Introduces VoIP Feature for iOS Version

IMO Introduces VoIP Feature for iOS VersionThere are many internet messaging services out there and sometimes you have no choice but to install more than just one because your friends and family will use different services. Installing multiple messengers becomes a necessity if you want to message different people. The best way to streamline your messaging requirements is by using an internet messaging aggregator service. These are services that provide a way for you to access your different accounts in different messengers with just one application. [Read more...]

Meebo releases IM app for Android

Meebo has launched Meebo for Android, an instant messaging application that brings free and open communication to T-Mobile’s G1, the world’s first Android-powered mobile phone. Meebo for Android provides a simple “on the go” instant messaging experience for anyone with a Meebo account, or an account on one of the popular IM services.

The application will be available as a download through the phone via the Android Market.

Meebo for Android includes:

  • Access to all of your IM accounts through a single login and single buddy list.
  • A fun and simple IM experience that’s similar to using on your PC.
  • Real-time notifications! Alerts of new IMs are pushed to the status bar even when Meebo runs in the background.
  • meebo releases rooms API

    meebo released the meebo rooms API and meebo Network, as well as five launch partners for the new programs – Piczo, Revision3, RockYou, Social Project, and Tagged. The meebo rooms API enable large-scale implementations of meebo rooms for bigger community sites. The API is geared towards social networks, as well as large media and entertainment sites to enable live community on their sites in an automated fashion. To monetize these new partnerships, as well as dozens of existing relationships, meebo announced the formation of the meebo Network, a network of premium community, media and entertainment partners with whom meebo will be sharing 50% of the ad revenue derived from meebo rooms. For partners in the meebo Network that prefer an ad-free integration of meebo rooms, a yearly licensing fee option is also available.

    TokBox adds video/voice calls to meebo

    tokbox TokBox adds video/voice calls to meeboTokBox, a communication service that enables people to talk over live video in a single click, has launched the first voice/video calling product on the meebo Platform.

    It requires no registration, download, installation or configuration and is now seamlessly integrated into millions of meebo conversations.

    According to Nielsen/NetRatings, meebo is the fastest-growing IM destination in the US – ahead of Google Talk and Skype. The addition of Tokbox is what meebo CEO and co-founder Seth Sternberg will bring them “one large step closer to becoming the Web’s live interaction destination.”

    “TokBox is making communication much more personal, where we can easily see our family members, friends, co workers or new acquaintances – no matter where they are,” said Serge Faguet, CEO and co-founder of TokBox. “By merging the extreme simplicity of TokBox with the world’s most popular live platform, we are providing for the richest form of communication and messaging online today.”

    File transfer on meebo raises the bar for web-based IM

    meebo File transfer on meebo raises the bar for web based IMFile Transfer today comes to meebo as its users can now seamlessly transfer files to your IM buddies, on meebo or off meebo, regardless of which IM network they’re on, no software or download required.

    At its core, meebo’s File Transfer utilizes the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), core features of Amazon Web Services. Together, they provide an affordable, scalable and fault-tolerant solution to file storage and retrieval in a web environment.

    “We’re pleased to offer meebo the infrastructure solutions they need to expand their offerings for their customers,” said Steve Rabuchin, Director of Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services. “meebo has a record of innovating for its customers – our suite of web services helps them stay singularly focused on that goal.”

    meebo now iPhone-ready

    meebo meebo now iPhone readymeebo, a website for instant messaging, announced that it is now iPhone-ready, bringing the benefits of Web-based IM to your pocket. iPhone users can now experience a totally seamless transition from their desktop to their iPhone. meebo provides a simple, open messaging experience for over 6 million people per month whether they are at their office, school, home, or on-the-go.

    “Our application for the iPhone now provides a seamless experience between your computer’s browser and your phone’s browser,” said Seth Sternberg, founder and CEO of meebo.

    With over 600 million people using IM globally, meebo continues to capture market share. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, meebo is the fastest-growing IM destination in the US– ahead of Google Talk and Skype Messenger.