Facebook to rule the world: World map of social networks released

Vincenzo Cosenza released a World Map of Social Networks, detailing the dominance of social networks worldwide. Based on data available via Alexa and Google trends the map displays which social network is most present where in the world.

social networks map Facebook to rule the world: World map of social networks released

Some interesting things can be learned from the analysis. [Read more...]

Bebo and Facebook application developers offered guaranteed CPM

platforma Bebo and Facebook application developers offered guaranteed CPMAOL’s advertising business Platform-A is offering Bebo and Facebook application developers a guaranteed CPM or U.S. traffic to their applications.

The offering is part of the WIDGNET publisher network launched earlier this year by Platform-A’s Advertising.com. WIDGNET is an offering that allows advertisers to add fresh inventory to their media mix by placing advertising within widgets and similar applications found in the WIDGNET network.

Through WIDGNET, Bebo and Facebook application developers will gain access to Platform-A’s vast base of brand and performance advertisers. The guaranteed CPM rates will apply to the first three impressions for each unique U.S. visitor who visits an approved developer’s application.

AOL launches websites in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela

AOL’s international expansion remains on an upswing with the launch of websites serving Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela.

Among the features are free email with unlimited storage, instant messaging, the Winamp Media Player, as well as relevant, regional content related to news, sports, celebrities, games and more. In addition, AOL will leverage its worldwide distribution partnership with HP to deliver co-branded, local language portals for these four Latin American countries.

Bebo expands mobile offering with Intercasting

Bebo and Intercasting Corp. announced a new partnership to allow Bebo’s 40 million plus members to produce and share content on their mobile phones.

Bebo.com will now be available through Intercasting’s ANTHEM on a dedicated mobile application, as well as via text and picture mobile messaging. The mobile application gives users deeper integration to carrier phone cameras and phone directories, as well as the Bebo online site. More importantly, ANTHEM will offer Bebo mobile users a simple but powerful user interface that makes it easy to view photos; send and receive messages; post comments; search profiles and more.

Widgetbox launches App Accelerator for Bebo

widgetbox Widgetbox launches App Accelerator for BeboWidgetbox has released its App Accelerator for Bebo, allowing developers to create apps on Bebo’s new Open Application Platform in minutes. Developers can now quickly and easily create applications for Bebo’s Open Application Platform using Widgetbox’s unique application creator tool.

By turning their widgets into apps, developers make their content available to Bebo’s more than 40 million users to instantly interact with and express their passions and interests to their online friends. The App Accelerator for Bebo provides developers with tools to create applications with minimal time and effort, thereby affording them more time to focus on creative content. In turn, Bebo users can then more easily access Widgetbox’s gallery of more than 30,000 widgets and apps and add their favorite apps to their Bebo profile page.

Qloud delivers My Music to Bebo Media Network

qloud Qloud delivers My Music to Bebo Media NetworkQloud, a social music service that allows users to listen to music inside of social networks, has launched its My Music application on Bebo’s social media network.

The Qloud My Music application is a revolutionary music service that delivers online music to users how they want it and where they want it. By supporting Bebo’s Open Application Developer Platform, Qloud will now deliver the My Music experience to Bebo’s well-established international user base of 40 million.

By simply installing the My Music Bebo application, users can immediately see and legally play entire songs and videos from their complete iTunes libraries inside of Bebo. My Music also allows users to see and play online the iTunes libraries of their friends, view and exchange playlists with their friends, browse and play the most popular songs among their friends and social groups, and add their friends’ songs to their own online libraries.

AIM integrates with Bebo

aim AIM integrates with BeboAOL and Bebo, a global social networking site, has announced a worldwide alliance to deliver the AIM service to Bebo users. Existing Bebo and AIM users anywhere in the world are now able to directly connect or exchange contact information to invite each other to join their respective services.

With the integration of AIM with Bebo, an AIM icon will now automatically appear on a Beboer’s profile, and will indicate if the user
is signed on to AIM and available to chat. Beboers, regardless of whether they have an AIM screen name, can then initiate an instant message directly from a Bebo profile.

“As one of the largest instant messaging communities in the world, we’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for users to connect and communicate with the people they care about. As one of the top global social networks, we’re excited to work with Bebo to expand our reach in the fast-growing arena of social networking and to offer Beboers another way to communicate online,” said AOL Messaging & Social Media Sr. Vice President & General Manager Marcien Jenckes.

Yahoo to sell ads for Bebo

bebo Yahoo to sell ads for BeboThe Associated Press reports that Yahoo will sell most of the display advertising for Bebo. The partnership extends Yahoo’s efforts to boost advertising revenue from other web sites besides its own.

This deal marks the first time that Yahoo has agreed to supply advertising to a social networking site. Yahoo had previously been feeding search results to Bebo. It now plans to begin funneling display ads to Bebo in the fourth quarter.

Bebo unseats MySpace as most visited social networking site in UK

bebo Bebo unseats MySpace as most visited social networking site in UKcomScore released a study of UK traffic in July to a selection of leading social networking sites.

UK property Bebo.com became the most visited social networking site from within the UK in July, attracting 10.6 million unique visitors, an increase of 63 percent over the start of the year. It was closely followed by social networking behemoth Myspace.com, which enjoyed a 25 percent increase in traffic over the same time period, to reach 10.1 million unique visitors in July.

The fastest growing social networking site in terms of UK based unique visitors was Facebook.com, which grew 366 percent since the start of the year to attract an audience of 7.6 million unique visitors in July 2007.

Other comparable social networking sites also experienced growth over the same time period. HI5.com increased its UK based traffic by 36 percent to 1.9 million unique visitors, while Faceparty.com grew 9 percent to 1.7 million.

Apple to sell music via Bebo

bebo Apple to sell music via BeboStarting today, Bebo users in Ireland and the UK will be able to buy music from the iTunes store directly through the artist’s Bebo profile. The deal is a first for Apple and the second for Bebo after joining last year with online music store 7Digital.

The San Francisco-based Bebo network has nearly 9 million users and 500,000 musicians in UK and Ireland.

“The deal with Bebo will give Apple a deeper reach into the market segment of 16- to 24-year-olds, who are both keen users of social networking sites, and key consumers of music,” the Financial Times reported. “Some 32 percent of 16- to 24-year-old internet users visit social networking sites at least once a month, making the demographic the leader of the social networking trend.”