AT&T To Release App To Discourage Texting While Driving

dr 300x199 AT&T To Release App To Discourage Texting While DrivingTexting while driving is a very real problem. At best it’s an annoyance to other motorists who have to contend with a person who’s probably driving too slowly at worst this habit can lead to accidents, with some of them proving to be fatal.

AT&T is addressing the problem of texting while driving behavior by releasing a new app that has been specifically designed to prevent or discourage texting while driving. The app is actually geared towards parents, who can control their children’s phones remotely by giving them access to their children’s cell phone service, allowing them to cut off the phone’s texting and internet browsing features and even the ability to receive and make calls when their children are driving.

The app is scheduled to be released on September 19. Aside from the main feature of disabling texting, surfing, and calling capabilities, which are distractions to a person who drives, the app will also have other features like a GPS tracker to allow parents to locate where the mobile phone is, and a Safety Violation Summery. This is a nifty alert system that will automatically text parents if their children are driving too fast, make sudden accelerations or make very sharp turns.

There’s no news yet on which platforms this app will be made available but it will most likely be available for both the iOS and the Android operating systems. There’s speculation that future releases of AT&T phones will have this app preinstalled and undeletable.

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