More People Using Mobile Phones To Research Purchases

phone shopping 300x182 More People Using Mobile Phones To Research PurchasesA study recently conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project shows that more than fifty percent of people who shopped during the 2011 holiday season used their mobile phones to do research on various products before committing to buy them.

The study involved 1,000 adults and according to the results, it was found out that a fourth of them took out their mobile phone while shopping inside a store in order to look up the price for the products they’re eyeing at online resellers.  [Read more...]

Mobile phone thefts up by 400 percent in London

london 225x300 Mobile phone thefts up by 400 percent in LondonSmartphones are quite expensive devices. Our wallets and bank accounts know it, but unfortunately so do criminals. In the UK, phone mobile phone theft is becoming quite a problem, based on figures released by the authorities.

Based on a report published by The Guardian, the police in Islington, one of London’s boroughs, reported a whopping 400 percent rise in crimes involving mobile phones, namely, phone snatching. The 400 percent increase happened over the span of just one year, that is from 157 reported crimes in 2010 to 786 the following year, 2011. The increase may actually be higher because the figure does not even include the last two months of 2011. [Read more...]

ESRB To Begin Rating Mobile Games

esrb 300x196 ESRB To Begin Rating Mobile GamesThe Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB is an organization that gamers know quite well. It is the main organization that provides ratings for games in the United States. The ESRB’s domain has always been limited to video games that come out on game consoles, PCs and gaming handhelds. But the organization is now setting its sights on the fastest growing gaming niche in the market today, mobile devices.

The ESRB, along wth the CTIA Wireless Trade Association, is planning to release a new rating system that is aimed solely at mobile games. The unveiling is reportedly scheduled on November 29. The ESRB’s presentation will be held in Washington DC at an event that will be hosted by ESRB President Patricia Vance and CTIA President Steve Largent. The event is going to have some political flavor with US Senators Kelly Ayotte and Mark Pryor attending as well. [Read more...]

Political Unrest in Egypt and Social Media’s Role

mum Political Unrest in Egypt and Social Medias RoleIt looks like Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will be looking for a new job soon.  But first he’ll have to repair his image.  He might want to look into an SEO campaign from the guys at Banc Media to put a positive scene on his presidency. Though we’re not sure that’s possible.

As political unrest grows in Egypt, I think it’s fair to say the tipping point was the government’s concerted effort to block citizens from using the Internet and disrupting cell phone service.  People will tolerate a lot of abuse, but take away their ability to surf freely, and watch them lash out.  Mubarak, who has survived six assassination attempts, will likely be taken down – not by sniper – but by social media.  The 82-year-old former Lieutenant General for the Egyptian Air Force probably never saw it coming. [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal Offers $17.89 Monthly Subscription for iPad Owners

Screen shot 2010 04 03 at 5.56.26 AM Wall Street Journal Offers $17.89 Monthly Subscription for iPad OwnersWall Street Journal is also diving into the iPad frenzy with a not-so-hard to reject offer for iPad owners. A monthly subscription to the Wall Street Journal delivered to your iPad for a whooping $17.89 monthly fee.

So what do you get after paying that amount? In addition to the freely available WSJ content such as top articles and market data, the paid subscription model to WSJ will also give you access to subscriber-only content including Business and Markets, access to 7-day downloadable archive, personalization and saving features.

Sounds good, right?  Indeed, it is if you’re daily news fare rely heavily on the Wall Street Journal. But as Engadget noted, it may not seem to be cheaper offer though. This is because of the fact that it would only cost you $11.65 to subscribe to both print and online versions of WSJ.

Still, if you don’t mind spending that much for the rightful access to Wall Street Journal Premium content delivered to your brand new iPad, the WSJ iPad subscription seems like a good offer.  I mean, can you just imagine the envy of your colleagues as you read the WSJ from your iPad while waiting for the board meeting to start? You’re earning more than enough anyway so that extra cost shouldn’t matter.

So, what are you waiting for, subscribe to the Wall Street Journal via the iPad now. Click this link to get you started.

Surprise! Folks Don’t Go to Twitter for Breaking News, Facebook Wins Again

Screen shot 2010 03 17 at 4.56.14 AM 490x310 Surprise! Folks Dont Go to Twitter for Breaking News, Facebook Wins AgainFollowing their report that Facebook has just beaten Google again as the U.S. most visited site, Hitwise is now reporting another Facebook triumph. This time is has something to do with where people go to if they want to know the latest and most breaking news. Opsie! Sorry folks, you’re wrong, not from Twitter but from Facebook.

According to Hitwise, Twitter is only at the no.39 of the list of which sites people go for breaking news. And you’ve guessed it right, Facebook is almost at the lead, landing at the no. 3 spot. It even beat Google which is at eleventh place.

Additionally, Facebook drives 3.64% traffic to news and media sites, followed by Google  with 1.27% and Twitter accounting for only 0.14% of traffic driven to those sites.

Now, here’s a rather interesting point raised by Hitwise’s data. Twitter visits may have more than doubled and yet where could these visitors go to right after they’ve gone through According to the report, majority of those visitors go to social networking and entertainment sites.

But wait, how come then that Twitter is hailed as the new media news source if it doesn’t even comes close to Facebook as leader in driving traffic to news sites. Venture Beat has an interesting analysis. According to VB, those news posted on Twitter timeline came from variety of sources. And most often than not those tweets do not link back to the “traditional media” source of news. Another reason is the fact that most of the news reported by Twitter users are based on their experiences and were not yet reported by news media sites.

