Motorola Announces Razr i

razr i 300x204 Motorola Announces Razr iMotorola has announced a new smartphone to add to its growing lineup. The Motorola Razr i is an Intel Atom powered phone, and the first product of the partnership between Motorola and Intel.

The Motorola Razr i was unveiled during a short event held in London. It is actually a familiar device because it is a reworking of the Motorola Droid Razr M that was shown at the Motorola and Verizon event held in New York. The most significant difference between the two units is, of course, the processor. The Motorola Razr i’s Intel Atom processor runs at 2Ghz, which makes it the world’s first smartphone to reach this clock speed. This is going to be one fast smartphone. [Read more...]

Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in Germany

motorola android phones 300x240 Court Bans Sales of Motorola Android Products in GermanyMotorola has suffered a setback in Europe. A ruling promulgated by a Mannheim Court has resulted in Motorola’s Android-based devices getting banned for sale in Germany. More specifically, any Motorola device that uses FAT technology for its internal storage are going to be pulled from stores and other sales avenues in Germany. The ruling’s effect is immediate.

The court ruling was basically in favor of Microsoft’s suit. The software giant has a patent for the FAT or File Allocation Table, a technology that allows people to more readily find and label media files when using a storage system that runs FAT. With this ruling, Motorola may be forced to just implement a different file system, but in the meantime, expect the company to file an appeal with the court. [Read more...]

ITC rules against Motorola, Bans Imports of Motorola Android Phones

Motorola logo.jpg 300x209 ITC rules against Motorola, Bans Imports of Motorola Android PhonesMicrosoft has successfully made a move that is going to hurt Motorola in a big way in the US. The US International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Microsoft and has banned the import of Motorola Mobility Android devices until Motorola changes the software so that it won’t be infringing on the Microsoft patents or it can also buy a license from Microsoft so that it can continue selling the said devices.

The ITC’s ruling follows a December court ruling that states Motorola’s products, namely, the Atrix, Droid and Xoom smartphones, infringed on a Microsoft patent that is related to Exchange ActiveSync technology. [Read more...]

Apple Top Smartphone Manufacturer in the US, Android Top Platform

phone1 300x199 Apple Top Smartphone Manufacturer in the US, Android Top PlatformA newly released report by research firm Nielsen has significantly shown that Apple is still the top dog when it comes to the smartphone market. The report revealed that Apple is still the top smartphone manufacturer with the largest share in the market. But this position is slowly being threatened by other manufacturers who are making Android smartphones.

The Nielsen report – which compiles data taken from August through October of 2011 — showed that Apple has a strong 29 percent share of the smartphone market. The second top smartphone manufacturer is actually HTC, which has a 21 percent share. Coming in at third (surprisingly, at least to me) is RIM – the manufacturer of BlackBerry phones – which enjoys a 17 percent share of the market. Fourth place is occupied by Samsung and Motorola, which both have an 11 percent share of the smartphone market. [Read more...]

Microsoft Wins Patent Infringement Suit Vs Motorola

Microsoft Vs Motorola 300x142 Microsoft Wins Patent Infringement Suit Vs MotorolaPatent infringement lawsuits are flying all over the place. Aside from Samsung and Apple, who are locked in a constant legal entanglement regarding patent infringement, Microsoft and Motorola are also involved in such a lawsuit.

Just recently, Microsoft won in a patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola. An administrative law judge for the US International Trade Commission made a decision that Motorola’s Motorola Android phones infringed on one of Microsoft’s seven patents. [Read more...]

Verizon To Release Motorola Droid Xyboard Tablets This Month

Motorola XOOM 300x203 Verizon To Release Motorola Droid Xyboard Tablets This MonthVerizon is planning to come out with two Motorola tablets this December, according to a report that was published on CNet. The two tablets are actually from the same Xoom 2 family, the brand that Motorola is using for the international market. The two tablets are going to be a 10 inch and an 8 inch version. But for the American market, the Xoom 2 name will be dropped in favor of Droid Xyboard. Verizon’s line of high end devices is Droid, hence the name change. [Read more...]

