White House Report Says No Evidence of Huawei Spying

 White House Report Says No Evidence of Huawei Spying

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A few weeks back a US House of Representatives intelligence panel report basically accused two Chinese technology companies – ZTE and Huawei – as being threats to the US’ security. The allegations were made because of these two companies’ ties with the Chinese government. The report further stated that US companies should refrain from doing business with these two firms.

But news agency Reuters has recently published the details of a security review that was conducted on Huawei and was done under the permission of the White House. The review said that the “no clear evidence that Huawei had spied for China.” The quote came from sources that were unnamed in the report but Reuters claims are very close to the investigation. Reuters has approached Huawei to ask about the review but the company has denied any knowledge of the investigation. But the company did say that it was not surprised that the probe never found anything that would give credence to the allegations of spying leveled against it.

According to Reuters, it was a “thorough review” that included interviews with hundreds or telecom industry people who have done business with Huawei. No information was given on when this report will be made available to the public, or if it will be made available at all. Reuters quoted one source as saying that a number of government people had really wanted to gain evidence of Huawei’s involvement with spying but nothing was found. There were no hard evidence included in the intelligence panel’s report but it’s claimed that it exists and that it is included in classified documents.

 White House Report Says No Evidence of Huawei Spying

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