Get Democracy wins NetSquared Non Profit Technology Project Award

getdemocracy Get Democracy wins NetSquared Non Profit Technology Project AwardDemocracy Player (soon to be renamed Miro), an Open Source Video Application, was awarded $15,000 for its focus on using online video technology to create societal change from the NetSquared Technology Innovation Fund at the N2Y2 Non Profit Technology.

Online video technology and Open Standards advocates were in full force at the NetSquared N2Y2 conference at the Cisco Campus. Three hundred and fifty conference attendees voted on 21 different technology start-up projects with the greatest potential to create social change using social technology.

The top three social technology projects, MAPLight, Miro: Open Source Video and FreeCycle split $50,000 in Fund award money.

“The Miro team was so fortunate to have been a part of the NetSquared community’s technology conference. We were surrounded by innovative social technologists and non profit advocates. We’re hoping that our technology can be a part of helping them accomplish their mission. Miro is focused on providing online TV viewers and content creators a platform to develop their own voice and connect directly with their audience. The N2Y2 helped us connect with projects, funders and technology companies.” Nicholas Reville, Miro Executive Director, said.