ZTE, Huawei To Release Powerful Phones

huawei zte logo 300x264 ZTE, Huawei To Release Powerful PhonesChinese electronics manufacturers are known in the west not so much for their own products for the fact that they are usually used as OEM companies by more established companies from the west. But this close relationship with the giant electronics companies only means that technology transfer happens and these companies benefit from the relationship.

Two companies that are getting a lot of benefits from its role as an OEM are both ZTE and Huawei. These two companies are actually extremely huge and successful companies from the east that are rarely known outside of the region. But both companies have a desire to enter the western market and they are going to do it this year.

Both companies are expected to release new phones in the western market and it will be branded with the companies’ own name.

ZTE will be releasing the ZTE Era, which will be the introductory product and the first salvo in ZTE’s company plans for the western market. With an aggressive plan to be the third biggest handset provider by 2015, which is quite reachable given that it already occupies the fourth position.

The Era is an Android Ice Cream Sandwich powere phone that will be powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor running at 1.3Ghz. It will also have 1Gb of Ram.

Huawei, on the other hand, will release the Ascend D Quad, which will be powered by a proprietary quad core processor (yes, this won’t use technology from Nvidia, Qualcomm or the other name manufacturers). The company is boasting that it is the most powerful processor to be used on a mobile phone.

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