Motorola Droid 4 Info Leaked

Motorola Droid 4 300x213 Motorola Droid 4 Info LeakedMotorola is intent on finishing the year strongly as it is gearing up another phone to add to its product offerings. New information has leaked about a new Motorola phone that will reportedly come out in a few weeks. The new phone, the Droid 5, might become available in time for the Christmas holidays, specifically by December 5.

The Droid 4 will be the fifth mobile phone that Motorola will be releasing just for this year. It has already released the Droid X2, Droid 3, Droid Bionic, and the new Droid RAZR, which was just released few weeks ago. [Read more...]

Android: Xoom Inheriting Flash, But It’s Still Buggy?

motorola xoom xl 490x303 Android: Xoom Inheriting Flash, But Its Still Buggy?Android tablet lovers will be pleased to hear that Motorola’s Xoom will finally gain the ability to watch Flash videos this month, a feature that is eternally absent from their rival.

Unfortunately it seems that instead of a finished product, consumers may instead receive something that is still “slightly” buggy.

Adobe has just announced that Flash Player 10.2 will be available to download from the Android Market on Friday, March 18.

It’s actually only a beta release for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablets, which will also require Google’s 3.0.1 system update. However, it’s at least a full-fledged upgrade for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and 2.3 (Gingerbread) systems. (ZDnet)

Although most geeks probably do not mind a few bugs for the ability to view the entire web, consumers may not be as forgiving with semi-frequent errors while “beta testing” flash upon the Xoom.

While the Xoom is one of the few tablets available that can challenge iPad 2 (at least on paper via specs), Google along with OEM’s need to release mature products to the masses lest they create a bitter taste for new customers.

Hopefully Google, Motorola and Adobe are able to work out all of the bugs out of the beta quickly before the market becomes saturated with tablets running iOS.

Why Motorola’s Xoom Won’t Threaten The iPad

Motorola Xoom tablet 490x334 Why Motorolas Xoom Wont Threaten The iPad

After weeks of anticipation it looks like Android fans will finally have a worthy iPad contender from Motorola that can challenge Apple for tablet supremacy.

Unfortunately Motorola’s Xoom just made one major mistake that may convince consumers to overlook the Android tablet and instead choose iOS instead.

The first device to run Google’s new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, the Motorola XOOM will be available for purchase from Verizon Wireless for $599.99 with a new two-year customer agreement or $799.99 without a contract. Wireless 3G data service for the Motorola XOOM will begin at $20 monthly access for 1GB. The Motorola XOOM will be upgradeable to 4G LTE service at no additional charge in the second quarter of 2011. (via Android Central)

Note: Emphasis mine.

While the Xoom does look impressive and is cheaper than the iPad 3G (the latter which starts at $629), the fact that you have to sign up with a 2 year contract will probably be a turn off to the masses (who may already have a contract via their smartphone).

Although users can pick up the Xoom for about $800 contract free, that price range will put it out of reach for the masses who may simply opt for a less expensive Wifi iPad instead.

With iPad 2.0 expected to debut this summer, Motorola better hope that Apple doesn’t launch a less expensive iPad as that could result in a lot of Xoom tablets rotting away in ware houses over the summer.

Was Motorola’s Xoom Android Ad Underwhelming?

Motorola Xoom tablet 490x334 Was Motorolas Xoom Android Ad Underwhelming?

Honestly I’m still puzzled as to why Motorola wasted $6 million producing a super bowl ad by trying to redo Apple’s 1984 commercial (except this time portraying Apple users as mindless sheep).

The ad was so underwhelming that even commentors upon Android Central are complaining about it.

Although the Motorola Xoom looks impressive (thanks to Android’s latest OS, Honeycomb), the company should have emphasized why one should purchase a Xoom over an iPad, instead of trying to take subtle jabs at Apple (as you can see in the commercial below). [Read more...]