Mobile Apps Are the Leading Source of Internet Connections

mobile apps Mobile Apps Are the Leading Source of Internet Connections

Since the release of the iPhone and the subsequent appearance of the first Android devices, experts have predicted that mobile devices would become the leading source of Internet connectivity. According to recent data, this threshold has just been passed.

The rise of mobile devices, and decline of PCs

According to Com-Score, mobile devices are now responsible for 55 percent of Internet traffic. Mobile Internet access has been rising slowly but steadily, and most believe the increase will not stop within the foreseeable future: More growth is expected in the coming years as mobile devices continue to rise in popularity.

As expected, PC and laptop sales have dropped considerably as well. As mobile devices become more capable, they are better able to fill roles previously only attainable on traditional computing devices. Furthermore, app development has improved as well, and the typical mobile app is now comparable to standard laptop and desktop apps. [Read more...]

Top Brands Utilizing Instagram

Instagram photos are everywhere today. They’re posted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest among others attracting lots of attention from social media users owing to their unique designs. Surely, you’ve seen them with borders, in collages and sometimes with text thanks to the filters and editing tools in the app.

Since its launch more than three years ago, Instagram has gained more than 100 million active monthly users. And apart from the private individuals using the app these days, brands have also recognized this popular networking site’s importance. In fact, 67 percent of top brands are now using Instagram to reach their target market on a global basis.

Owing to its global reach, businesses admit that this famous photo sharing site is worth using in an effort to raise awareness of their brand. The great news is that in addition to images, users can now post videos and send direct messages similar to Twitter’s functionality. These messages can then be shared with individuals and even groups with up to 15 members. [Read more...]

VPN: What is it and Why You Need to Use it?

You may not be familiar about VPN or the Virtual Private Network yet and it’s time you know if you want to experience worry-free internet surfing. Whether you’re going online for personal, work or business reasons and no matter the frequency, this kind of service will protect your vital information onwards.

secure internet browsing 300x249 VPN: What is it and Why You Need to Use it?

Next to your internet connection, this is a very important service anybody should think about subscribing to today. It’s all about ensuring your privacy and safety online amidst the ongoing hacking, scamming and phishing activities on the internet.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a public network of computers. Individuals can use to access network resources not covered in their local area network (LAN) or simply to secure their communications when using a public network such as in an internet café. Businesses also use it to connect to their remote servers or datacenters. Primarily, its objective is to ensure a secure and encrypted communication to protect people’s personal information and identity. [Read more...]

Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

150x100 Acer Delays Release of Windows RT Products

(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Who knew media reception about Windows RT is going to give a major electronics manufacturer the jitters?

Acer has announced that it will be delaying the release of new Acer tablets that run under Windows RT, from the earlier posted announcement of the first few months of 2013 to the new date of between April to June 2013. The company has cited the mixed reactions Mcirosoft Surface received from various media entities when it was officially launched a week ago. [Read more...]

Mobile Technology is Changing Apartment Hunting

1389044096 e6f8aa3b7b m Mobile Technology is Changing Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting (Photo credit: apes_abroad)

Apartment hunting used to be such a painful chore, with “hunting” being the operative word. You can’t rely on listings or friend recommendations because these are incomplete and unreliable since the information is not updated regularly. You can get a good lead but find out that it’s already taken when you get there.

You can imagine how doubly difficult it gets when your apartment hunting involves finding a place in another country.trans Mobile Technology is Changing Apartment Hunting [Read more...]

Hidden Safari Features on iPhone

iphone 231x300 Hidden Safari Features on iPhoneThe iPhone allows users to do many things – make a phone call, surf the Web, watch a film – all by just touching a virtual button. However, there are also plenty of ‘hidden’ features waiting to be discovered, especially with the Safari web browser.

Make a call from Safari

If a user finds a phone number in Safari that they’d like to call (for example, the phone number of a reputable online gadget insurance company) then they do not need to jump to the phone component to ring it. In fact, all they need to do is tap the number and their iPhone will dial it for them. Simple and very handy. [Read more...]

“Distracted Walking” Accidents On The Rise

walking 300x199 Distracted Walking Accidents On The Rise The saying “look before you walk” may be what a lot of people should be following, especially now that accidents are on the rise.

According to a report made by ABS News – which compiled the data taken by the Consumer Product Safety Commission – the incidents of “distracted walking” accidents has been on the increase. According to the report, about 1,150 people in the US had been sent to hospitals a year ago after they met with accidents while they were using their mobile phones. The figure may be considered insignificant considering the US is a country with 300 million people but it is statistically significant considering that the incidents of these kinds of accidents have increased by 400 percent over those reported over the last seven years. [Read more...]

More than 50 Percent of Americans Use Their Phones While TV Watching

 More than 50 Percent of Americans Use Their Phones While TV WatchingA very revealing fact was revealed by a recent study conducted by the Internet & American Life Project of the Pew Research Center. According to the research, about 52 percent of mobile phone users in the United States actually use their phones as supplemental activity while watching shows on TV.

The new study, entitled The Rise of The Connected Viewer, showed that 38 percent of mobile phone users use their mobile phones when there’s a commercial break, about 22 percent try to find information to corroborate a fact or news they heard while watching TV, while six percent go and vote for reality shows. [Read more...]

Calls Least Used Functions By Smartphone Users

smartphone1 300x217 Calls Least Used Functions By Smartphone UsersWhen mobile phones were invented, it was to address one specific function – to make calls wirelessly wherever you are. With the evolution of mobile phones, more and more functions were added to it. With the latest generation of smartphones, a lot of functions have been incorporated into the device but at the disadvantage of other functions. Surprisingly, one of those functions is the ability to make calls.

A survey of 2,000 smartphone users recently conducted by UK based carrier O2, revealed that users of smartphones spend more time performing different functions with their mobile devices rather than making phone calls. [Read more...]

Zynga releases Draw Something in Different Languages Despite Dropping Stock Prices

zynga1 300x175 Zynga releases Draw Something in Different Languages Despite Dropping Stock PricesZynga has decided to up the ante on its hit social multiplayer game Draw Something. The company has released the game in 12 different languages, which includes Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and both simplified and traditional Chinese. Most of the new versions offer user interfaces that have already been translated to the supported language along with the accompanying dictionaries to truly enhance the gaming experience with the preferred language. [Read more...]