Hulu To Playbook: No Videos For You

hulu Hulu To Playbook: No Videos For You

Hulu apparently is continuing their “iOS only” campaign, as the company has reportedly blocked Blackberry Playbook lovers from viewing videos over the web.

Some sad but expected news folks — we’ve started getting tips in the forums and through the CrackBerry support tips line that Hulu has gotten a little cranky about offering content on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Although PlayBook owners previously have had access to all movies and TV shows it now looks that Hulu has added the BlackBerry PlayBooks browser string to their blocked list. (Crackberry)

The block came within 48 hours of Playbook’s release which means fans of the device now have no way of watching Hulu as the company has yet to make an app for Playbook (or even Blackberry smartphones for that matter).

Currently there is no workaround for Playbook fans (at least not yet), although hopefully Hulu considers releasing an official app in the future (at least for Hulu Plus fans).

Hulu Playing Favorites With Select Android Devices

hulu Hulu Playing Favorites With Select Android DevicesIt looks like those of you sporting an Android smartphone will soon be able to catch your favorite shows upon Hulu without having to purchase an iPod Touch.

While Hulu’s embrace of Android is a good thing, it looks like they are taking a cue from Skype as far as Android adoption goes.

During Samsung’s keynote at CES today, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar announced for the first time that Hulu is working to bring the Hulu Plus subscription service to select Android™ phones (running Android OS 2.2), and gave the audience a sneak peek at the Hulu Plus Android app during the presentation. Hulu Plus will be available on select Android mobile phones in coming months; we’ll announce further details as soon as we have an official launch date and complete list of Hulu Plus-enabled Android phones. We hope you’re as excited as we are! (Official Hulu Blog)

Note: Emphasis mine.

Although it’s understandable why Hulu is choosing Android phones running Froyo (version 2.2), it doesn’t make any sense as to why they are limiting their market share to select Android models.

Unless Hulu is receiving cash from a major carrier (my guess would be either AT&T or Verizon), reducing their initial outreach upon Android will benefit rivals as well as encourage users to find ways to “hack” around the limitation.

Although companies like Hulu are probably nervous about Android due to the fact that it is designed to be hacked, hopefully the company will reconsider their position in light of Android’s increasing popularity.

Hulu Plus Embraces PlayStation, Ditches Invite System

huluplus devices ps3 Hulu Plus Embraces PlayStation, Ditches Invite SystemIt looks like users everywhere will now have a new distraction online (as well as via mobile) as Hulu has just announced that their premium service will finally be available to the masses (with some great news for PlayStation lovers).

To make it easier for people to try out Hulu Plus, you no longer need an invitation to subscribe. In the next week, all PS3 owners with a PlayStation Network account, which is free, will be able to download and subscribe to Hulu Plus. This will also coincide with an updated PS3 application that incorporates some of the feedback we’ve received to date. (Official Hulu Blog)

When Hulu Plus first launched (via beta), there really was not that much content available and after a few months I cancelled the service due to the site’s lack of scifi content.

Now it seems as if Hulu has dramatically increased their inventory, with some even suggesting that Hulu Plus could make cable irrelevant (although I’m highly skeptical of that with Google TV around the corner).

The inclusion of Hulu Plus for PlayStation should also increase its appeal in the US (as the console is very popular in the states), and combined with their iOS app (for iPhone and iPad), Hulu could gain enough traffic to challenge YouTube for advertising dollars.