Warner Bros is Hiring Student Piracy Spies

warner bros 490x372 Warner Bros is Hiring Student Piracy Spies

How far would a movie company go to fend of movie pirates and put a stop to their scheme which is causing the company billions of money in potential income?  Well, Warner Bros. through its Anti-Piracy division is going as far as recruiting students to spy on activities on private Torrent Sites.

If you’re an “IT literate” student who has experience participating in those torrent sites, you might want to apply for this internship at Warner Bros. Who knows it might open up other income-generating opportunities for you, right?

I mean what job could possibly be the best for you if you’re a student, which according to Warner Bros are very experienced with private Torrent Sites?

The job deals with both digital and physical piracy. And if you apply land the job, you’re responsibility include making trap purchase and maintaining accounts on those sites.  You will also be scouring the Internet looking for illegally posted and used Warner Bros. and NBC Universal content.  You will also be responsible for sending out take down and infringement notices to violators.

And guess how much Warner Bros. is willing to pay for this internship? –  £17,500 salary for the 12 month internship that will start on July 2010. Applicants are required to study a degree in a computing related discipline and programming experience with Java or JSP and PHP, Perl or Python is seen as a bonus.

Deadline for submission of application is on March 31. Interested with this cool job? Better send your application now.

Google invests $10 million in geothermal energy technology

At least Google cares as its philanthropic arm Google.org, announced $10.25 million in investments in a breakthrough energy technology called Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS).

EGS expands the potential of geothermal energy by orders of magnitude. The traditional geothermal approach relies on finding naturally occurring pockets of steam and hot water. The EGS process, by comparison, replicates these conditions by fracturing hot rock, circulating water through the system, and using the resulting steam to produce electricity in a conventional turbine.

Google’s Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal initiative focuses on solar thermal power, advanced wind, EGS and other potential breakthrough technologies. Google has set a goal to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy capacity, enough to power a city the size of San Francisco, in years, not decades.

“EGS could be the ‘killer app’ of the energy world. It has the potential to deliver vast quantities of power 24/7 and be captured nearly anywhere on the planet. And it would be a perfect complement to intermittent sources like solar and wind,” said Dan Reicher, Director of Climate and Energy Initiatives for Google.org.

Big Green Tree eco-community launched

biggreentree Big Green Tree eco community launchedInformation Architects announced the launch of the Big Green Tree (BGT), the first eco-dedicated web community that will bring friends of the environment together like a green MySpace.

BigGreenTree.net is a fully licensed component of IAGREEN.com designed to play a major role in unifying the “Green Renaissance” in one of the first social networking sites dedicated to the environmental movement worldwide.

BigGreenTree.net creates a Global web community of individuals, groups and organizations who promote Eco-information and progress and share a mutual interest in protecting the environment. It also will serve as a viable work space and data collection point for like-minded green enthusiasts. At BGT, information and an open flow of dialogue is expected to both stimulate new interest in the green lifestyle and act as a foundation for direct action.

SecondRotation.com expands service to include electronics

secondrotation SecondRotation.com expands service to include electronicsSecondRotation announced that it has expanded its service to recycle electronics that hold little or no market value. Since its launch, consumers have called on SecondRotation to get cash for their cell phones, digital cameras, Apple laptops and other gear. Now they can turn to Second Rotation to recycle older products, keeping even more unwanted electronics out of landfills.

“Since day one we’ve had great success focusing on buying people’s unwanted gadgets and putting them into the hands of someone who still values them,” said Rousseau Aurelien, CEO of SecondRotation. “The same users that sold us their old gear have asked for our help in keeping even more materials out of landfills via the second of the environmental triad and we’ve listened. We’re truly excited to offer a service that further extends people’s ability to live a green lifestyle.”

On a daily basis, SecondRotation sifts through millions of online sales transactions for pre-owned gadgets to determine product values, and to identify products that are recyclable. Once a consumer identifies their recyclable product on SecondRotation.com, they can ship it for free in a box with another product they are looking to sell, or pay to ship it on their own. With the addition of recyclable products, SecondRotation now tracks over 6,000 electronic products that it helps to keep out of landfills.

Veria brings natural wellness online

veria Veria brings natural wellness online Veria, a company dedicated to bringing natural wellness to the mainstream, is launching its online wellness portal Veria.com to become the the first of its multi-integrated tiers that will have natural wellness consumers thinking differently about diet, about exercise and about life.

This is a one-stop destination for those interested in making wellness a lifestyle. Through Veria’s comprehensive online wellness encyclopedia, consumers will have a trusted source to conduct research, download videos and review the latest updates and articles on health and wellness.

“Wellness begins with understanding natural ways of living and a desire to live in harmony with the natural world,” said Subhash Chandra, founder of Veria. “People everywhere want to look and feel good and to live in peace and happiness. Veria expresses these fundamental human desires, shared by millions of people throughout the world.”

More than 200 million Americans express a strong desire to live more naturally, and an additional 80 million state that maintaining health and vitality is the most important goal in their lives.

