Lenovo’s New Transformable Tablet Launches with Attractive Price

lenovos ideatab 300x200 Lenovos New Transformable Tablet Launches with Attractive PriceLenovo has released a new product to compete in the transformable tablet market niche and it’s making itself noticed with its very attractive price.

The Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 was originally shown in January but is now available online. Although the standard price for the product will be $450, buyers can get the IdeaTab S2110 for only $343.20 – quite a reasonable price for a tablet that runs Android 4.0. The optional keyboard dock can be had for just an additional $56. So in essence, you’ll only pay for the whole package for just $400 – a real steal. Compare it with the pricing of the other popular transformable tablet in the market, the ASUS Transformer, where the keyboard alone costs $150 and its Transformer tablets range from $400 to $500. [Read more...]