Foursquare Updates iOS App

38526v7 max 250x250 Foursquare Updates iOS App

Location based social networking service Foursquare has released a new update to its iOS app that features changes on both its front end and also its internal infrastructure, the changes have also made the Foursquare app more compatible with the iPhone 5’s bigger screen.

The new Foursquare app has improved speed in browsing because of the changes made in its code.  Also, the new update has made changes in the way the app behaves, for example, by providing every user with unique results. All of the search results will be tailored towards the preferences and behavior of the user, a far cry from the general results that it once generated. [Read more...]

The iOS Facebook App 5.0 is Now Faster

facebook2 300x218 The iOS Facebook App 5.0 is Now FasterThe Facebook app for iOS has been used begrudglingly by Facebook users for two reasons. It’s a completely free app (other apps that access Facebook are paid apps or ad-supported), and it’s the official app of Facebook. Unfortunately, the Facebook app is largely considered a broken app. It takes a long time for things to appear on the display – not just the photos but sometimes even the text. Scrolling through the news feed is also molasses slow. [Read more...] Introduces VoIP Feature for iOS Version

IMO Introduces VoIP Feature for iOS VersionThere are many internet messaging services out there and sometimes you have no choice but to install more than just one because your friends and family will use different services. Installing multiple messengers becomes a necessity if you want to message different people. The best way to streamline your messaging requirements is by using an internet messaging aggregator service. These are services that provide a way for you to access your different accounts in different messengers with just one application. [Read more...]

Pearltrees Releases iPhone App

 Pearltrees Releases iPhone App One of the more interesting productivity apps that has come out recently is Pearltrees. It’s an app that helps a user in collecting and organizing their interests and related information.

Pearltrees does something that is also addressed by other apps but it does it differently by presenting the information in a unique, but very effective way. A few months ago, it released a web app and then released an iPad app. Now, Pearltrees is coming to the iPhone.  [Read more...]

New Survey Reveals BlackBerry’s Drastically Reduced Market Share, Android Still Top Smartphone

blackberry logo2 300x225 New Survey Reveals BlackBerrys Drastically Reduced Market Share, Android Still Top Smartphone The IDC recently released new survey results regarding smartphone market share and the results are very alarming for Research in Motion and its once mighty BlackBerry phone.

According to the IDC report the market share of BlackBerry has drastically fallen to 6.4 percent this year. Contrast it to the 13.6 percent market share it was enjoying just last year and you’ll realize that the BlackBerry is really in jeopardy. [Read more...]