There you go folks, it looks like we need to call Facebook as the new king of new media news source and take the title away from Twitter now.

Google Reader Play is a Cool Way of Viewing Your Feeds, Almost

googlereaderplay Google Reader Play is a Cool Way of Viewing Your Feeds, Almost

Perhaps hoping to revive interest to its aging feed reader, Google has just launched Google Reader Play.  In essence this experimental product is an attempt to make the most interesting stuff in Google Reader more accessible for everyone while providing a new way of viewing feeds.

Google Reader Play is currently an experimental product. But you don’t need to set-up anything to try it out. All you have to do is visit and you’re good to go.

Basically, Google Reader Play presents feed items one at a time through a big display and in full-screen view. After viewing an item, you can simply click on the next arrow to move to the next item. Or you can jump into specific items by clicking on the filmstrip located at the lower part of the screen. Clicking on a specific item will bring you to its source.

Now here’s the best part, when Google Reader display videos and images, these are automatically displayed in enlarged mode or full-screen. You don’t need to click anything to make this happen.

Another notable feature of Google Reader Play is the fact that it adapts to your browsing preferences. So while browsing, you can click on the “like” button and Google will use it to give you more items that might interest you. In addition, you can also choose to display items based on categories.

Google Reader Play does not require you to login to your Google Account to view the featured feed items. But if you would like to “like” an item, you need to sign in. Once you’ve signed in to your Google account, anything that you do in Google Reader Play will be reflected to your regular Google Reader account.

This only shows that Google does not intend to replace Google Reader with Reader Play.  The later is just another way of viewing Reader feeds.

Google Reader Play is a pretty sleek interface. But since, the feed items are randomly selected, you just won’t  know when you’d get to view items that would really interest you. But of course, it opens up another avenue for Google to deliver ads.

Techmeme Intros Mediagazer, Media News Aggregator

Screen shot 2010 03 09 at 5.02.40 AM 490x362 Techmeme Intros Mediagazer, Media News Aggregator

From the same people behind tech news aggregator Techmeme comes a similar service called Mediagazer, aggregating your daily dose of media news. Mediagazer is backed by media companies such as WordPress, Seesmic, Zemanta and others.

So, if in your daily browsing of the Internet you encounter questions such as “What do news organizations need to do to survive?”,  “Will books become extinct?”, “Can video bring television and the internet together?” and other questions regarding new or old media Mediagazer will organize them in a similar fashion as Techmeme. In other words, everything else that don’t fall under Techmeme, you can find it on Mediagazer.

Mediagazer is organized through the same technology and process as Techmeme, that is combining automated aggregation technologies with direct editorial input from human editors. The media news memetracker collects relevant takes on an issue and package these into group of links.

And just like Techmeme, Mediagazer also makes it easier to share headlines via a recently introduced “share” button. A mobile site is also up and running if  need to get your daily fix of media news  via smartphones on or through for simpler phones.

So there, another site to monitor for daily news coverage. Hopefully, the human editors of Techmeme and Mediagazer will be able to distinguish clearly what should be aggregated on each of these news verticals and duplication of entries will not happen.  Otherwise, they  might as well combined these two aggregators later on.

Pew Says Americans Turn to the Internet for News More than They Do on Newspapers, Radio

Screen shot 2010 03 01 at 10.58.48 PM 490x423 Pew Says Americans Turn to the Internet for News More than They Do on Newspapers, Radio

Another day, another Internet research findings. This time it’s from Pew Internet  saying that more Americans are turning to the Internet to get their daily news fix, rather than the traditional print newspapers and radio.

Pew Internet’s study on “Understanding the Participatory News Consumer”  revealed that 46% of Americans are getting their news from four to six media platforms/online sources including social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook as well as on their mobile phones.  Only 7% get their news from a single media platform.

Pew’s findings also revealed that 33% of mobile phone owners get their news from their devices, 28% have personalized their mobile phone’s home page to include news from various sources and on topics that interest them and 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, either by commenting or disseminating them on various social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

What’s peculiar about the current trend on reader behaviour is that news is being shared socially. Just like when reading a newspaper and you find an item that is interesting enough, you share that news orally, but now, news sharing is done almost as quickly as you’re done reading them – through social media tools. [Read more...]

Weather Channel Lets You Download its Android App from your TV

If you’ve watched the video attached to this post from start to finish, you’ve probably noticed the advertisement that flashed  out  starting from the 15 seconds time mark. Did you scan the barcode? If you did not ,well you just missed the chance of taking a crack on possibly one of the coolest way of downloading an app to your phone. To be specific about it – the Weather Channel app for your Android device.

Believe it or not, it actually works. After scanning the barcode using the Bar Code Scanner Android app,  your phone will be triggered to connect to the Android market to download the Weather Channel app.

And that’s for the Weather Channel app only. Can you imagine how effectively the Android can reach out to its targeted users if more Android apps will adopt the same advertising strategy?  You don’t have to do the numbers because we all know that perhaps majority of consumers still watch the weather segment of their favorite news programs on TV.

Soon enough, there might be a big chance that corporations will adopt this same method to reach out to their consumers directly as well. But in the meantime, let’s be contented with the fact that this might give the Android platform a boost in terms of popularity. This has to be done especially since the IDC predicted that the Android platform will the number two mobile OS by 2013.

Both the Bar Code Scanner app and the Weather Channel are free apps. Just visit the Android market from your phone’s apps screen.