3 Ways to Find Good Music Online

work music playlists 300x200 3 Ways to Find Good Music Online

Even if you have an extensive music collection, there’s still nothing better than discovering a new band and instantly falling in love with them.

Anyone who says there isn’t any good music being made nowadays just isn’t looking. In fact, finding new music is super-easy with all the music sharing websites there are, and it’s made it easier for smaller bands to find a large audience.

There’s an entire world of music waiting for you to discover — a lot of it available for free — as long as you know where to look.

Here’s three great ways to discover new (and free) music.

1. Explore Bandcamp
Bandcamp is a great site that lets musicians share and sell their music and retain a lot of control over the pricing. By searching the site by genre, you can see which singles and albums are being downloaded, and most of it is high-quality and independently produced or on a small label.

One of the best features of Bandcamp is their pay what you want model, which allows musicians to choose to post their EPs, singles, and even full albums and let their listeners decide how much they will pay for them.

If you like what you hear, you can support a band as much as you want, both monetarily and by sharing their music on your social media profiles.

2. Try Spotify
If you aren’t already on Spotify, you can get a free account through Facebook. With the radio function, you can create a station based on a song, artist, or playlist and get related tracks that you’re likely to love.

You can also see what your friends are listening to and subscribe to their playlists to see what new discoveries they’re making.

3. Search your local music scene
Rather than blindly searching for specific bands, check out sites dedicated to the local music scene. Not only will you find shows that you can actually go to, but it will direct you to the best up-and-coming bands in your area. Or just check out sites for other cities known for having a great music scene.

There are hundreds of sites and blogs that are in the know about which bands have the potential to be big; then you can say you knew them when, and be the one to introduce your friends to great unknown bands.

Legal ways to get music online for your mobile phones

Mobile phones have developed and evolved into such powerful machines that it is now packed full of features and capabilities that used to be handled by separate devices. For example, many mobile phone owners have ditched their dedicated digital audio players and now use their phones to listen to music instead.

There are many sources online to get music that you can then download to your mobile phone. We’re not talking about illegal means of getting files but rather the legal sources for getting music. Below are some of the best sources for getting legal music files online: [Read more...]

Microsoft Working On a New Music Streaming Service?

music Microsoft Working On a New Music Streaming Service?There are indications that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new music service/application that will be similar to what Spotify, Pandora, MOG or Rdio offers. Microsoft is reportedly talking with different record labels about developing the said app/service.

Experts say that Microsoft’s plan is to release the service as part of the applications or services associated with the Xbox 360. It does not intend to use its Zune brand name because it did not gain traction with consumers. [Read more...]

Google Music comes to iOS via Safari

google music 300x168 Google Music comes to iOS via SafariGoogle Music is still in its beta and not a lot of people are getting it as yet. It’s not even available in other countries. But the guys at Google still want more people experience what they think may be a game changer in entertainment and cloud computing so they have finally released a version that is compatible with Apple’s iOS.

The new version of Google Music can be accessed on devices that carry iOS. But this is not a completely separate app – the access will go through the Safari browser. This is a mixed bag for some people. Others prefer a separate app so they can access Google servers even without the browser, while others want their access to be done through the browser so they won’t have to install any extraneous apps.

The browser interface actually acts similar to an app. Users can slide between the songs and as a nifty feature, the songs you are playing will continue to do so even when the browser is closed. Of course, browsing through the library and searching for songs can be done through the browser as well.

Google Music is not the first to market with a music streaming service – it already has competition from Spotify and other music streaming services and soon from Apple’s own iCloud service. Google Music has to make unique product decisions to distinguish it from its competitors.

Spotify Becomes More Social

Online music service Spotify has just rolled out several social features which the Spotify folks hope would bring their product into the full mainstream of the still growing social music niche. Spotify version 0.4.3 happens to be one of the largest feature upgrade for the online music service since its inception in 2008.

Kicking off its social features are editable Spotify music profile, ability to publish playlists, top artists and top tracks and a relevant move to connect with Facebook. In addition to its new social features, Spotify is also evolving itself to become a full music management platform by adding the “Library” folder which lets you combine your music library with other Spotify members.

Here’s a brief rundown of the new features of Spotify version 0.4.3:

  • published your Spotify profile on Facebook, blogs or personal website
  • share and publish playlists that you select as you create them
  • one-click subscription to playlists within Spotify or Facebook
  • display subscriber numbers and subscribers’ names in the submenu
  • star tracks or albums or group them into folders
  • drag and drop tracks for recommendation

What’s good about the new Spotify is the fact that you can now import any MP3 on your hard drive to your Spotify library via a link within Spotify pointing to its locaiton on your hard drive. You can also import iTunes playlists into Spotify.

Once you’ve setup your account, you can now start browsing, searching, playing and sharing your whole music library.

Overall, a pretty update that is worth checking out. Do you you Spotify? How do you like these new features?

GetGlue Makes its Services Stickier with New Features

Adaptive Blue has just updated it’s free browser add-on, GetGlue.com with personalized new releases for each user, real-time suggestions, the ability to quickly decide if a book, a movie, or album is for you as well as a new interface.

