People Are Digging Digg’s iPhone App

Aside from the Digg buttons and widget generators that Digg recently made available as part of the preparation for the launch of its redesigned page, the social bookmarking site has also released a new iPhone app. And mind you, it’s a pretty cool and useful app that brings in all the Digg good stuff that we all enjoyed and have grown to love through the years.

In fact just a few hours after it was released, the new Digg for  iPhone suddenly goes to the top of the iPhone Apps Store’s “news” category.  We don’t have exact download figures yet, but the fact that it went to the top of the apps chart is an indication that iPhone users are digging the new Digg app.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet on your iPhone, now is the right time to do so. If you’ve loved, I’m pretty sure you’d also love this  Digg iPhone app. Why? You can watch the attached video above demonstrating the many cool and touchy features of the Digg app.

Digg for iPhone app lets you browse lists of recent content, search for the topics you care about and save stories to check out later. You can also join the usual Digg curation fun by Digging and burying stories and comments right on your iPhone. You know what’s great about this iPhone app? It interface well with the touch screen features of the iPhone. And if your scanning and browsing the highly active Digg storyline, you’d notice how easy it is to so by just tapping and swiping your iPhone’s screen.

In case you’re not aware, Digg for iPhone app was created by the folks at TapTapTap. And to celebrate the release of their app, the group is giving away free iPads. Here’s how you can grab one of this most anticipated mobile device.

Digg Launches Buttons and Widget Generator

Screen shot 2010 03 24 at 4.55.12 AM 490x178 Digg Launches Buttons and Widget Generator

Digg has just launched its new buttons and widget generator tool for publishers to easily integrate Digg on their blogs and websites.  These newly improved smart Digg buttons and widget generator were launched this early to prepare publishers for the upcoming launch of the newly redesigned Digg.

While some publishers have previously integrated Digg in their websites well, the previous process however required customization work through the Digg API. The new button and widget generator can easily help you integrate as well as blend the Digg buttons and widget to your websites.

Now for some new features of the Digg button that you are about to create:

  • Buttons no longer take users to Digg, traffic stays on the publisher’s domain
  • Dynamic display of live Digg count – statistics have shown this increases likelihood of user interaction
  • Faster load time
  • Customizable look and feel – includes a new “medium” button size and an unstyled option so a publisher can create their own custom designed Digg button
  • Related stories from the publisher’s domain to users that click the button
  • All existing smart Digg buttons will auto-upgrade in the coming weeks – however, it is recommended that publishers review the new documentation for optimization tips

While Digg widgets also get the following new features:

  • Headlines now link directly to the publisher’s content with the Diggbar instead of the Digg permalink page
  • Customizable – more customization options without requiring publishers to use the Digg API
  • Tabs & columns – ability to add multiple tabs to a widget as well as make a double column widget
  • Thumbnails – by default a thumbnail is attached to each story when available
  • Fallback content logic by domain – if there is insufficient content to display, the widget has logic to backfill with relevant content from the same domain

Ready to create your Digg buttons and widgets, check this and this.

The Top Stories at Digg Visualized via 365

Screen shot 2009 12 29 at 6.36.50 PM 490x263 The Top Stories at Digg Visualized via 365

It was certainly a busy year for Digg as it struggles to stay relevant in 2009 with Facebook and Twitter getting too much attention in the social media scene. But with the year coming to a close, one thing is for sure – Diggers were still alive and kicking all through out the year.

Digg’s user base increased to 40 million in 2009. Meaning more people are digging stories and making sure that intriguing stories get into the Digg headlines. And there were several enhancements as well on the social bookmarking site including integration with Facebook Connect, the launch of DiggBar, Digg Ads, Digg Trends as well as the revamped Digg search engine.

To help us in visualizing the top stories that made it into Digg’s front page, has launched a cool, interactive visualization tool that showcase the top stories at Digg in 2009.  You can check out the top stories on daily and monthly basis. The top headlines were given plus the number of Diggs those headlines received.

Clicking on each of the entries will bring you to the actual front page when the entries made it to Digg’s front page.

