eBay Releases Two iPhone Apps, iPad App Coming On April 3

Through the years, eBay has proven itself as a very viable e-commerce site providing consumers with fast and reliable platform for both selling and buying consumer goods. But that’s just eBay’s web interface.

Today, eBay is taking its selling business on mobile, specifically on the iPhone with the release of two new apps – eBay.com global marketplace and the new  eBayClassifieds.com site.  Both these iPhone apps allows you to take photos of an item that you want to sell, upload it to Ebay.com or EbayClassifieds and wait until someone notice and buys it.  A pretty simple and quick way of transacting sales online, with the help of the iPhone.

“The eBay Selling app makes it easy for sellers to bring even greater value and selection to eBay and offer more great deals for buyers. Whether selling or shopping, we’ve put the world’s largest online marketplace in the palm of your hand, and we’ve introduced a great new option for consumers who prefer to sell and buy in a trusted, family friendly local classifieds format,” said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay Marketplaces.

True enough both the Ebay Selling App and Ebay Classifieds app lets you do the following:

For eBay Selling Ap – point, shoot and click to list an item from their iPhones in 60 seconds or less, research sales trends and price ranges on eBay and list similar items for sale, easily and clearly view the status of items for sale, share listings with Facebook and Twitter social networks and quickly link to other eBay and PayPal iPhone apps.

For eBay Classifieds App – free ad postings in less than a minute with up to eight photos, either from the iPhone’s photo library or its camera, fast and simple search by keyword, location, price range and other attributes and single-page ad view with reply, watch, and share features – all while on the go.

And before I forgot, if you ordered the iPad, you’d be among the first users who will enjoy the upcoming eBay app for the iPad.

Here’s a demo of the eBay Classifieds iPhone app:

A Lesson from the eBay-Skype Situation

skype A Lesson from the eBay Skype SituationAfter watching all the drama surrounding Skype over the last few days, I can only conclude that Meg Whitman, the CEO of eBay duing its 2005 acquisition of Skype, was a moron. At the very least, she severely undervalued the role of technology in the technology business. [Read more...]

eBay close to selling off Skype?

skype logo eBay close to selling off Skype?The rumors surrounding Skype’s future have been rumbling for moths now, with eBay quite keen to shed the Internet communication software because (as everyone else could already see) it doesn’t sit particularly well with its core auction business.

The New York Times reports that eBay will today announce a deal to sell Skype to a group of private investors that may well include VC company Andreessen Horowitz, which is headed up by Netscape’s co-founder Marc Andreessen. Interestingly, Andreessen is on eBay’s board of directors. Conflict of interest, anyone? [Read more...]

eBay Motors gets local with classified ads for used cars

eBay Motors has launched eBay Motors Local Classifieds for individual sellers. Designed to connect car buyers and sellers within a 100 mile radius of their local market, this new online classified listing option for eBay Motors is being offered free to sellers for a limited time.

“Our new format marries the renewed interest in used cars with the convenience of transacting locally,” said Rob Chesney, vice president, eBay Motors, Marketplaces. “We’re delighted to give our buyers and sellers yet another trusted way to connect on the eBay Motors marketplace.”

Through an initial promotional period ending July 15, 2009, sellers can list up to six vehicles for a seven day period with no insertion or successful listing fees.

eBay opens selling platform to embedded third party tools

eBay Inc. has turned its subscription-based Selling Manager service into a beta platform that is now open to embedded third party tools. Selling Manager is already used by hundreds of thousands of online merchants to manage their businesses at my.ebay.com.

eBay Selling Manager beta platform is the successful result of a pilot launched in June 2008 at the eBay Developers Conference. Professional sellers, like any small business, require tools to help them manage their shipping, accounting, customer relationship management, market research, and inventory management activities on eBay. More than 87,000 third party developers have already built more than 13,000 live applications that consume eBay’s Web services. The Selling Manager beta makes it easier for eBay sellers to find and subscribe to many of these tools.

