Rumored Google Tablet Could be Out By May

google tablet 460x331 Rumored Google Tablet Could be Out By MayA Google tablet has been a persistent rumor for many months now and the fact that it’s not dying means there’s a certain truth to these rumors.

New information that has come out about the Google tablet comes from an article that appears in Android and Me. According to the article, a source from a supply chain company that operates from the United States shared that a 7-inch tablet could probably be in the market by May and this tablet will have a winner of a price at $149. That is priced even lower than the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is priced at $199.

The report also talked about Google working with Asus in making the much-rumored Nexus tablet. According to the source of the report, Asus’ MeMo 370T was scrapped even though it was unveiled in last January’s CES. The reason was because Google approached Asus about collaborating on a tablet. The source said the partnership between Google and Asus is already a done deal.

The tablet will be installed with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the price has dropped from previous estimations. The sweet spot will be between $149 and $199.

The price indicates that this may be a product with not a lot of bells and whistles. This is probably going to be an entry-level tablet, although in a past interview Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that a Google tablet will be made with the “highest quality.” Schmidt also said that the google tablet (if and when it is released) will further increase the “brutal competition” between Apple and Android.

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