Mobile Technology is Changing Apartment Hunting

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Apartment Hunting (Photo credit: apes_abroad)

Apartment hunting used to be such a painful chore, with “hunting” being the operative word. You can’t rely on listings or friend recommendations because these are incomplete and unreliable since the information is not updated regularly. You can get a good lead but find out that it’s already taken when you get there.

You can imagine how doubly difficult it gets when your apartment hunting involves finding a place in another country.trans Mobile Technology is Changing Apartment Hunting [Read more...]

Amazon Associate Launches “Share on Twitter” Feature, Sponsored Tweets in Sheep’s Clothing?

Screen shot 2009 11 04 at 7.28.41 PM Amazon Associate Launches Share on Twitter Feature, Sponsored Tweets in Sheeps Clothing?

I’ve created an Amazon Associate account a long time ago but never get to earn significantly from the referral program. The only time I got a commission from a sales coming from Amazon links from my blog is when a friend click on the link and actually purchase the product online.

Fast forward to now. Amazon Associates has launched a new feature that might actually give us easier way to gain commission. And this feature is called – Share on Twitter. [Read more...]

Looking for a killer job?

craigslist Looking for a killer job?
You’ve got to hand it to Craigslist, they really have all sorts of jobs included in its massive database. According to a news article, A crazy 48-year old woman in Rockford, Michigan was charged on attempted murder-for-hire via Craiglist.

Apparently, this nutcase wants the wife of her online lover dead so they can live happily ever after. Hiding under the commonly used job title, “Freelance”, Ann Marie Linscott had disclosed full details to those who responded to her ads. She was looking for a “silent assassins” to “eradicate” a woman named Carol who is living in Northern Carolina.

Moreover, she reiterated that this job is a “serious proposition” and would generously pay $5,000 plus expenses. Though not stated, I would not be surprised if she asked for Confidentiality and Independent Contractor Agreement. After all, this is a serious proposition, right?

But luck was not on her side. Some people who received her message under the pathetic e-mail address “bourne2run” immediately referred this matter to the police. If convicted, Linscott could face 10 years of imprisonment.

Job applicants shifting to Internet

conference board Job applicants shifting to InternetAlthough this trend is already obvious, it would be better to have a more specific measure of its usage.

According to The Conference Board, the world’s leading business membership and research organization, job seekers are steadily increasing their use of the internet as a key part of their job search.

In the most recent survey of workers who searched for a job between January and September 2007, 73 percent reported using the internet compared to 66 percent of job seekers in the same time period in 2005.

Moreover, the research shows that the Internet is being used for a variety of job search functions, from gathering employer/job information (59 percent of job seekers), submitting resumes and applications (57 percent), to posting resumes on a website (40 percent), and signing up for email notifications (30 percent).

However, over half (51%) of job seekers reported networking through friends and colleagues as part of their job search.

“Newspapers are still popular as a major job search method, but job seekers reported using them less, dropping from 75 percent to 65 percent between 2005 and 2007,” said Gad Levanon, Economist at The Conference Board.

eBay’s enters US

kijiji eBays enters USeBay rolled out its free classifieds services,, in the US despite owning 25% of the more popular Craigslist. is expected to monetize the free service using contextual advertising.

“We look at it as competition to Craigslist and other platforms. But we think there is room for competition,” Hani Durzy, an eBay spokesman, said.