Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

150x100 Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

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Who knew media reception about Windows RT is going to give a major electronics manufacturer the jitters?

Acer has announced that it will be delaying the release of new Acer tablets that run under Windows RT, from the earlier posted announcement of the first few months of 2013 to the new date of between April to June 2013. The company has cited the mixed reactions Mcirosoft Surface received from various media entities when it was officially launched a week ago.

Acer said it will continue with the launch of its Windows 8-powered products, but the Windows RT hardware will be postponed and actually sent back to the company’s Research and Development department. Jim Wong, Acer’s corporate president, said that the company originally had “a very aggressive plan” that will see the company releasing Windows RT products early in 2013. But with the actual release of Windows Surface, the company has instead decided to become more cautious especially in terms of manufacturing and pricing.

Acer has been quite vocal about its opinions of Windows Surface. Just last August, Acer CEO JT Wang has advised Microsoft to “think twice” about releasing their self-branded devices, noting that this is something the company is not good at and that it will have a “huge negative impact.” The company has also said that it will be supporting Android over Windows Phone 8 all through 2013.

 Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

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