Google Updates Mobile App for iPhone to Fit into the iPad

Screen shot 2010 04 14 at 4.39.26 AM 490x320 Google Updates Mobile App for iPhone to Fit into the iPad

I wasn’t really expecting that Google would be among the many who will hurriedly jump in to the iPad frenzy.  But, yes indeed they did in fact was very quick to update the Google Mobile App for iPhone to fit into the Apple iPad interface. So, if you’ve been raring to have the Google Mobile experience on your new iPad, you  might want to check out Google Mobile App which is currently available now as a free download for your iPad.

And what does this Google app has to offer for all of you proud iPad users? Pretty much the same features that you’ve enjoy with the app’s iPhone version.  For instance, it allows you to search by voice supporting several accents including – American, British, Indian or Australian English accents as well as Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. The app also recognizes your current location when you are searching for nearby location.

Speaking of search, Google Mobile App for iPad also features several search-related goodies including Google Suggest, search history, contact search and vertical search for searching Google Maps, Images, News and Shopping.

The app also lets you navigate to various Google web-based services such as Gmail which was recently optimized for the iPad as well.

Overall, the app seems pretty good but although if you’ve used Google Mobile app for the iPhone, you’d notice that it’s practically the same apps, the iPad version was just modified to best suit the large screen estate of the iPad. Google also promises to come up with more iPad-specific features later on.

To download Google Mobile App to your iPad, search the iPad App Store or simply click on this iTunes Link.

The iPad App Store is Live and Kicking with Apps

Screen shot 2010 04 02 at 5.35.31 PM 490x318 The iPad App Store is Live and Kicking with Apps

This is it folks!. Apple has officially created chaos in the mobile computing world with only a day left before the UPS guys come knocking on U.S. on some 100,000+ homes delivering the iPad package. As if the anticipation and excitement is not enough, Apple decided to unfold the iPad App Store – live on the iTunes, side by side with the iPhone App Store.

Yes, the iPad App Store is now live and already kicking out around 2,300 plus iPad apps awaiting the first batch of iPad owners willing to purchase them. If you’re so used to the iPhone app store before there’s not much difference for the iPad App Store in layout and functionality.

The main iPad App Store is also recognized similar to the iPhone App Store. There’s the new and noteworthy iPad apps, the Hottest iPad Apps, and Staff Favorites. On the right side of the page you’d see the App Store Quick Links, Top Paid iPad Apps, Top Free iPad Apps and the Top Grossing iPad Apps. Clicking on individual app entries will also give you the same layout and features as the app profile in the iPhone App Store.

Overall, the iPad App Store is pretty much what anyone of us expected. Most of the apps are priced reasonably if I may say so. But of course if you don’t want to spend that much on iPad apps, you can always check out the free ones.

So, have you checked it out? Have you started listing down the iPad apps that you’re going to get once your iPad arrives?

Yahoo Releases Sketch-A-Search and Yahoo Search App for iPhone

Screen shot 2010 03 24 at 5.25.57 AM 490x351 Yahoo Releases Sketch A Search and Yahoo Search App for iPhone

At the ongoing International CTIA Wireless 2010 gig, Yahoo has just launched two new mobile search related feature for the iPhone and iPod touch owners – Sketch-A-Search and the new Yahoo Search Mobile. According to Yahoo both these iPhone apps promise to change the way you use mobile search through fun, entertaining and easy to use interface with location aware feature.

While touch-enabled search feature is nothing new in the iPhone, Yahoo extends this further by making Sketch-a-Search a little unique.  What the app lets you do is to find information about a particular business establishment in a particular area by simply drawing a circle around a general area on the Yahoo map. The app will then display placemarkers representing the different establishments on that area. You can then tap on each of the placemaker to find out what these establishments are and get  reviews, browse photos, check prices and other information related to that business establishment. Yahoo Sketch-a-Search is currently available only for the U.S. audiences but Yahoo promises to include international markets in the future as well.

Meanwhile, the new Yahoo Search Mobile is now better and more efficient with integration of voice search, embedded maps and information from various Yahoo Verticals – Finance, Movies, News and other sources. Location-based search results are also enabled to make it easier for you to find local establishments in specific areas.

Honestly, these two new mobile search features are pretty impressive.

Yahoo Search Mobile and Sketch-a-Search iPhone apps are available for free download from the iTunes Apps Store.

