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Is AT&T Going to End 2G service?

It really is inevitable that old-school technologies will eventually be abandoned in favor of newer technologies. Sony has already done it in the mobile market with its decision to stop production of feature phones and just focusing on smartphone ...


AT&T Reveals 3G pricing for PS Vita

One of the cool features of the PS Vita, Sony’s new handheld gaming console, is 3G connectivity. This allows for online features to be built into the Vita without the need for WiFi. Of course, with a 3G feature, it’s logical that that this new ...

Verizon iPhone One Up’s AT&T iPhone

The oft rumored Verizon iPhone has finally made its debut to the public to the delight of many frustrated AT&T users. While the iPhone’s are practically identical save for the different radio chips (as Verizon uses CDMA), AT&T’s ...