LinkedIn Becomes More Integrated with Twitter

connections 300x207 LinkedIn Becomes More Integrated with Twitter

Sometime in November last year, LinkedIn started rolling out some Twitter integration features. If you’re one of those LinkedIn members who integrated your LinkedIn accounts with Twitter, you might also want to go deeper into these integration and install the Tweets app.

This new LinkedIn feature lets you easily find and keep track of your LinkedIn connections on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Once you’ve installed that Tweet app, you can access this from your Profile page by clicking on the “more” tab which you can find at the top of your LinkedIn profile page. Clicking on that “more” tab will display your Twitter public timeline including tweets from people you follow. From that page, you can post tweet to your account.

The new Tweet app also has a new module called – “connection to follow.” What this module does is to give you recommendations on new people to follow which are your LinkedIn contacts.

Another nice feature of the Tweet app is the “connections” category which list down your LinkedIn connections who have already installed the Tweet app. From there you can see their Twitter information, follow or unfollow them and see a sample of their last tweets.

If you’re into Twitter lists, the new LinkedIn Tweet app also lets you create a dynamic Twitter list consisting of your LinkedIn connections. This list displays tweets of your LinkedIn contacts and are updated real-time. It’s like your usual Twitter list built into your LinkedIn accounts.

Alright, enough of this blabber. If you’re into LinkedIn and Twitter, might as well integrate these two accounts.  You may install the LinkedIn Tweet app from this link.

LinkedIn Combines People You May Know with Faceted Search

And so LinkedIn continues to improve on its site features and functionality. The popular business-oriented social networking sites has just improved on one of its most useful network-building feature called “People You May Know,” a powerful way of finding long lost business contacts as well as for building your professional identity. LinkedIn has combined this feature with another great feature called “faceted search.”

With these two useful LinkedIn features integrated, it is now easier to sort through the list of people your may know by companies and schools. You will now be able to easily page through all of your suggestions on the landing page and quickly sort through them by company or school as well as find out which connections you have in common with other LinkedIn members.

From the landing page of the filtered “People You May Know” suggestions, you can filter the results further by various ways to help you find the business contacts that you may have been looking for or possibly chanced upon somebody which you didn’t think you can reconnect to again.

To see the list of people on LinkedIn that you may know, simply click on the “See More” link on the People You May Know box on your LinkedIn profile page. From there you can start scouring through the list and hopefully gets to find contacts and continue building your LinkedIn network.

Finally LinkedIn Lets You Follow Company Profiles

follow frm user profile 490x242 Finally LinkedIn Lets You Follow Company ProfilesFinally, business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn is staying true to its monicker. LinkedIn  has just rolled out a much delayed feature that lets you easily follow company profiles on LinkedIn. In case you’re more of a Facebook user, you’d know that this is somewhat similar to the “become a fan” feature, which incidentally was changed to “like.”

Rationalizing the roll-out of this feature, the LinkedIn official blog states that this will help LinkedIn memeber to stay in the loop on new developments, potential business opportunities or even job opportunities by simply following a company.  Following a company, just like following a brand profile in Facebook also lets you get the first hand information about developments at companies you follow.

So, how do you follow a company on LinkedIn. There are various ways to do so. First, you can click through any of the companies listed on your LinkedIn contacts’ profiles. Once you find a company that interest you, you simply mouse-over on that company and the “Follow Company” icon will appear on a hover bar.

You can also follow a company right on the company’s profile whenever you chanced upon them as you search on LinkedIn. To easily find a company profile, you can check out the “more” drop-down list from LinkedIn’s homepage.

Now here’s the interesting part. LinkedIn also allows you to choose the volume of updates that you want to receive from various companies you follow. You can select the type, frequency and format of updates as well.

Like the features so far? So, what are you waiting for? Start following those companies now and wait for the fruits of what you are about to do, hopefully the soonest time possible.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Several News Sharing Feature

It’s good to know that despite their not so great traffic and overall ranking as a social networking site, LinkedIn is still trying to improve its services, features and functionality. In a way the site is trying its best to be in tune with the norm among popular social media services that include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz among others.

So now, LinkedIn has just announced several new features that would make sharing news within your LinkedIn networks easy. Since, LinkedIn is business social network, you all know how valuable news information are among business networks.

Here are the new features of LinkedIn’s news sharing functionality:

1. Get complete control over who sees what you’re sharing – be it everyone, individual, a group or connections.

2. Post article excerpts and images to what you are sharing. This will attract more attention from people you share it with. This feature lets you customize your message to people you are sharing the news with.

3. Preview, edit and delete posts before your LinkedIn contacts noticed that you’ve type something incorrectly.

4. Like and re-sharing of news feature in a single click. It also allows you to share news bits to multiple LinkedIn contacts.

5. Improved off-site sharing experience that lets you share news items you encounter while reading online newspapers such as WSJ and NYT.

6. LinkedIn’s very own URL shortener ( when sharing link to news items.

7. Attribution of re-shared items to the person who originally shared the items with you.

8. Share items on your LinkedIn profile to those who view your profile.

There you go, 8 new sharing features of LinkedIn that hopefully would make you a more informed LinkedIn member.