Avoid the Mad Rush! Submit your iPad Apps Now

Screen shot 2010 03 20 at 5.57.10 AM 490x296 Avoid the Mad Rush! Submit your iPad Apps Now

Come April 3, there will definitely be an influx of iPad applications trying to gain exposure on the iPad App Store.  So, if you are a developer and you want your apps to be among the iPad launch apps, you better start finalizing these apps now and submit it to Apple for approval. You only have until March 27 to ensure that your apps will be featured during the iPad launch on April 3, say Apple.

Apple has issued the following guidelines to help you with your plans of submitting your iPad applications:

  • Build and test your iPad application using iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 5 available on the iPhone Dev Center. Only iPad apps built with SDK 3.2 beta 5 will be accepted for this initial review.
  • Upload your distribution signed app through iTunes Connect by Saturday March 27, 5pm PDT.
  • The App Review Team will review your app on iPad and email you details about the readiness of your app.
  • You wil also receive additional information about submitting your app for final review before iPad ships.
  • Only apps submitted for the initial  review will be considered for the grand opening of the iPad App Store.

So there. You’ve got a whole week to prepare your applications and submit them to Apple for review. Since the it will only be a fews before the iPad App launch there’s a pretty big chance that your application will make it on time. I mean common, can Apple really review all the apps that will be submitted on March 27 thoroughly?

Mobile Apps Download to Grow by 92% Until 2012

Screen shot 2010 03 17 at 10.57.17 PM1 490x266 Mobile Apps Download to Grow by 92% Until 2012

Since everybody in the mobile tech scene are all agog about mobile applications right now, here’s an interesting report called – Sizing Up the Global Mobile Apps Market. According to the study, the overall mobile apps download could grow at the rate of 92% from 7 billion in 2009 to almost 50 million by 2012.

In terms of revenue, mobile ads and virtual goods is expected to bring in 62% more from a mere $4.1 billion in 2009 to around $17.5 billion by 2012.  These include revenues from both paid and free apps.  Free apps developers get to earn through mobile ads peppered on their applications’ interfaces.

The study also highlighted the contributions made by Apple’s Apps Store in sparking new interests into mobile apps. Actually mobile apps have been around since the nineties, but only reached its peak of success when Apple launched its Apps Store. True enough, we’ve only heard about the Google Android Market recently. And soon after the BlackBerry App World, WebOS apps market, and even Nokia’s Ovi store which houses its mobile apps gained some recognition and online mileage.

To achieve this growth, creative strategies should be implemented by countries to attract new customers and different business models since the dynamics of the app market varies in emerging nations. The mobile apps ecosystem will prosper if some actions to enhance discovery, improve user experience, drop price barriers and increase developer revenue share are adapted.

Google Buzz Gets a Native iPhone App, Simply Called Buzzie!

Screen shot 2010 03 04 at 3.41.06 AM 490x363 Google Buzz Gets a Native iPhone App, Simply Called Buzzie!

Why did it take an iPhone app developer to come up with the first native app for Google Buzz? Isn’t Buzz not too interesting enough to merit its own native iPhone? Frankly, I’ve been waiting for this one. In fact, I was expecting something like this to come out earlier.

Anyway, so there it is. Google Buzz now has its own native iPhone app and it’s simply called – Buzzie.

Currently selling for an introductory price of $1.99 during its first week run on the Apps Store, Buzzie lets yo do, well what you practically can do on the Google Buzz webapp. If you want to be specific about these features, it includes the following:

  • Receive messages from the people you follow
  • Comment on messages and mark them as liked
  • Browse all links and images attached to messages
  • Manage your followers
  • Browse the people following you
  • Find new people to follow
  • Check the places around you and buzz about them
  • Buzz from your phone, publicly or privately

It’s a simple, straight-out port of the Buzz webapp, so don’t expect too much from it. And besides, what can you possibly expect from an iPhone of the web’s latest noise maker?, I mean online communication tool.

Simply put, Buzzie is good native app that would help you get your Buzz fix in a faster and easier way.

Will you use Buzzie? Or is the Buzz webapp enough for your buzzing needs? If you want to get this app, here is its iTunes Link.

Final Fantasy Games Arrive on the Apps Store!

