF that you can e-mail. [Read more...]

Onyx Reveals Android Prototype Phone with E Ink Screen

onyx e ink smartphone 500x315 300x300 Onyx Reveals Android Prototype Phone with E Ink ScreenScreens are always a weak point for any smartphone. It is the major component that drains batteries and you have to crank up the brightness levels if you want to see what’s on the screen under direct sunlight.

Onyx International is hoping that their solution may be able to address the issue of smartphone screens by developing a smartphone that has an E ink screen. Onyx is actually well known in the field of e ink screens since it manufactures the Boox e-readers. [Read more...]

Asus Releases PadFone 2


aspad 300x207 Asus Releases PadFone 2Asus has officially announced the PadFone 2, the second generation of the company’s innovative smartphone – tablet combination device. The product was launched in two simultaneous events that were held in Milan and Taipei.


The PadFone 2 has undergone a major redesign and this more intuitive design is what Asus is trying to sell to consumers. The original PadFone had a small door located at the back of the dock for the PadFone tablet. This is where the smartphone is attached. [Read more...]

Complaints Leveled Against Kindle Paperwhite’s Screen

8049043358 f9170a5758 m Complaints Leveled Against Kindle Paperwhites Screen

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The Kindle Paperwhite was one of the hot announcements Amazon made a few weeks back. But now that it’s already being sold in the market, it’s been getting some criticisms and complaints about its screen.

Based on comments on online forums and at Amazon, users are complaining about the Kindle Paperwhite producing uneven illumination on the screen that is quite noticeable when viewed in certain lighting conditions. [Read more...]

How to Safely Use Your Credit Card Online

creditcardsonline How to Safely Use Your Credit Card Online
In the internet age, using your credit card to make purchases online has never been more convenient. Today, you can now shop halfway around the world without leaving your room. However, this ease comes at a terrible price: exposure to credit card fraud. To protect yourself from credit card fraud, here are several tips on how to safely use your credit card online.

Tip #1: Secure your computer

Before you even consider using your credit card for some online shopping, you first need to make sure your computer is cleaned and protected from viruses and other malicious software by installing an antivirus/anti-malware program. And see to it that your antivirus is always updated. [Read more...]

Popular Video Games Remade for Smartphones

smartphonegames Popular Video Games Remade for Smartphones
The smartphones are invading everything, including video games. And this is probably why video games are invading right back. The following are our favourite smartphone versions of video game franchises we all love.

Max Payne Mobile

It’s been more than a decade since the release of the original Max Payne on the PC when publisher Rockstar Games decided to bring the iconic shooter into smartphones. The result is Max Payne Mobile, which is essentially the same game with a few new tricks: HD graphics, customisable touch screen controls and support for Rockstar Social Club. Not a touch screen fan? Play it with a USB controller. [Read more...]

Best Smartphone Apps For Parents

lookingafterkids Best Smartphone Apps For Parents
If you’re a mom or a dad, then you know that parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Thankfully, there are many apps out there that can make this job much easier. Here are the best, most useful apps that parents that are worried about their children should have on their smartphone.

White Noise

Having some difficulty getting your child to sleep? Maybe some White Noise will do the trick. This app plays a variety of perfectly looped ambient sounds that lessen the impact of sudden noises, that can help both children and parents doze off. Rounding up the package is an alarm clock that comes with several sounds. [Read more...]