Paperless tickets hit the right note at Big Green Gathering

thebiggathering Paperless tickets hit the right note at Big Green GatheringBig Green Gathering, the festival for ethical music fans will minimise its impact on the environment by delivering tickets to fans via tixmob, the mobile ticketing service, eliminating the environmental and financial cost of printing and delivering traditional paper based tickets.

The weekend music festival, taking place from 1st to 5th of August, is one of the first in the UK to use mobile ticketing. To buy tickets fans simply log on to new mobile ticketing website www.tixmob.com and pay for their tickets using a credit or debit card and have them delivered immediately to their mobile phone.

Festival goers can choose to receive all tickets on one phone or, for those buying multiple tickets, to have them delivered direct to their friends’ mobiles. Unlike traditional ticketing services tixmob charges no costly delivery fees. You simply pay the face value of the ticket plus a nominal processing charge and tickets will be available right up until the final minutes before the event starts.

Penny Kemp , Marketing Director at Big Green Gathering said, “Festival goers who come to Big Green Gathering will be delighted that we are going mobile. Mobile ticketing reduces the environmental impact of the festival and is just another small step on the road to becoming the most environmentally sound entertainment event in the UK.”

Live Earth concerts archived for free viewing

liveearth Live Earth concerts archived for free viewingDid you miss the Live Earth performances over the weekend? Want to watch them again? Microsoft is offering the chance for you to take care of your Live Earth itch by making performances from all eight concerts available from MSN.

The Live Earth concerts are available immediately on the MSN Live Earth site. Those wanting more drill down information from the seven continent concert series which had performances from more than 100 artists will also feature “recorded interviews with many of the performers and continue to offer information designed to help viewers turn their interest in global climate change into action.”

Viewers will also be able to share home videos about the concerts or environmental issues at the Soapbox on MSN Video.

Live Earth to set new stage of web viewing– Reuters

liveearth Live Earth to set new stage of web viewing– ReutersIf you’re staying home today, we highly recommend Live Earth, the 24-hour concert that aims to raise awareness for the current climate crisis that we are all experiencing.

Reuters reports that this event may set a new stage for web viewing. Expected to reach billions of viewers worldwide through television coverage, it will be immensely boosted by the power of web video sharing, social networks, and photo sharing.

“Users can create their own program from all the show assets from around the world,” said Kevin Wall, Live Earth founder and CEO of Control Room which is producing the shows. “They’re going to be able to share those experiences in a way that’s never ever been done in history.”

You can watch Live Earth online via MSN.

Kelly Rowland to host 24 hours of progamming in Zwinktopia to raise awareness on global warming

stagez Kelly Rowland to host 24 hours of progamming in Zwinktopia to raise awareness on global warmingIAC Consumer Applications and Portals, a wholly-owned business of IAC/InterActiveCorp, announced that Kelly Rowland, Scott Ian, Lil Mama, Hinder, Teddy Geiger, and Jordan McCoy will serve as celebrity hosts at “Stage-Z” – a full-day concert to be held July 7th in its virtual world, Zwinktopia. Environmental reporters Amy Sedaris, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog will also be participating. Stage-Z will raise awareness of the global warming epidemic and need for climate control reform.

“Global warming is an issue that we need to confront, and I am proud to do my part to help today’s teens understand the dire consequences of inaction on this issue,” said Kelly Rowland. “Hosting at Stage-Z in Zwinktopia is an innovative way for me to spread this message to the online community.”

In conjunction with The Alliance For Climate Protection, Stage Z will broadcast in Zwinktopia, a virtual world for the more than seven million Zwinky avatars worldwide. Stage-Z will feature a 24-hour block of music videos, interviews, comedy, short films, and exclusive programming from today’s top hip-hop, rock, pop, electronic, and metal artists as well as celebrity DJ’s, comedians and actors.

The event will coincide with Live Earth, a 24-hour, 7-continent series of 9 concerts taking place on July 7th that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

The Stage-Z Concert will be held in the new outdoor amphitheatre in Zwinktopia built especially for the event.

Google, Intel, other tech companies, launch initiative to improve energy efficiency

climate savers computing in Google, Intel, other tech companies, launch initiative to improve energy efficiencyInternet search leader Google Inc and top semiconductor maker Intel Corp frontlines a group of some of the largest technology companies in the industry in what is called to be the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, with goals to improve energy efficiency and ultimately, promote global warming awareness.

This initiative is participated by technology giants such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, eBay, Hitachi, NEC, among others, as well as environmental groups, government agencies, and educational institutions, with hopes to encourage all Fortune 500 companies to eventually join as well.

The plan is to improve the efficiency of power sources for computers, servers, and other equipment they create and use, and to educate users about power management and encourage them to buy products labeled as energy efficient. Climate Savers will initially follow the Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star guidelines for this year, requiring a minimum of 80% efficiency in PC power supplies, but aims to achieve 90% efficiency by 2010.

Google co-founder Larry Page said, in a brief appearance at the news conference to lend his support, “The amount of power that computers are using is increasing, and the amount of importance they have in our lives in also increasing. By getting everybody focused on that we can probably make great strides going into the future.. I think this can really help the world.”

Climate Savers Computing Initiative is part of the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers program, whose objective is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.