eBay and PayPal increase protection for buyers and sellers

ebay eBay and PayPal increase protection for buyers and sellerseBay wants you to feel secured shopping and wants you to do it using PayPal. The online auction company announced improved protections for buyers and sellers on eBay.com.

For the first time, buyers who pay with PayPal will be protected on eligible transactions for 100 percent of an item’s purchase price, with no cap on coverage. In addition, all U.S. eBay sellers will receive improved seller protection for eligible transactions when they get paid with PayPal.

Transfer Money to Friends With Facebook

With too many Facebook applications to name, it’s hard to keep afloat with the latest and greatest.

UK-based Moneybookers (Paypal competitor) will offer their customers and Facebook users the ability to use an app to transfer money to and fro. Billed as a “social fundraising” application, the project is currently in beta mode, expected to be released to the general public some time in June.

Moneybookers currently has 4.6 million customers, and will likely see that number head north with the new app. The site requires identity verification before using their service to minimize fraud and prevent money laundering. Their fee structure is comparable to Paypal’s.

I’m all for charity, but let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another vehicle for bloggers to beg for ‘donations’ they don’t need (or deserve).

Will you roll the dice on completing a financial transaction within the Facebook framework?

JetBlue adds PayPal option in booking flights

JetBlue Airways Corporation announced that customers booking at www.JetBlue.com now have the option to purchase flights using PayPal.

With more than 57 million active accounts, PayPal provides a safer, easier way to pay for items and services online. With PayPal, JetBlue customers can now pay for travel through debit cards, bank accounts, stored balance, or credit cards without sharing their financial information.

PayPal launches Storefront Widget

Online payment company PayPal has released Storefront Widget, enabling its members to set up virtual stores in any websites using HTML code like blogs and social networking sites.

By seamlessly integrating e-commerce platform, PayPal users can easily setup their own store, promote, and sell any items outside their websites. Ideally, this widget can get additional traffic and boost sales of many merchants.

Some of the features I find quite useful are the following:

Storefront display – Sellers can display thumbnail images of all of the items for sale through the storefront widget. When a buyer hovers over an item with the mouse, an enlarged view of the item is shown.

“Sold Out” items –When an item is sold out, sellers can define whether the item is suppressed in the storefront or appears with the “sold out” label.

In terms of integration, PayPal has already made some arrangements with TypePad to automatically insert the widget in the blog with just one click. Though setting up this widget requires a simple copy-paste command.

While its blog claims this widget can be integrated to MySpace, the official Storefront site states it is not currently available for this social network.

Additional limitation is its inability to process payment in U.S. dollars only. This something I believe requires a trivial tweaking in the system.

Via PayPalblog

PayPal now accepted in US Airways

paypal PayPal now accepted in US AirwaysUS Airways welcomes online payment system PayPal as a new alternative for customers wishing to purchase tickets through its official website.

With a PayPal account, US Airways customers can choose from several different payment options to fund transactions, including credit card, bank account and PayPal account balance.

There are no additional fees for using PayPal on usairways.com. For more information, or to sign up for a PayPal account, visit usairways.com/paypal.

“An important part of our ongoing project to rebuild usairways.com is to provide our customers with the payment options they’ve asked for, including the ability to pay via PayPal,” said US Airways Sales and Marketing Vice President Travis Christ.

MySpace, PayPal to empower non-profits and political candidates to virally raise funds

myspace impact MySpace, PayPal to empower non profits and political candidates to virally raise funds MySpace announced an agreement with PayPal enabling non-profits and political candidates to virally raise funds throughout the site’s civic and political hub, the Impact Channel. This marks the official launch of the Impact Channel which will feature new tools including a volunteer search and match tool “Volunteer Space,” a daily issue-based poll, and a voter registration tool.

Today’s announcement with MySpace and PayPal makes the fundraising tool available for select non-profit organizations and all presidential candidates to add to their profiles. Each PayPal tool is viral, encouraging friends to copy and add the tools to their MySpace page to show friends the causes they support, encourage donations, and help raise funds. The viral effect of the fundraising can be viewed with a “supporter tree” function which tracks the users who have added the tool to their profiles, and how much each person has raised as a result.

Along with the fundraising tool, MySpace is unveiling a new volunteer search and match service, “Volunteer Space,” powered by VolunteerMatch, which allows users to personalize volunteer projects by entering their zip code and search preferences. Flektor, one of the Web’s leading video editing sites, will be integrated into Impact by powering the channel’s daily issue-based polling. Additional channel content includes an optimized voter registration tool powered by Declare Yourself and a job search tool allowing users to find civic and socially-minded jobs in their area.

Yahoo!, eBay and PayPal join forces to protect consumers against e-mail fraud and phishing scams

email Yahoo!, eBay and PayPal join forces to protect consumers against e mail fraud and phishing scamsYahoo!, eBay and PayPal today announced a collaborative effort to better protect consumers against fraudulent e-mails and the dangerous scams known as phishing attacks. Starting today, eBay and PayPal customers worldwide using Yahoo! Mail will begin receiving fewer fake e-mails claiming to be sent by eBay and PayPal. Yahoo! Mail is the first web mail service to block these types of malicious messages for eBay and PayPal through the use of DomainKeys e-mail authentication technology.

DomainKeys technology provides a unique way to verify the authenticity of e-mail messages, allowing Internet service providers to determine if messages are real and should be delivered to a customer’s inbox. The collaborative effort between Yahoo!, eBay and PayPal will result in the blocking of unauthenticated e-mail, reducing the volume of fraudulent e-mail received by consumers and lowering their risk of falling for phishing attacks.

Yahoo!, eBay and PayPal are in the process of transitioning their systems from DomainKeys to the proposed standard DomainKeys Identified Mail. The implementation is expected to be complete in the coming months.

The technology upgrade will be rolled out globally over the next several weeks to all users of Yahoo! Mail.

Shop now, pay later with PayPal

paypal Shop now, pay later with PayPalPayPal‘s new payment option offers consumers a convenient way of shopping on participating merchant websites, allowing them to shop now and pay later.

Powered by GE Money Bank, The PayPal Pay Later service allows merchants to give flexible financial options to buyers through a transactional credit account. With options such as no payments for 90 days, merchants get to have more ways to market their merchandise to shoppers.

“We’re really excited to be one of the first sites to offer deferred payments through PayPal and give our customers even more choice when they make purchases,” said Dave Gaeta, Marketing Director of Cooking.com. “We see this is as a great new tool to generate even more sales for our business.”

“PayPal Pay Later makes offering PayPal even more attractive to merchants because it gives them yet another way to drive sales,” said Stephanie Tilenius, VP and General Manager of PayPal Merchant Services. “And consumers get instant purchasing power because they can buy when they want and pay for it later – all with the peace of mind that they don’t have to share credit card information over the Web.”

TheFind.com announces new shopping search engine exclusively to PayPal

TheFind, Inc. announced the launch of PayPal.TheFind.com, a new shopping search engine built specifically to enable consumers to browse products exclusively from merchants who accept PayPal payments.

Just like results on TheFind.com, products will be shown to PayPal customers as visually compelling catalog-like images, not simply text links or thumbnail images. Unlike traditional comparison shopping sites, merchants will not have to pay for their products to appear in search results on PayPal.TheFind.com; instead, products from PayPal merchants will be indexed and become part of the natural search results.

“By working with TheFind.com, our customers have access to a unique online shopping experience. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, simple and secure ways to shop online,” said Gene Alston, business development director at PayPal.