Using Webinars as an E-Marketing Tool

Studies have shown that webinars are an effective and cost efficient tool in reaching out to people. Small business owners and companies have recognized its importance and are now utilizing it for marketing and list building purposes.

Webinar as a marketing tool 300x170 Using Webinars as an E Marketing Tool

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While it’s true that the most popular social media platforms are doing a great job in helping businesses market their products and services, the webinar system has its own advantage over them. For one, it generates a low cost for every lead and a high level of engagement with target audience. Secondly, it is considered the second most effective method in terms of content marketing and thirdly, it promotes greater satisfaction among students thereby contributing to a higher study success rate.

Webinar vs Podcast

Compared to the podcast, the webinar has an edge in that it allows real time interaction with the attendees. This is efficient in clarifying certain issues clients and potential clients have about a particular product or service. Engagement is also assured in this method of communication. [Read more...]

Splashpress Media acquires heavyweight blogs from Bloggy Network

splashpress1 Splashpress Media acquires heavyweight blogs from Bloggy NetworkNew media company Splashpress Media, the company behind, has announced the acquisition of five premier blogs from Bloggy Network LLC.

Along with this acquisition, Splashpress Media has also announced that David Peralty, Bloggy Network’s Director of Communications, is now joining the company as Head of Marketing. David has extensive experience in the new media industry, and looks forward to leading the charge in building up the Splashpress Media brand.

In a private sale for an undisclosed amount, the following blogs will now be operated by Splashpress Media:

• Blogging Pro – Blogging Pro regularly features news, themes and plugins for blogging applications in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. The site regularly discusses a wide array of blogging-related topics, from personal blogging, to blog monetization, to the technical aspects of blogging.

• Forever Geek – Forever Geek is a blog written for geeks by a group of geeks who each have their own passions and interests. Forever Geek provides geeks with links to interesting news, sites and reviews online without the usual clutter of other geek-oriented sites.

• Celebrific – Talking about celebrities is what Celebrific is all about. Featuring a “hot woman (or man) of the day” every day, and a weekly “Celebrific lowdown” summary of happenings every week, as well as regular postings and photos of stars. Celebrific is sure to satisfy anyone’s celebrity fix.

• Filmsy – Authored by true film buffs, Filmsy reviews the latest box office and disc releases, with honest to goodness commentary. Reviews and commentary are both on new movies and classics from the past ages of cinema.

• bFeedMe – bFeedMe aims to satisfy readers’ hunger for information about food, whether they’re tips on the latest great restaurants, delicious recipes, or anything about food in general.

The acquisition brings in tens of thousands of visitors every day, along with tens of thousands of existing feed subscribers, increasing Slashpress Media’s reach into the blogosphere.

Splashpress Media has been looking for some time to establish an entertainment network in its portfolio and is also currently launching Erati, a new TV blog, and relaunching a Hollywood Blog and a blog on Celebrity Chefs.

Splashpress Media, owned and operated by Mark Saunders, delivers some of the top blogs and blogging services in the industry, including the Blog Herald, 901am, Performancing, Tubetorial and Eaton Web, amongst others, and considers the newly-acquired sites as making its network wider and deeper.

Yes, you’ve reached 901am

Today, we launch the redesigned designed by Thord Daniel Hedengren.

“I was going for a fresh and easy to read kind of look, sober yet not stale nor boring, fitting new media. I really wanted to push forward the content and make it more accessible to the readers as well,” the designer said about the new look of

901am Japan launches

jp 901am Japan launchesWe are pleased to announce the launch of Japanese version in partnership with Ioix.

This is not a simple case of running 901am through any automatic translation websites. Ioix is humanly translating’s important posts into Japanese.

In Technorati’s April 2007 report, Japanese posts accounted for 37% of the posts in blogosphere followed closely by English at 36%.

Welcome to 901am Japan.

No Pandora For You!!

snap pandora No Pandora For You!!No Pandora for you, like Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” character might say. At least, not if you are an international user. That supposedly means anyone outside the United States will be prevented from using the service, due to a certain federal statute. This is of course due to net radio royalty issues. is apparently being purchased by Viacom. I’ve not heard anything regarding Pandora.

This is very disappointing news as for a long-time music fan like myself, I’ve never come across anything quite as cool/ brilliant in its recommendation functionality. However, despite being in Canada, my IP address sometimes shows as being in the US. This might explain while I can still see the site as of this writing. Oddly, I didn’t receive any email from Pandora, though I have received newsletters in the past.

Splashpress Media acquires

We are pleased to announced that Splashpress Media has acquired We remain committed in bringing new media news throughout the day. We are currently working on moving the site to a new server. Thank you for your patience.