Is AT&T Going to End 2G service?

att logo Is AT&T Going to End 2G service?It really is inevitable that old-school technologies will eventually be abandoned in favor of newer technologies. Sony has already done it in the mobile market with its decision to stop production of feature phones and just focusing on smartphone production. AT&T is also doing the same with, this time with mobile services.

AT&T has begun sending out notices that, while not announcing it outright, points to the fact that it is going to be abandoning its 2G network. The company has already talked about the need for additional wireless spectrum and it may follow T-mobile’s strategy of just using parts of the 2G network for 4G LTE development. [Read more...]

Government Report claims LightSquared’s Service Affects Flight Systems

gps 300x225 Government Report claims LightSquareds Service Affects Flight SystemsNew wireless service provider LightSquared is being wracked by very negative reports regarding its technology. According to test made by the National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing, LightSquared’s proposed LTE service interferes with the flight safety system. Specifically, it affects the alerts given to pilots about approaching terrain.

The FAA conducted the test of the flight control systems. The test revealed that LightSquared’s system actually creates a lot of interference in the safety system that was devised to alert pilots if it is going to encounter terrain or any kind of obstructions within its flightpath. [Read more...]