Go check out Digg 365 and be awed by this visualization tool. In case you’re interested to know, here are the top 5 stories at Digg in 2009:

Digg Founder and CEO Discuss Future Digg Features

Before Facebook started counting shares and Twitter started counting retweets, Digg pretty much invented social news. Sensing more mainstream services encroaching upon its turf, the geeky pioneer is not content to rest on its laurels. At a Web 2.0 Expo keynote today, Digg founder Kevin Rose and CEO Jay Adelson discussed new and future Digg features.

Listen up for juicy tidbits on how to market your new media startup.

(Via Neal Rodriguez.)

Digg Launches DiggTV, One Stop-Destination for Digg Shows

Screen shot 2009 11 11 at 7.43.54 PM 490x297 Digg Launches DiggTV, One Stop Destination for Digg Shows

Are you a fan of Digg’s online TV shows – Diggnation, The Dig Reel, Digg Dialog, and Diggcetera?  Then, you’ll  be glad to know that Digg has rolled out a one-stop destination for all these shows – dubbed DiggTV.

DiggTV lets you watch the said shows from the site or you can subscribe to the shows in iTunes, Miro, Tivo, Vuze and Zune channels. [Read more...]

Tweeple Like News, Diggers are Nerds, and Facebookers Aren’t All Stupid

A new study by online ad network Chitika reveals two things we’ve suspected all along: Tweeple like news, and Diggers are nerds. 28% of all links clicked on Twitter go to news, while a whopping 57.38% of Digg clicks go to technology articles.

“I think you get a bit of an insight into the psychology of the different users of social networks. Twitterers want to be the first to know,” said Daniel Ruby, research director, online insights, Chitika. “They want to be the source of new news and new information, whether that’s a new product being released, or something that’s happening in the Middle East, or the latest crazy thing that Kanye West has done.”

The study does give us one surprise. Contrary to popular stereotypes of Facebookers, Facebook clicks don’t all go to inane crap. In fact, a third of Facebook clicks go to tech stuff, too. Facebookers are actually half as nerdy as Diggers.

Say What? iPhone app offers multi social network searching

say what iphone 1 207x300 Say What? iPhone app offers multi social network searchingA recently launched iPhone application called Say What? allows integrated searching of Twitter, Digg, plus thousands of forums and blogs, from one interface.

iCrossing’s application has actually been freely available for about a month now, but I’ve only just discovered it.

While I personally don’t search in Digg much, the ability to search across both a significant section of the web (blogs and forums) as well as Twitter sounds appealing.

[Read more...]

Digg gets $28.7 additional funding

Kevin Rose’s Digg today received $28.7 million in additional funding from Highland Capital Partners, Greylock Partners, Omidyar Network and SVB Capital. The additional funding brings the total amount raised by Digg to $40 million.

The new funding would allow Digg to pursue its international expansion plan, promote its brand aggressively, and more than double its current size of employees.

The new funding should also put to rest any rumors of acquisition.

“We want to be independent,” Digg CEO Jay Adelson said.

Share Content With Wildfeed

Billing itself as a ‘new generation exposure engine,’ Wildfeed is designed to help you share your favorite Web content.  Using a specialized community, you will be sent regular e-mails containing links of interest.  This content is selected by the editorial community and aims to ‘discover and expose creativity, innovation and expression in the digital universe.’

Participation in the editorial process is not required and subscriptions are free.  However, as an incentive, members who submit stories and bring friends under the tent, have access to a greater number of features and hold more influence over what gets published (stories that are ‘published’ get included in e-mail broadcasts.)

The name ‘wildfeed’ refers to the act of catching private video clips that may not be accessible to the public at large.

Created by a digital media pro and a social worker, the site pushes the tagline ‘freedom of expression.’

Digg up for grabs

digg Digg up for grabsThe fiercest forces of the online world, Google and Microsoft, are clashing once again. At the center is the popular user-driven social content site, Digg.

According to TechCrunch, both giants are eagerly excited to bid for Digg at a price lower than $300 million. According to guesstimate, Google will play within the range of $200-$225 million. On the other hand, Gate’s gang is expected to offer lower since it has an advertising tie-up with Digg since July 2007. Moreover, there are two mysterious media/news companies that will likely bid.

Who do you think will win in this bidding war? Google is notorious for its aggressive acquisitions and bold ambition to wreak havoc in uncharted territories such as the wireless industry.

On the other hand, Microsoft is a monopoly losing its touch but has enough power left to pull some strings. Just ask Yahoo if you don’t believe me.