LinkedIn Connects with Microsoft Outlook

What would you get if two of the major players  in business communication – one a desktop email tool and the other the most popular business social networking site join forces?  The possibility could be endless and most definitely fruitful for both parties. That’s what was just announced by LinkedIn as they’ve partner up with Microsoft Outlook.

The result of the deal could be more productive whether you are a LinkedIn or Microsoft Outlook user. Better if you use both since with LinkedIn connected to your Microsoft Outlook, you’d be able to do the following:

Keep track of what your LinkedIn connections are working on and thinking about - this include information on who they are connecting with, articles they are reading and sharing, questions they are asking and answering.

Get the latest contact information for your professional connections – this include email addresses, profile details and photos appearing in an Outlook Contacts folder. It will also allow you to email your LinkedIn connections just by typing their name into your Outlook “To:” box as you let LinkedIn auto-fill it up for you.

Grow your LinkedIn network easily – this is my favorite feature brought about by the partnership. You can now easily add an email sender who is not yet on your LinkedIn network just by simply clicking on the green “Add” icon next to their name. Easy way to build your LinkedIn contacts.

To use this new feature, you need to follow these simple steps – download Outlook Social Connector from Microsoft, download the LinkedIn Outlook Connector, restart your Outlook and follow the instructions for connecting your two accounts.

Once connected, Outlook will start pushing your LinkedIn network information into Outlook.

LinkedIn Now Lets You Drag-and-Drop Sections of Your Profile

Responding to the request of  users, LinkedIn has just rolled out a new way of organizing your member profiles. The new feature lets you drag-and-drop different sections on your profile allowing you flexibility and more control on how your profile will be viewed by your current as well as your  potential contacts.

It lets you highlight skills, expertise and experiences, depending on which of these will make you you stand out. Some of the great things that you can do using this new LinkedIn feature include showcasing your work experiences or education or highlighting testimonials given by your business contacts, featuring a slideshow presentation or even synching your WordPress blog with your profile and providing your blog’s feed updates as well.

Best part of course is that you can do all these easily through drag-and-drop method. Just pick any section using  the handles of  the different profile sections from your LinkedIn’s “Edit Profile page”  and then drop it off the area in your profile where you want to place it. When you release the mouse, the section will be dropped to the designated area on your profile immediately.

This new feature follows the new browsing method for LinkedIn address book introduced recently. It’s a pretty cool really. And according to the LinkedIn blog, this is just the start of the many new features that will be released soon.


LinkedIn Makes it Faster to Find People with Faceted Search

LinkedIn has just launched a new way of finding people on the LinkedIn network – Faceted Search.  It’s actually an enhancement of  the previously rolled out new people search platform.

Faceted Search provides you with dynamic filters generated based on your actual query results. These filters or facets that you can use to filter your LinkedIn search query are – current company, past company, location, relationship, location, industry, school, and profile languages.

You can see these filters at the left-side navigation bar of the LinkedIn search results page. These filters are labeled “refine by” and it includes a list of the most relevant facets which like we said were based on the actual results of your original query.

What makes the Faceted Search more interesting is that the filters are generated in real-time, done by the LinkedIn search algorithm by parsing matching results and then extracting the search query’s most important attributes. You can also refine, expand or stumble upon information just by simply clicking on the search options that are important to you. [Read more...]

Moo Mini Cards Grow Big

TechCrunch reports that Moo, a printing company that manufactures ‘mini cards’ (small business cards), is now going full size.

As someone who has been on the Moo bandwagon for quite some time, I can tell you firsthand that the quality of the product they produce is top notch. What sets them apart is that you can feature a different image on EVERY business card. That means you can order 100 cards, will 100 different images.

Their latest move, Moo has teamed up with LinkedIn to print full-sized “green” business cards.

Now that I’ve gone with the mini-cards, I can never see going back to old school cards. Seriously. Every time I hand out a card they always get a reaction. Not only for the cool prints but the size as well.

You can turn your gallery into cards with Facebook, Flickr, Bebo and LiveJournal – or simply upload your own.

Finally, LinkedIn goes mobile

The long wait is finally over. Professional social networking site LinkedIn is now accessible via mobile phones. You simply need to visit and sign in with your account information. Take note, you must have a Web-enabled cellphone to access this mobile site.

The power of mobility is very important, particularly for many professionals who are on the move to attend meetings or conferences. This is just a beta version and the final version will be available in Spring. According to LinkedIn blog, here the features allowed on mobile devices:

  1. Search LinkedIn profiles (including photos and bio) to help recall and connect with business acquaintances at events and conferences
  2. Research the common contacts they have with other professionals to help make real world referrals and introductions easier
  3. Invite professional acquaintances and peers you meet at events to LinkedIn with just their email address. Exchanging business cards is just not cool anymore!
  4. Receive regular Network update capabilities about your connections while on the go
  5. International versions currently launched include French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

LinkedIn is currently working to make other features such as LinkedIn Experts available to the users in its final version.