Surprise! Folks Don’t Go to Twitter for Breaking News, Facebook Wins Again

Screen shot 2010 03 17 at 4.56.14 AM 490x310 Surprise! Folks Dont Go to Twitter for Breaking News, Facebook Wins AgainFollowing their report that Facebook has just beaten Google again as the U.S. most visited site, Hitwise is now reporting another Facebook triumph. This time is has something to do with where people go to if they want to know the latest and most breaking news. Opsie! Sorry folks, you’re wrong, not from Twitter but from Facebook.

According to Hitwise, Twitter is only at the no.39 of the list of which sites people go for breaking news. And you’ve guessed it right, Facebook is almost at the lead, landing at the no. 3 spot. It even beat Google which is at eleventh place.

Additionally, Facebook drives 3.64% traffic to news and media sites, followed by Google  with 1.27% and Twitter accounting for only 0.14% of traffic driven to those sites.

Now, here’s a rather interesting point raised by Hitwise’s data. Twitter visits may have more than doubled and yet where could these visitors go to right after they’ve gone through According to the report, majority of those visitors go to social networking and entertainment sites.

But wait, how come then that Twitter is hailed as the new media news source if it doesn’t even comes close to Facebook as leader in driving traffic to news sites. Venture Beat has an interesting analysis. According to VB, those news posted on Twitter timeline came from variety of sources. And most often than not those tweets do not link back to the “traditional media” source of news. Another reason is the fact that most of the news reported by Twitter users are based on their experiences and were not yet reported by news media sites.

There you go folks, it looks like we need to call Facebook as the new king of new media news source and take the title away from Twitter now.

New Media 100: Terra Naomi

Terra Naomi, is one of the most popular folks on YouTube and the first person I think of when I go to the site. She’s pretty much become the YouTube Diva and she’s a really great person from the interaction I’ve had with her. Check out her video below:

She makes the New Media 100 for being an innovator in using YouTube to really grow her career and develop a really huge following online. You can follow our previous coverage of Terra Naomi here.

New Media 100: Anna Svidersky

180px Anna Svidersky 2 New Media 100: Anna SviderskyI’m sure there are some folks who are going to be like, Who is Anna Svidersky? The truth of the matter this pick was the easiest one I’ve ever had to make. I was sitting in a jail cell in Mexico and she came to mind. I was looking back on my year and I think the passing of Anna Svidersky and the outpouring of support to her family and friends using YouTube and Myspace really made me realize how much ‘New Media’ is about real people making a difference and sharing their voice.
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New Media 100: Josh Schachter

schactermit New Media 100: Josh SchachterIt was really tough to get started with this list. But really I didn’t have a problem picking one of my favorite innovators to start up this list. Josh is an amazing innovator who was named MIT’s Technology Review Magazine’s Innovator of the Year for 2006.

Most people don’t know who Joshua Schachter is. But as of recently, when the popular social bookmarking service he invented (known as gained its 1,000,000th registered user, there are clearly plenty of Internet users who are familiar with his handiwork. In December 2005, was acquired by Yahoo and last week, out of a field of 35 innovators all aged 35 and under, MIT’s Technology Review Magazine named Schachter its top innovator of the year. While I was at the conference, I had an opportunity to catch up with Schachter to find out more about him, his (or should I say Yahoo’s) service, and what he’s doing now that he is a Yahoo employee.

Josh Schachter is a brilliant mind who has brought so much to the New media space just in creating, not just that but he’s also the cofounder of GEOurl and Memepool. Simple tools that have changed the way we reach out and consume information.

Josh Schachter is 901am’s 100th most influential person in New Media.

Introducing the New Media 100

13856916 ce82891c62 m Introducing the New Media 100 Over the next few months we will begin charting the most influential people, and those who have given most to New media. It’s not neccesarily a popularity contest. It’s more about who’s given to the New media community.

You can check back often at The New Media 100 for updates as we push our reviews online.

Starting today our first review will be one of the founders of Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.