Final Fantasy fanboys, where are you?  If you’re currently waiting for the release of Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation 3 you might want to go nostalgic first and play FF1 and FF2 on your iPhone or iPod Touch  to while away time. Yes, two of these two classic Final Fantasy games have just made it to the Apps Store and if you’re a die-hard FF fan and you’ve got $18  to spare, you can enjoy playing them again anytime, anywhere on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Each game will cost your $8.99 each and considering the current price of a Playstation game right now, I think the that price is a good deal. Well, if you’re a Final Fantasy fan. You have to be a true-blue FF fan to appreciate this game since you won’t get the same cool animation and graphics features of other iPhone or iPod Touch games from FF1 and FF2.

In case you’re not aware, the Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular role-playing games of all time.  It’s a turn-based strategy type of game that involves character building, finding items, completing quests and certainly more other fun and addicting game plays.

And the good news is, the FF1 and FF2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch have all those elements that we love from their console versions.

What’s exciting about this is the fact that this might just be the beginning. Hopefully, Square Ennix will bring in more FF games into the iPhone or iPod Touch. But to make them do that, let us support FF1 and FF2 first by getting the games from the Apps store. I’ve included the download link here. FF1 iTunes Link and  FF2 iTunes Link. Have fun!

Screen shot 2010 02 26 at 6.08.10 AM Final Fantasy Games Arrive on the Apps Store!

Via Mashable

Apple iTunes Scores 10 Billionth Song Download

Screen shot 2010 02 25 at 6.24.37 AM 490x252 Apple iTunes Scores 10 Billionth Song Download

Apple iTunes has just achieved a remarkable feat a moment ago, thanks to a user who just got the 10 billionth song ever downloaded from the music store. The countdown to the 10 billionth song was started earlier this month, and it was Apple’s way of celebrating such a remarkable experience. Meanwhile, whoever got to download the 10 billionth song from iTunes will win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card.

So while we await for the announcement of the winner, why don’t we all take a look at some numbers after the iTunes was opened in 2003.  Almost seven years, Apple has suceeded in making the iTunes as a premiere online music store despite its exlusivity to Apple music and mobile devices. It only goes to show that while Apple is making the iTunes popular and so were its products. And for that,  we all should commend the company, no matter how much you may like or dislike iTunes.

Last quarter, iTunes generated some $520 million in revenues. In terms of profitability, total revenues generated so far by iTunes barely surpassed the break-even point. But that’s just beside the point since we all know that Apple created the iTunes to support its main business – selling hardwares. And it did while at the same time achieving a commendable feat in selling digital music.

Anyway, in case you’re interested to know the most downloaded song from iTunes happens to be Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling. Now this is another an interesting achievement for the band but that’s another story.

Web-Based Media Player Muziic Lets You Play and Organize YouTube and Vevo Music

Screen shot 2009 12 29 at 7.55.15 AM 490x284 Web Based Media Player Muziic Lets You Play and Organize YouTube and Vevo Music

Say goodbye to pesky and obtrusive ads whenever you want to listen to free songs featured on music videos on YouTube. Likewise, say goodbye to those annoying country-specific restrictions that renders most songs practically un-streamable if you live in Timbuktu. Thanks to new site Muziic you can now enjoy those two benefits brought by the free Internet.

First started as a Windows application, Muziic then lets you organize and manage music collections from songs featured on YouTube videos. Think of it as the Windows iTunes for YouTube, that also lets you rip mp3s to YouTube.

To make its service more relevant, Muziic recently launched a web-based media player. And while they were at it, they brought along music video start-up Vevo which went public recently.

So, what do this bring us, free music loving Internet citizens?  Free songs, as in millions of them with accompanying videos to boot.

And then what else? Muziic also lets you register on the site so that you can create your music playlist. It has a very efficient search engine which offers direct song access similar to iTunes does. For those who couldn’t live without sharing things with their friends to social networks, Muziic also just recently rolled out a Facebook app. How about an iPhone app? Not yet but it’s coming pretty soon, I hope.

An online service as good as this is not without a glitch of course. For one thing, Muziic removes country-restriction to video contents from Vevo. While this may seem ok for now, Vevo is said to be looking at it right now. Hopefully, they won’t do something to spoil Muziic’s party.

Via Wired

Apple approves 100,000th app, and then some

The road to application approval hasn’t always been smooth, with apps approved and then pulled, or outright banned on rather shaky grounds, but that hasn’t stopped Apple powering to 100,000 approved apps in the iTunes App Store.

The web site has counted 102,485 approved applications and 93,659 available.

That’s a mind-boggling number, and unfortunately says nothing about the quality of those applications. Bear in mind that there are many variations on the same theme, and some (a lot) of them are complete and utter rubbish. [Read more...]