Looking for a killer job?

craigslist Looking for a killer job?
You’ve got to hand it to Craigslist, they really have all sorts of jobs included in its massive database. According to a news article, A crazy 48-year old woman in Rockford, Michigan was charged on attempted murder-for-hire via Craiglist.

Apparently, this nutcase wants the wife of her online lover dead so they can live happily ever after. Hiding under the commonly used job title, “Freelance”, Ann Marie Linscott had disclosed full details to those who responded to her ads. She was looking for a “silent assassins” to “eradicate” a woman named Carol who is living in Northern Carolina.

Moreover, she reiterated that this job is a “serious proposition” and would generously pay $5,000 plus expenses. Though not stated, I would not be surprised if she asked for Confidentiality and Independent Contractor Agreement. After all, this is a serious proposition, right?

But luck was not on her side. Some people who received her message under the pathetic e-mail address “bourne2run” immediately referred this matter to the police. If convicted, Linscott could face 10 years of imprisonment.

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