PalmPad To iPad: “Say Hello To My Little Friend!”

palmpadstylus 490x267 PalmPad To iPad: Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Despite lacking numerous apps, an army of developers and Apple’s cult like following, HP’s PalmPad will probably be able to hold its own against the iPad tsunami that is sweeping the planet.

While Steve Jobs greatest creation allows you to interact with the iPad by using all ten digits, PalmPad may one up the iPad–literally–by introducing a simple tool that will appeal to corporate execs, artists and journalists around the world.

Our insider tells us that just like HP’s tm series notebook, the webOS tablet will have a screen that recognizes a wacom pen while functioning as a capacitive touchscreen. That means the webOS tablet–unlike the iPad–will be an actual tablet. You will be able to take handwritten notes on it and easily search your notes. (

Just the very fact that the PalmPad will come with an official stylus  will set PalmPad apart from “that other” touchscreen tablet, as well as help the company leverage their products against Steve Jobs alternative to net books.

Coupled with a front facing camera and the PalmPad could easily replace the popular iPad, despite the lack of apps upon the App Catalog (aka Palm’s app store).

(via Gizmodo)