GetGlue Makes its Services Stickier with New Features

Adaptive Blue has just updated it’s free browser add-on, with personalized new releases for each user, real-time suggestions, the ability to quickly decide if a book, a movie, or album is for you as well as a new interface.

Let’s take a look at the new features which were just rolled out by GetGlue:

Personalized new releases – GetGlue scans new releases in movies, music, and books and give your the ones that are most relevant to you based on what you have already liked before.  These movies pertain to your favorite genre which could either be a new album from your favorite artists, or even books on particular topic that interests you.

Real time recommendations – GetGlue automatically updates your recommended movies, music and books everytime you encountered new releases. You can quickly browse through these list by clicking on the “Recommended” filter.

Things you’ve already liked – GetGlue shows you similar things that you’ve already liked while you visit a movie, an album or a book on or anywhere on the web. It also shows you reviews and liked items by your friends, neighbors and the entire GetGlue community who have similar tastes as you.

New activity streams - GetGlue’s new activity streams compress daily activities of various users. This gives you the ability to explore more items from these activity streams.

New interface - Finally, GetGlue has also redesigned the site’s overall interface – now bigger, shiner, simpler and definitely more fun.

So, there. Are you using GetGlue? Do you like the new features so far?

Evernote calls on community to translate site

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, the popular online service Evernote is calling on its community to help translate the site into languages other than English and Russian.

evernote map 490x202 Evernote calls on community to translate site

The project aims to have Evernote versions available in French, German, Italian and Spanish by the end of the year, relying on users to translate as much or as little content as they want.

The online tool lets users add new translations or edit existing ones. There are also positions available for volunteer co-ordinators who will have greater responsibility for reviewing and approving translations.

If this experiment is successful, more languages will be offered up in the future.

Tweeting too Hard, when Twitter and Facebook fail for self-validation

One of the great things about Twitter, and since recently Facebook, is the huge amount of self-validation you get from both platforms. As if that alone wasn’t enough yet, you can now get even more validation at Tweeting too Hard.

What is Tweeting too Hard?

There’s always that person at a party that is trying way too hard. Well, Twitter is a party and those people are here, too. Actually, it could be you.

Tweeting Too Hard is the place to submit, vote on, and chuckle self-righteously at tweets that are just too much. Self-importance, pretense, braggadocio—it’s all here and it’s laid bare for the scoffing.

We all know someone who is due for a good-natured tweet-roast. So get to it. Click the big green submit button and make the world a better place.

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Redfin’s online customer community responsible for 40% revenue growth

Redfin, the real estate infustry’s first online brokerage for buying and selling homes, revealed that 51% of people who bought a home through Redfin reported that the company’s online community influenced their decision to work with the brokerage. Prior to making a purchase, over 22% of Redfin buyers had posted a question to the community.

Visits to Redfin’s online community have increased 415% year over year. In that time, Redfin’s revenues have increased by more than 40%, while the company has reduced marketing program expenses 82%; Redfin’s Net Promoter Score, a measure of customer satisfaction, has increased by 5%.

Redfin’s community, powered by Lithium, is one of the only forums for real estate consumers to ask one another about pricing trends, neighborhood guidance, and local best practices The community allows customers to comment on individual agents’ service, and to suggest improvements to Redfin’s website. Community postings appear throughout Redfin’s site, with each agent’s contributions appearing on a profile page that also includes the agent’s entire deal history as well as customer reviews and ratings.

KickApps to power Muscular Dystrophy Association online community

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has selected KickApps to power its online community, myMDA. myMDA is a place for people whose lives have been affected by muscular dystrophy and associated diseases to gather and share their experiences and get support from each other.

myMDA features a social network where members can create online profiles about themselves, friend other members of the community, upload blogs, photos and videos, engage in discussions with other members on message boards, and comment, rate, tag and find content that has been created and uploaded by other members of myMDA. Additionally, members can easily share community content and spread awareness with family and friends on any website, major social networks and blogs.

KickApps, Infinity Pro Sports partner on social media for sports

kickapps KickApps, Infinity Pro Sports partner on social media for sportsKickApps has forged a partnership with Infinity Pro Sports to bring social media and online video experiences to professional and college team and league websites. The first joint customer is the legendary basketball team Harlem Globetrotters.

Social media offers sports teams and leagues a unique opportunity to engage fans around without the geographical boundaries. Using the KickApps Social Media Platform, Infinity Pro Sports will be able to easily create and manage branded social networks for their clients that feature photo and video uploading and sharing, blogging and discussion forums. Through this, teams and league can deliver an immersive online environment where fans can meet other fans and collectively share their passion for their favorite teams, and create a new marketing and revenue channel for ticket and merchandise sales.

The KickApps Social Media Platform currently powers social media websites for many of the world’s largest professional and amateur sports teams and leagues, including the Phoenix Suns’, New Orleans Hornets, New York Knicks, Phoenix Mercury, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and New York Rangers.

Black Community search engine forges content partnership with, a search engine for the Black community and, a web site that provides in-depth analysis of economics and politics, have joined together to bring news and commentary from a Black perspective to their users.

RushmoreDrive is a first-of-its-kind search engine for the Black community that delivers a blend of mainstream search results plus a layer of more relevant search results influenced by the Black community. It has developed several community and content partnerships in order to better serve its growing population of users known as RushmoreDrivers. While search is’s core offering, RushmoreDrivers also get news, Black opinions and an opportunity to search for jobs with companies that value diversity, all at the same web destination. is expected to bring a unique perspective to ongoing news that is important to the Black community. L

Tsavo Media acquires user-generated recipe site Open Source Food

nibbledish Tsavo Media acquires user generated recipe site Open Source FoodSeveral hundred thousand palates can’t be wrong. With this, Tsavo Media announced that it has acquired Open Source Food (OSF) from Egg & Co., a venture of Tokyo-based web producer Jon Anthony Yongfook Cockle.

With the acquisition, OSF has been renamed NibbleDish and will join Tsavo’s new network of content sites for consumers, currently in development.

Yongfook will remain with the company. A serial web-app builder, Yongfook is also responsible for the popular lifestreaming software Sweetcron and analytics tool Gumtrail. From his base in Tokyo, he works with various Japanese companies as an outside consultant, building web apps and overseeing production.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Special Olympics launches fan community with KickApps

Special Olympics and KickApps announced the launch of a new online Fan Community.

Built on the KickApps platform, the online Fan Community connects people who are passionate about building a more accepting and inclusive world and enables them to share their stories and celebrate the spirit of the Special Olympics.

The Fan Community was designed by Perfect Sense Digital and built by the KickApps Client Solutions team. The website features a social network where members can create an online profile about themselves, friend other members of the community, upload blogs, photos and videos, engage in conversations with other members on message boards, and comment, rate and tag content that has been created and uploaded by other members. Additionally, members can easily share community content, and spread awareness, with family and friends on any website, major social networks and blogs.

Helium launches Zones for professional writers

Writing community Helium announced a free way for professional writers to showcase their portfolios online and help them make the transition to digital publishing.

At the heart of offering is Helium Zones, an ultra easy micropublishing platform that gives writers the tools to present their best work to thousands of publishers and millions of readers. A rich web destination that combines the best of multiple social media applications, Helium Zones offer writers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional websites or blogs.

Additional offerings available to professional writers on Helium include:

  • Access to Helium’s restricted Freelance Marketplace
  • Membership to Helium’s Certified Professional Writers Networking Group
  • Professional Writer Credentials & Status Badge
  • Guaranteed upfront payments for qualifying articles published on

To be a part of Helium’s community of professional writers, an application is online at