Complaints Leveled Against Kindle Paperwhite’s Screen

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The Kindle Paperwhite was one of the hot announcements Amazon made a few weeks back. But now that it’s already being sold in the market, it’s been getting some criticisms and complaints about its screen.

Based on comments on online forums and at Amazon, users are complaining about the Kindle Paperwhite producing uneven illumination on the screen that is quite noticeable when viewed in certain lighting conditions. [Read more...]

Amazon Offers an Opt-Out Option for Kindle Fire ads

3898v1 max 450x450 Amazon Offers an Opt Out Option for Kindle Fire ads

When Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, unveiled the new Kindle models that will go on sale in a few months, everyone got excited. These are products that will shake up both the e-book reader and tablet markets. But then one bit of information suddenly dawned on them – the Kindle Fire tablets will all be ad-supported, with no option to buy a model that doesn’t support ads.

The reactions to having ads forced on you without the option to opt out of it has rubbed many people the wrong way – and it may have been a significant enough number because Amazon has announced belatedly that Kindle Fire buyers who want to have the ads removed can now have it removed by paying a $15 fee. [Read more...]

Amazon Announces Kindle Fire HD

kfhd 300x198 Amazon Announces Kindle Fire HDAmazon’s Kindle Fire was a huge hit and was the only other tablet in the market to actually post numbers that were impressive enough to be considered a runaway success. In the current tablet space, only Amazon and Apple have made products that have been accepted by the public. Amazon has now decided to heat up that competition with the announcement of new Kindle Fire products, one of them being poised to challenge Apple’s market dominance. [Read more...]

Amazon May Release Two Kindle Fire 2 Models

Kindle 300x225 Amazon May Release Two Kindle Fire 2 ModelsAmazon has announced that it will hold an event on September 6 in Santa Monica, California. Many industry pundits are already guessing that this event will be an announcement of new Kindle products.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is going to launch two Kindle Fire tablets during the event. Following the strategy it used with the Kindle e-book readers. The two models will be a regular one and one that is ad-supported. The ad-supported Kindle Fire model will reportedly be sold at a price that is much lower than the $199 price of the original Kindle Fire. With the current ad-supported platform for the Kindle e-book reader, the ad-supported model is $30 cheaper than the regular model. [Read more...]

Amazon Announces Sonos Support for Cloud Player

cloud player 300x190 Amazon Announces Sonos Support for Cloud PlayerAmazon has finally released a new update to its Cloud Player that now enables compatibility with the Sonos Wireless HiFi System. This is considered a step towards Amazon’s goal of making its Cloud Player a potential competitor to Apple’s iTunes.

With the Sonos compatibility, users who store their music in the Amazon Cloud Player can now stream their digital music directly over the Sonos equipment. Amazon has promised that it will be adding support for more devices over the year. There are already rumors that the next device that the Cloud Player will support is Roku. [Read more...]

Amazon Opens Its Appstore to International Developers

amazon app store Amazon Opens Its Appstore to International DevelopersAmazon made an announcement that it is opening its Appstore to apps made in other countries. This is the company’s first overt move to really go international with the Appstore, which was officially opened in the United States a year ago. According to Amazon, developers from European countries like France, Italy, Germanty, the UK and Spain can now submit apps to the Amazon Appstore for consideration. The company has also teased that it will further open up this opportunity to other countries in the future.

Many pundits think that this move by Amazon to open up the Appstore to other countries is an important step towards Amazon being able to sell its hit Kindle Fire tablet to markets outside the United States. [Read more...]

New Test Drive Feature Added to Amazon App Store for Android

amazon appstore 300x300 New Test Drive Feature Added to Amazon App Store for AndroidAmazon is continually finding ways to improve its level of service and support for its commercial efforts. One of these new improvements is the company’s release of a new version of its App Store that will be made available to Android tablets and smartphones.

The new version of the App Store will include a Test Drive feature that was also first seen and implemented on the site. The Test Drive feature allows a user to see for themselves how an app works and what its functions are even before they get to purchase the app and download it. [Read more...]

Target Pulls out Amazon Kindle From Its Stores

target 225x300 Target Pulls out Amazon Kindle From Its StoresTarget, one of the biggest retailers in the US, has decided to remove the Amazon Kindle from its online stores and final shipments of the league-leading e-reader will also happen by the middle of the month – effectively ending the presence of Amazon in Target stores all across the country.

Target’s decision to remove Amazon’s Kindle reader from its stores is a huge move that has definitely caught the media’s attention. According to various sources it was a conflict of interest that made Target decide to drop the Kindle from its stores. But the official statement of Target says otherwise: [Read more...]

Amazon Releases New Kindle Fire Update

kindle fire 460x234 Amazon Releases New Kindle Fire UpdateAmazon released a new update for the Kindle Fire a few days ago. The new update, which was made available either as a direct download or as an over the air update brings in a number of new additions and improvements to Amazon’s hit tablet.

The new 6.3 version of Kindle Fire offers a lot of new improvements to the tablet. There are significant improvements to the Kindle Fire and among these is a feature that now allows users to share actual passages, quotes or personal notes to their friends. [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 now only $399

ipad2 300x117 Apple iPad 2 now only $399Now that the new iPad has been announced, all of the attention of gadget lovers will be on this newest of Apple’s offerings, anticipating when it will finally be made available for sale. But while all of the attention is on the new kid on the block, the iPad 2 is still very much alive and at a new price point that may actually turn more than a few heads.

Apple has announced that it is not totally discontinuing the iPad 2 but will instead offer it a budget price. The iPad 2 will now only come in two variants the 16GB WiFi only version and the 16GB WiFi/3G version. The former will cost $399 and the latter will sell for $529. [Read more...]