Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in Germany

motorola android phones 300x240 Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in GermanyMotorola has suffered a setback in Europe. A ruling promulgated by a Mannheim Court has resulted in Motorola’s Android-based devices getting banned for sale in Germany. More specifically, any Motorola device that uses FAT technology for its internal storage are going to be pulled from stores and other sales avenues in Germany. The ruling’s effect is immediate.

The court ruling was basically in favor of Microsoft’s suit. The software giant has a patent for the FAT or File Allocation Table, a technology that allows people to more readily find and label media files when using a storage system that runs FAT. With this ruling, Motorola may be forced to just implement a different file system, but in the meantime, expect the company to file an appeal with the court. [Read more...]

Google To Pay Fine in France For Google Maps

google maps Google To Pay Fine in France For Google MapsI remember a time when offering something for free would elicit gratitude and calls for the person to run for president. Google was probably thinking the same thing when it decided to offer a number of its services for free. But that’s not what the Company got for offering their highly useful Google Maps for free.

For the “crime” offering Google Maps to the public free of charge, Google is being asked to pay a fine. [Read more...]

Lawsuit Filed For RIM’s Use of BBM Brand

bbm 300x176 Lawsuit Filed For RIMs Use of BBM BrandThe amount of lawsuits that we’ve been reporting here at 901AM is getting to be quite a lot. But then lawsuits are very interesting news to say the least. We’ve reported significantly about the constant exchange of lawsuits between Samsung and Apple. So any new lawsuits are kind of a breath of fresh air.

For example, Research in Motion is also embroiled in some legal kinks. A company, BBM Canada, has filed a lawsuit against RIM claiming the mobile phone manufacturer and service provider is infringing on the trademark of BBM Canada by using “BBM”, which stands for Blackberry Messenger, which is RIM’s very popular mobile messenger service that is used by Blackberry phone users all over the world. [Read more...]

Microsoft Wins Patent Infringement Suit Vs Motorola

Microsoft Vs Motorola 300x142 Microsoft Wins Patent Infringement Suit Vs MotorolaPatent infringement lawsuits are flying all over the place. Aside from Samsung and Apple, who are locked in a constant legal entanglement regarding patent infringement, Microsoft and Motorola are also involved in such a lawsuit.

Just recently, Microsoft won in a patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola. An administrative law judge for the US International Trade Commission made a decision that Motorola’s Motorola Android phones infringed on one of Microsoft’s seven patents. [Read more...]

Australia Sales Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Lifted

Apple vs Samsung1 300x111 Australia Sales Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LiftedSamsung can chalk up another win against Apple in the ongoing legal warfare the two companies have been involved in. The ban on the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 version that was imposed by the court in Australia has been lifted. This means Samsung can now start selling the their tablet device that Apple loves to hate and it couldn’t come at a more perfect time as Christmas shopping is just about to heat up. [Read more...]

Apple To Sue Samsung Over Redesigned 10.1N Tablet

Apple vs Samsung 300x111 Apple To Sue Samsung Over Redesigned 10.1N TabletSamsung was hoping that reworking their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by changing some of its physical features and then renaming it the 10.1N will be enough for it to fly under Apple’s radar and successfully sell the modified Samsung tablet in Germany, where it has been legally banned to sell the Galaxy Tab. But, as anyone who has read of Samsung’s attempt at trying to hoodwink Apple knows their attempt is bound to fail.

And it did. Apple has now filed a new motion that seeks to ban Samsung from selling the modified 10.1N tablet. The original ban was promulgated early this year and was made permanent last September. Apple claims that the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s design looks too much like the Apple iPad, hence, Samsung’s attempt to “change” the 10.1N with a modified bezel. [Read more...]

Samsung to begin paying royalties to Microsoft

samsung android logos 300x285 Samsung to begin paying royalties to MicrosoftSamsung’s legal troubles from its competitors – most notably Apple, seems to be taking its toll on the company, and seems to be losing its spark to fight some legal battles that are in its way. Samsung just recently announced that it will begin paying royalties to Microsoft for every single Android device it sells, whether it is a phone or a tablet. The agreement was reached between the two parties so that the patent infringement lawsuit Microsoft is filing against Samsung will be withdrawn.

