Foursquare Updates iOS App

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Location based social networking service Foursquare has released a new update to its iOS app that features changes on both its front end and also its internal infrastructure, the changes have also made the Foursquare app more compatible with the iPhone 5’s bigger screen.

The new Foursquare app has improved speed in browsing because of the changes made in its code.  Also, the new update has made changes in the way the app behaves, for example, by providing every user with unique results. All of the search results will be tailored towards the preferences and behavior of the user, a far cry from the general results that it once generated.

Foursquare’s use of OpenStreetMap also means the user can use other services like Apple Maps or even a Yelp service.

In terms of what happens on its GUI, Foursquare now sports a few new search categories that can be seen on the Explorer tab. These categories include “been before”, “friends have been”, and “haven’t been” – and it joins the more established categories like “Food”, “Shopping”, and “Arts”.

An important note to the new personalization features – users are now required to really check in their locations for the feature to work, and work well. Foursquare needs to find out where you are and where you are going, along with your friends’ destinations and locations as well.

 Foursquare Updates iOS App

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