Spark, a Linux-Powered Tablet, To Be Released Soon

A new tablet is being scheduled for release and this one will offer a completely different experience and environment from the ones we have been used to.

The new tablet, called the Spark, was announced by the lead KDE hacker Aaron Seigo. The new tablet will run an open source Linux operating system. A Linux powered system tablet will definitely be welcomed by the developer community and also by users who do not want to be burdened with using a proprietary system even if it’s free. [Read more…]

Ubuntu Shows TV Interface

A few months ago we reported that popular Linux build Ubuntu announced that it plans to expand its coverage from just PCs and expand to mobile devices. According to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, the plan is for Ubuntu to eventually be installed on “tablets, phones, TVs and smart screens.” Using Ubuntu will create a seamless integration between various devices, the desktop, the servers and the cloud.

Ubuntu has gotten some mixed responses upon the announcement of its bold plan to go mobile. Some liked it, some were skeptical and others were plain apathetic about it. Ubuntu has been relatively quiet about since the announcement but the progress of its project… until CES when it finally unveiled the Ubuntu smart TV interface. [Read more…]