HP’s WebOS Now Open Source

webos HPs WebOS Now Open SourceHewlett Packard’s exit from the tablet market was quite a jolt even though a lot of people already predicted that it was inevitable. One of the fallouts of HP’s move was that the operating system that they bought from Palm for $1.2 billion, WebOS, was suddenly placed in limbo. HP finally addressed the issue when it announced that it has decided to release WebOS as an open source software.

HP’s decision to turn WebOS to the public was a bit of a shock. Most people were speculating that the company will just sell it to recoup some of its investment. Others thought that HP will just totally mothball the OS. HP’s decision leaves many to conclude that it still believes in WebOS and that it will benefit from open source development. [Read more...]

How HP’s TouchPad Can Avoid Tablet Purgatory

HP TouchPad official image 490x353 How HPs TouchPad Can Avoid Tablet Purgatory

With the exception of RIM’s Playbook, every iPad 2 challenger has been greeted by consumers with a lack of interest (at least as far as Android tablets go).

Instead of taking cue’s from RIM (who didn’t go out of their way to challenge Apple), HP has decided to boast about TouchPad’s superiority over rivals, claiming that their tablet will not only be able to challenge iPad 2, but also beat Apple at their own game.

Although early reviews of the TouchPad have thus far been positive, HP will have to do more than match iPad 2 on price if they plan on stealing the gold away from Apple. [Read more...]

webOS Greets Developers With Promo Codes

HP Pre3 1 300x266 webOS Greets Developers With Promo CodesAfter many months of waiting, HP has finally given the green light on a feature that has long been available for iOS developers.

Developers now have the ability to generate promo codes, giving you new ways to market and distribute apps. You can use promo codes to easily offer free review copies to press, or exercise your creativity by doing giveaways for special campaigns. (HP webOS Developer Blog)

Developers can only send up to 1,000 promo codes per major version, although HP is allowing developers to create an unlimited amount of campaigns (as well as the ability to track and revoke codes at will).

Promo codes also have a fairly long shelf life, as HP is limiting them to 60 days before they expire (which should give users plenty of time to use them).

While promo codes will help generate buzz about the platform (as tech journalists can review premium apps without going broke), HP still needs to figure out a way to attract more developers to webOS if they want to survive the upcoming war between Android and iOS.

iPad 2′s Real Nemesis Could Make Apple Sweat

HP TouchPad official image 490x353 iPad 2s Real Nemesis Could Make Apple Sweat

With Xoom failing and iPad 2 prevailing, many are wondering whether anyone can challenge Steve Jobs magical device (and no, RIM’s Playbook is dead on arrival).

Although we shouldn’t write off Android entirely (after all, GalaxyTab 8.9 could become a hit), Google’s tablet OS is still rather buggy and truth be told needs a bit more polish in order to outshine iPad 2.

However there seems to be one tablet that can potentially challenge iPad 2, as a recent video highlighting an upcoming version of webOS reveals below. [Read more...]

Need A Free Smartphone? Just Ask HP

No this isn’t some post April Fools joke that someone left up (which was my first suspicion). Apparently HP is giving away Palm Pre 2′s for free when “ordered” through their website.

palmpre2free 490x470 Need A Free Smartphone? Just Ask HP

Not to surprisingly, this deal is only available to Verizon customers who are willing to sign a new 2 year contract with the carrier. [Read more...]

HP Launching “iPad Killer” Soon?

leoapothekerceobbc 300x168 HP Launching iPad Killer Soon?Mark Hurd is intent on challenging Apple for the title of “coolest tech company” around after his latest announcement regarding the time table of several webOS devices (which may include the Topaz tablet).

The starting gun will be fired on 9 February, with a “big product announcement” on mobile devices, and hints of phones and tablet computers. [...]

“I hope one day people will say ‘this is as cool as HP’, not ‘as cool as Apple’,” says Mr Apotheker.

So far, so obvious a sales pitch.