Let’s take a look at the new features which were just rolled out by GetGlue:

Personalized new releases – GetGlue scans new releases in movies, music, and books and give your the ones that are most relevant to you based on what you have already liked before.  These movies pertain to your favorite genre which could either be a new album from your favorite artists, or even books on particular topic that interests you.

Real time recommendations – GetGlue automatically updates your recommended movies, music and books everytime you encountered new releases. You can quickly browse through these list by clicking on the “Recommended” filter.

Things you’ve already liked – GetGlue shows you similar things that you’ve already liked while you visit a movie, an album or a book on GetGlue.com or anywhere on the web. It also shows you reviews and liked items by your friends, neighbors and the entire GetGlue community who have similar tastes as you.

New activity streams - GetGlue’s new activity streams compress daily activities of various users. This gives you the ability to explore more items from these activity streams.

New interface - Finally, GetGlue has also redesigned the site’s overall interface – now bigger, shiner, simpler and definitely more fun.

So, there. Are you using GetGlue? Do you like the new features so far?

TiVo Premiere Will Change the Way You Consume Media Content

TiVo, a multimedia company popular for providing advanced television services has just launched TiVo Premiere and TiVo Premiere XL Boxes.  Basically what these two boxes do is to provide you with a one box that aims to change the way you consumer various forms of media content.

TiVo Premiere combines cable programming, movies, web videos, and music all in one box  that will unlock the real value of your HDTV set. It is energy efficient and promises to even surpass what the DVRs have done to our media viewing and listening habits.

If you’re multimedia consumer, there’s probably no reason why you would hesitate in getting the TiVo boxes. Well, of course that’s assuming that you are ready to spend $299 or $499 for either of these two TiVo boxes. And these will all happen come April 2010 when the TiVo Premiere and TiVo Premiere XL will be released.

Don’t worry whichever you choose to get, you’d still get the same features such as broadband and broadcast integration, TV Baby Browser, easy to use HD layout, built-in Adobe Flash Player, 45 hours of HD storage or 400 hours of standard definition programming feature.  If you want more recording capacity, you can opt to get the TiVo Premiere XL box instead. This option offers 150 hours of HD or 1350 hours of SD programming.

Are you getting one of these TiVo boxes? Or are you satisfied with your current TV box.

Universal Music Group and FreeAllMusic Offer Free Music Downloads

Screen shot 2010 01 12 at 5.59.53 AM 490x126 Universal Music Group and FreeAllMusic Offer Free Music Downloads

Universal Music Group (UMG) has teamed up with ad-sponsored digital music download service FreeAllMusic to provide a facility for music fans to download freely and legally music tracks from UMG’s stable of artists. The deal will give users up to 20 free music downloads per month, five per week starting every New Music Tuesday.

In case you’re not aware, FreeAllMusic is a fairly new music service offering downloadable, high-quality, iPod-compatible MP3s of popular songs that are advertiser-paid, free, legal and DRM-free. The catch? You have to watch a short video commercial before you can download an MP3. You have to do that to let FreeAllMusic continue providing the service. It is after all what’s paying their bills to keep the site running.

The good thing is, after watching the video commercial and downloading the MP3, you can now enjoy it anytime, anywhere minus the ads. Fair enough, right? Ok, before you folks jump for joy, let me just tell you that FreeAllMusic is a for US-only site. So bad luck for all of us non-US citizens of the world. But of course there are other alternatives to this service, if  you know what I’m referring to.

If you’re from the U.S., you need to register at FreeAllMusic.com and then simply select a participating brand, then watch the short video commercial. After which you can start downloading the mp3. You can also share your downloads to friends but they have to download it for themselves. And they should also watch the video commercial. Or post your music download to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter so that others may know about FreeAllMusic.com’s service and be compelled to watch video commercials in exchange for free music.



Web-Based Media Player Muziic Lets You Play and Organize YouTube and Vevo Music

Screen shot 2009 12 29 at 7.55.15 AM 490x284 Web Based Media Player Muziic Lets You Play and Organize YouTube and Vevo Music

Say goodbye to pesky and obtrusive ads whenever you want to listen to free songs featured on music videos on YouTube. Likewise, say goodbye to those annoying country-specific restrictions that renders most songs practically un-streamable if you live in Timbuktu. Thanks to new site Muziic you can now enjoy those two benefits brought by the free Internet.

First started as a Windows application, Muziic then lets you organize and manage music collections from songs featured on YouTube videos. Think of it as the Windows iTunes for YouTube, that also lets you rip mp3s to YouTube.

To make its service more relevant, Muziic recently launched a web-based media player. And while they were at it, they brought along music video start-up Vevo which went public recently.

So, what do this bring us, free music loving Internet citizens?  Free songs, as in millions of them with accompanying videos to boot.

And then what else? Muziic also lets you register on the site so that you can create your music playlist. It has a very efficient search engine which offers direct song access similar to iTunes does. For those who couldn’t live without sharing things with their friends to social networks, Muziic also just recently rolled out a Facebook app. How about an iPhone app? Not yet but it’s coming pretty soon, I hope.

An online service as good as this is not without a glitch of course. For one thing, Muziic removes country-restriction to video contents from Vevo. While this may seem ok for now, Vevo is said to be looking at it right now. Hopefully, they won’t do something to spoil Muziic’s party.

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