This is not the first royalty agreement Microsoft has entered with a company regarding the sale of Android devices. Microsoft has forged the same agreement with other Android device manufacturers, the most notable of these is with HTC, which is the other company that produces much of the Android devices on the market.

The decision to agree to a royalty payment is to keep Microsoft from suing these companies. Microsoft claims that no Android device they have seen has not infringed on any of Microsoft’s patents. The most crucial element in the suit though is not being made to the public – that is, what Microsoft patents are Android device manufacturers violating. Even though no one knows what (the exact patent infringements are not being made public) these Android manufacturers are violating, Microsoft’s previous lawsuits against Linux for precisely the same charges may shed a little light on the issue because Android is based on the Linux OS.

It’s ironic that Microsoft, which has shown how much it dislikes the Android OS entering the market, is also earning from its existence and success.

Judge To Oracle: You Have To Many Claims Against Android

android judge Judge To Oracle: You Have To Many Claims Against AndroidIt looks like Oracle will be unable to bring the full force of their lawsuit against Google as a judge has ordered Oracle to pick which claims they want to file against the search giant.

“Oracle will surrender all of its present infringement claims against Google based on the 129 asserted claims that will not be tried,” the judge added. “Oracle may not renew those infringement claims in a subsequent action except as to new products.” (ZD Net) [Read more...]

Google Setting Aside $8.5 Million Over Buzz Blunder?

googlebuzzicon 300x256 Google Setting Aside $8.5 Million Over Buzz Blunder?After launching Google Buzz to the masses within Gmail, the search engine giant has faced harsh criticism from users (at least within the US) over various privacy issues with the service.

Now the company is apparently setting aside millions of dollars in order to help pacify the legal complaints against the company.

A class action Settlement has been reached with Google Inc. (“Google”) that resolves litigation about privacy concerns arising out of Google’s social networking program, Google Buzz. The Plaintiffs allege that Google automatically enrolled Gmail users in Buzz, and that Buzz publicly exposed data, including users’ most frequent Gmail contacts, without enough user consent. Google denies the accuracy of Plaintiffs’ allegations and denies that it violated any law or caused any harm by the launch of Google Buzz.

Under the Settlement, Google will establish an $8.5 million Common Fund to fund organizations focused on Internet privacy policy or privacy education, as well as to cover lawyers’ fees and costs and other expenses. Google will also do more to educate users about the privacy aspects of Google Buzz.  (Buzz Class Action)

Although Google is still maintaining its innocence regarding the matter, the settlement is a way for the company to pacify their vocal critics in order to move beyond the uproar Google Buzz created.

For those willing to litigate, Google is offering Americans the option to exclude themselves from the settlement (if they desire to sue Google with their own attorney) or forfeit their legal complaints by doing nothing.

Lawsuits and settlements aside, Google is still struggling to make Google Buzz relevant with the masses, and it will be interesting to see whether or not Google shuts down Buzz in the future (like they did with Google Wave) and focus on other projects instead.

Another Day, Another Android Lawsuit (Google)

android robot logo2 Another Day, Another Android Lawsuit (Google)With Android poised on supplanting iOS as the dominant mobile operating system in the west, it looks like another company has come forward with a lawsuit against the search engine giant (who is currently in the midst of battling Oracle).

Gemalto NV sued Google Inc. and phonemakers HTC Corp., Motorola Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., claiming the Android mobile-phone operating system used its technology without permission.

The manufacturer of digital-security technology filed the patent-infringement suit against the companies in Texas federal court on Oct. 22, according to the complaint. Gemalto said the development platform for Android improperly includes its Java Card technology, which allows software written in Java and other “high-level programming languages” to run on mobile phones. (Bloomberg)

Although it’s not surprising that Germalto NV is suing Google (who truth be told receives a lot of lawsuits in the US, many of them frivolous), Germalto NV’s strategy of suing manufactors seems to be aimed at thwarting Android’s expansion by scarring off potential partners.

Germalto NV surprisingly isn’t going after other manufacturers (like Dell) who also make Android smartphones (although truth be told HTC, Motorola and Samsung are the top 3 selling Android devices in the US).

While it’s doubtful that this legal squabble will thwart Android’s path towards global domination, Germalto NV’s latest lawsuit could slow down adoption by smaller manufacturers (the latter who probably lack the money to burn on patent attorneys).