Monitor Your Home Security System Anywhere With Your Smartphone

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With the advancements in modern technology, what used to take huge computers can now fit in the palm of your hand. And true enough, the technology does exist to this day through smartphones. Today’s smartphones can practically do anything – even help you out in keeping your home safe from intruders.


DIY Home Security

With today’s technology, you can now use your smartphone to connect to the internet and access cameras you can place all over your home through internet camera software – kind of like broadcasting a live feed of your home via webcam that only you can access.


Smartphone + Home Security System

Coupled with a home security system, however, and your smartphone becomes one of the most useful tools for home security purposes as it then adds the capability to remotely control your entire home security network. Through your smartphone, you can check on the status of your home alarm system, enable or disable your security system from virtually anywhere, access your security camera feeds in real time, even take control of your home’s thermostat and lights!


Green Security

Another bonus of making use of your smartphone for home security purposes is in creating a greener, eco-friendlier home. Through your smartphone + home security hookup, you can control your home from afar – meaning being able to turn on your lights when it’s nighttime at your place to lessen the chances of break-ins, then turning it off again in the morning. You can also adjust your thermostat in case you forgot to before you left, saving you a lot of energy.


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  1. Nice one,yeh now a days you can do your work on smart phones except computer and also you can access your security system of home through internet.

  2. It is very convenient nowadays that people can just monitor their security system through mobile phones and tablets. It can be real time or through the email notification.

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