Developers interested in building applications on eBay.com are required to meet site standards for trusted buying and selling experiences. Once approved, their applications will be available to sellers that subscribe to eBay Selling Manager, and they can monetize their applications with subscription-based revenue. Developers can join the beta and begin developing their eBay Selling Manager applications.

Cute or idiotic?

This Texas father decided to put his family up for auction on eBay. Cute idea? Signs of the times? It is more idiotic for me. He should have just placed himself up for auction and not include the kids. Watch the video. Even his son thinks he’s crazy.

But who knows, maybe I’m the one who does not get it.

eBay seller gets one million feedback score

jacksheng eBay seller gets one million feedback scoreWhat does it feel like to have one million people tell you how well you’re doing your job? What about four million? One successful eBay entrepreneur knows the answer to these questions first-hand. Jack Sheng, Founder and CEO of Eforcity, Inc., recently had all four of his eBay ID’s (everydaysource, itrimming , accstation and eforcity) surpass the one million Feedback milestone, marking the first time any single eBay User IDs have reached this volume of Feedback from transactions completed on the site.

To celebrate Sheng’s groundbreaking achievement, eBay is adding a new Feedback star to the site. Sheng will be the first seller to have the newly unveiled silver shooting star, denoting a Feedback score of 1,000,000 or more, appear next to his four user ID’s on eBay.com. [Read more...]

eBay acquires top classified sites in Denmark

ebay1 eBay acquires top classified sites in Denmark eBay Inc. has acquired Den Bla Avis and BilBasen, providers of leading online classifieds sites in Denmark for approximately $390 million. The addition of Den Bla Avis and BilBasen to eBay’s global classifieds portfolio positions the company as a leader in the online classifieds market in Denmark and further strengthens the company’s world-leading portfolio of online classifieds sites. eBay’s online classifieds business now has a presence in more than 20 countries and 1,000 cities.

Larry Illg, general manager with eBay global classifieds, will head eBay’s business in Denmark and will lead the integration of Den Bla Avis and BilBasen into the global classifieds portfolio. eBay plans to use its experience in building online communities around the world to grow user traffic to dba.dk and bilbasen.dk. Den Bla Avis and BilBasen will maintain offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark.

eBay lowers listing fee for Buy It Now

ebay1 eBay lowers listing fee for Buy It NoweBay is dramatically lowering by more than 70 percent the cost to list an item in eBay’s Buy It Now fixed price format. Sellers will now enjoy a flat rate of 35 cents for a 30-day listing period, up from the previous seven-day standard. Sellers also can now list multiple quantities of the same item for a single 35 cent listing fee; previously, multiple quantities resulted in higher listing fees. This pricing change significantly reduces the upfront cost of listing fixed price items on eBay and bases fees primarily on the successful sale of items.

The change, which takes effect September 16, 2008, is the most competitive pricing eBay has ever offered sellers. Final value fees also have been rebalanced on a category-by-category basis. In most cases, the combined listing and final value fees paid by sellers will be lower, and during this holiday season eBay PowerSellers can benefit from an additional discount by offering buyers free shipping.

This move is seen as eBay trying to move on a different direction– from auction to fixed price format.

eBay applauds court’s rejection of Tiffany’s claims

eBay Inc. praised a federal judge’s ruling in the Tiffany vs. eBay trademark case, affirming the company’s leading efforts to fight counterfeits and to support consumer choice to buy and sell authentic merchandise online.

Richard Sullivan, judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, ruled that Tiffany, and not eBay, is responsible for monitoring the eBay website for counterfeit Tiffany goods and for bringing the counterfeit goods to the online auctioner’s attention.

The court also declared that eBay takes appropriate steps to remove suspected counterfeit listings as part of the company’s additional efforts to provide a safe and trusted marketplace. Furthermore, the court also found that Tiffany was responsible for policing its own trademark on eBay.