Onyx Reveals Android Prototype Phone with E Ink Screen

onyx e ink smartphone 500x315 300x300 Onyx Reveals Android Prototype Phone with E Ink ScreenScreens are always a weak point for any smartphone. It is the major component that drains batteries and you have to crank up the brightness levels if you want to see what’s on the screen under direct sunlight.

Onyx International is hoping that their solution may be able to address the issue of smartphone screens by developing a smartphone that has an E ink screen. Onyx is actually well known in the field of e ink screens since it manufactures the Boox e-readers. [Read more...]

Best Smartphone Apps For Parents

lookingafterkids Best Smartphone Apps For Parents
If you’re a mom or a dad, then you know that parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Thankfully, there are many apps out there that can make this job much easier. Here are the best, most useful apps that parents that are worried about their children should have on their smartphone.

White Noise

Having some difficulty getting your child to sleep? Maybe some White Noise will do the trick. This app plays a variety of perfectly looped ambient sounds that lessen the impact of sudden noises, that can help both children and parents doze off. Rounding up the package is an alarm clock that comes with several sounds. [Read more...]

Facebook for Android Now has In-App SMS Feature

300px Android robot.svg Facebook for Android Now has In App SMS Feature

Facebook is finally paying attention to its mobile apps. A few weeks back they finally released a new Facebook app for the iPad that actually works. Now the attention has been focused on the Android version of the Facebook app, which receives a number of new features.

The new version of the Android Facebook app now has a new in-app texting feature. The new feature uses the Facebook Messenger app and allows users to text their friends from the app itself. Users can send and receive SMS messages Facebook messages and emails using the @facebook.com address that Facebook provided to all of its users several months ago. [Read more...]

Gmail Android App Gets New Update, Improves Compatibility with 7-Inch Tablets

gmail1 300x300 Gmail Android App Gets New Update, Improves Compatibility with 7 Inch TabletsOne of the more popular and reliable email apps for the Android operating system is the Gmail app. Fortunately, Google (who owns Gmail and also Android) has been hard at work continuously improving their popular email app. The company has announced that it will be implementing new updates for the app, which was finally made available a couple of days ago. [Read more...]

Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in Germany

motorola android phones 300x240 Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in GermanyMotorola has suffered a setback in Europe. A ruling promulgated by a Mannheim Court has resulted in Motorola’s Android-based devices getting banned for sale in Germany. More specifically, any Motorola device that uses FAT technology for its internal storage are going to be pulled from stores and other sales avenues in Germany. The ruling’s effect is immediate.

The court ruling was basically in favor of Microsoft’s suit. The software giant has a patent for the FAT or File Allocation Table, a technology that allows people to more readily find and label media files when using a storage system that runs FAT. With this ruling, Motorola may be forced to just implement a different file system, but in the meantime, expect the company to file an appeal with the court. [Read more...]

New Personal Assistant App Friday Released on Google Play

friday New Personal Assistant App Friday Released on Google PlayA new app recently debuted at the Google Play store and it has the potential to actually become extremely popular.

The app, called, Friday, is a personal assistant app. How does it work? Friday basically locates the different sources of information on your device – your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, your email, your text messages, phonecalls, even photos – then scrunches it up into a seamless repository of all this data. What you get is one go-to place to find out what has been happening in your life by looking at all of this information. [Read more...]

Translation App Word Lens Now Available For Android Devices

lens 300x156 Translation App Word Lens Now Available For Android DevicesWhen it first appeared in 2010, Word Lens astounded everyone with its amazing technology. The translation app, developed by Quest Visual, allows the user to translate foreign languages into English or English into various foreign languages all in real time. All the user needs to do is to point to the text that needs to be translated with their device’s camera. The user doesn’t need to type the words or speak into the mic. The camera and the app will do all of the work for the user. The user will get the translation – and it’s placed on whatever sign or material the original text was taken from. The presentation makes it look like the sign was naturally translated with the new language. [Read more...]

Users Can Now Purchase Magazines, Movies, TV Shows in Google Play

Google play Users Can Now Purchase Magazines, Movies, TV Shows in Google PlayDuring the Google sponsored Google I/O Conference, the folks behind Google Play revealed a few new things about Google’s app store. Specifically, the company revealed that people can now buy TV shows, movies and magazines directly from Google Play. Previously, users can only rent videos from Google Play.

With the new functionality of Google Play, purchases are now officially opened to users. For example, for magazines, users can buy individual magazine issues or buy a subscription to receive new issues when it is released. [Read more...]

Flipboard Now Available For Android Devices

Flipboard 300x190 Flipboard Now Available For Android DevicesAndroid users complain that there are a lot of sought after apps that appear first in the iOS environment but take a lot of time before it is ported for Android devices, with Instagram being one of these apps. Another app that Android users have been requesting is a port of Flipboard, the amazing app that allows users to read through news stories and feature articles in a cool magazine format, with the content taken from the user’s chosen news feeds. [Read more...]

Ice Cream Sandwich Adoption Going Slowly

android1 300x225 Ice Cream Sandwich Adoption Going SlowlyThe newest Android iteration, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich, has been released for months now but based on figures, not a lot of Android users have adopted the new generation Android OS yet. Google is meeting with a bit of resistance among Android users and this is proving to be a frustrating turn of events for the company.

According to Google, there was an improvement with the number of adopters to Ice Cream Sandwich, but when faced with the numbers, it was discovered that the number of adopters still remain quite small. Based on a 14 day period that ended on the first of June, only 7.1 percent of the android devices were installed with Ice Cream Sandwich, this is already a slight increase from the 4.9 percent share that was recorded for the first 14 days of May. [Read more...]