2013 Australian Tech Events to Participate In

 2013 Australian Tech Events to Participate InThe technology scene is booming all over the world, more so in certain places than others. The success of areas like Silicon Valley has prodded many others from different locations to emulate rock stars in the tech scene. While it might work for others, it doesn’t always apply.

The fact remains, though, that local tech communities have to find their own way by building their own scene and adapting strategies and techniques to their own particular circumstances. In Australia, the tech scene is just as prolific, with a considerable number of events slated to happen this year. If you are looking at expanding your knowledge and your network, here are some Australian tech events scheduled for 2013. Take your pick!

AlwaysOn Australia 2013

This two-day event will be held in Sydney sometime in the middle of 2013. The exact dates have not been determined, but participants can expect top executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capital investors from Australia, the United States, and other key economic regions. AlwaysOn Australia is part of a series of events all over the world.

Persuasive 2013

From April 3-5, the 8th International Conference on Persuasive Technology will be held in Sydney. Persuasive Technology is a field which takes a look at interactive technologies and services and how they can be utilised to impact people’s behaviours. The field is a great combination of technology and humans.


The software developer conference conceptualised by developers themselves – that’s the theme of this conference. From May 16-17, this event will be held in Brisbane, where functional programmers are encouraged to share their knowledge, and maybe pick up a think or two as well.

CeBIT 2013

This conference highlights technologies that can be used by businesses to gain the edge that they need. This event is a melting pot of industries, ranging from commerce to skilled trades to services to mobile. The conference will be held from May 28-30 in Sydney.

Startup Tas Guest Speaker Event

Startups in Tasmania will want to attend an individual event to be held on the 18th of April. This specific event will feature serial entrepreneur and University entrepreneurship lecturer, Dr Colin Jones. It may not be as laser-focused on technology as other events, but it does take into consideration the business development aspect that many startups need.

Depending on your particular interests or field of expertise, you can surely find one tech event in Australia which you can engage in to benefit your endeavours. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to juggle your activities to schedule in more than one!

About the Author
Jacques is a serial tech entrepreneur who is based in Singapore. He makes it a point to attend tech events in the Asia-Pacific region to keep updated and make new contacts. He has several stops in Australia this year, and for likeminded individuals, he suggests planning as early as now so that you can compare options for car rentals, accommodations, and even sightseeing trips on the side, and make the most out of your trip.

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