But HP, he says, is the only large IT company “that is equally good on the consumer side and on the commercial [enterprise] side. (BBC)

This should put HP on a crash course to confront iPad 2.0, which is rumored to be boasting some interesting specs (which apparently include a camera).

While 2011 will probably be seen as the year of the tablet, truth be told very few companies have come out with a serious iPad competitor including RIM (as the Blackberry Playbook’s smaller size may not appeal to the masses).

Although HP has the potential of taking Apple on and winning (as their webOS boasts a superior UI than iOS), their Achilles heel is the small number of webOS apps which make or break the tablet in the eyes of consumers.

(Image via BBC, hat tip Engadget)

Why webOS–Not Android–Is iPad’s Biggest Threat

palmtopaztablet 490x490 Why webOS  Not Android  Is iPads Biggest Threat

When it comes to the long awaited iPad killer, there apparently have been a long list of candidates to have emerged over the years ranging from the Blackberry Playbook to Google’s rumored Chromepad to even various Android tablets.

While the latter does have the potential to match iOS, most of the Android tablets (like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab) sport a much smaller size than the iPad, despite being priced about the same as Steve Jobs magical device.

Unless a competitor can match the iPad’s size and price, Apple will continue to dominate the tablet arena leaving everyone else to fight for second place.

While I have yet to see a real challenger emerge, HP could be the company to make Apple nervous regarding their latest tablet revelation. [Read more...]

HP Launching 5 New Palm Smartphones In 2011?

palmpixipluspalmpreplus 255x300 HP Launching 5 New Palm Smartphones In 2011?I personally taking this news with a huge grain of salt, but there are now rumors that HP will launch 5 additional Palm Pre smartphones in 2011, which apparently does not include the Palm Pre 2 (which is already selling in France).

The informed sources indicated that Palm, which halted production of most of its smartphones early this year due to financial crisis, has recently resumed its orders to contract suppliers, with Foxconn to supply four to five new types of Palm’s smartphones for sale in 2011, and Commpal Communications to deliver one new type. (CENS.com)

Although I personally expect HP to launch 2 new smartphones next year (the Palm Pre as well as the Palm Pixi), 3 additional smartphones sounds rather odd if you ask me.

Palm phones already boast physical buttons as well as a fairly large touchscreen (at least on the Palm Pre that is), and unless HP is planning to roll out the phones in different sizes and features (similar to Motorola’s Droid phones) its best to file this in the rumor department.

Smartphone rumors aside, CENS does go on to confirm the PalmPad’s arrival in 2011, so either way it looks like HP will be making a huge entrance into the mobile scene next year.

(via MobileCrunch)

HP Slate 500 Makes Me Want To Buy An iPad

After waiting impatiently for the arrival of the HP Slate (powered by Windows 7), it looks like my dreams of a fully functional tablet PC was shattered after watching this video demo by CrunchGear.

[Read more...]

HP To Phone Geeks: The Palm Pre 2 Cometh

palmpre2 490x316 HP To Phone Geeks: The Palm Pre 2 Cometh

With the smartphone wars heating up between iOS and Android (with RIM limping along via Blackberry), it looks like HP is going to enter the fight with the unveiling of Palm Pre 2.

New ways to get in touch, stay connected, juggle life, and accomplish more. Available in the coming months.

Start an email, create a message, update your status, search your favorite websites—all without having to launch an app.1 With webOS 2.0, whenever you want to do something on your phone, whether it’s emailing, texting, searching, or almost anything, just type. (Palm.com)

Note: Emphasis mine.

According to rumors HP will be launching Palm Pre 2 upon Verizon in the US in January, although if you’re in France you should be able to snag the device this week.

Unlike the iDevice, Palm Pre 2 will support Flash, which should help the HP remain competitive against not only Apple but Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (the latter which will also support Flash).

Although HP has yet to reveal any extra juicy details regarding its “iPad killer” (i.e. PalmPad), its good to see HP resurrecting Palm from the dead, although hopefully the company will be able to convince developers that webOS is worth their energy (let alone time).

(via Daring Fireball)