Comcast Launches Secure Backup and Share Service

Screen shot 2010 02 19 at 4.52.34 AM 490x314 Comcast Launches Secure Backup and Share Service

Comcast has just launched it new Secure Backup and Share service with the aim of helping you reduce the risk of losing important files that are saved on your computers. In short, it’s a cloud storage service with a facility for sharing some of the files you store easily.

While there maybe free services of this kind available online, Comcast however will offer the service for a fee. If you’re an existing Comcast subscriber you automatically gets 2GB of file storage for free, or should I say as an incentive for subscribing to its Internet service.

But of course, 2GB of storage won’t be enough for you, so you can always upgrade to a paid account. A 50GB storage plan will cost you $4.99 monthly or $49.99 annually. While a 200GB storage plan will set you back for $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually. Those two options give you enough storage for all your photos, videos, files and other digital documents.

And since you are paying for the service, Comcast assures that all your files are in good hands. They’ve got a secure and reliable protection system plus a file restoration facility in case disaster strikes and your files are destroyed.

For file sharing and access to files, Comcast gives you a site which you can share with your family and friends.  You and your friends and family can access the said site from any Internet connection as well as on your mobile phone.

So, if you’d rather store and back up your files on a highly secured server, you might want to give Comcast Secure Backup and Share service a try.

Cooliris Gallery App Debuts on the Nexus One

Gallery on Nexus One, developed by Cooliris from Cooliris on Vimeo.

With the Google Nexus One already out and are probably on its way to the early customers who ordered it today, it’s now time for us to wait and see whether third-party apps would come pouring into to support Google’s mobile phone venture. As early as now, Google has made a deal with Cooliris to bring its Gallery app available to the Nexus One.

In case you haven’t heard about Cooliris before, it Cooliris is a pretty innovative application for engaging with multimedia on desktops and other devices. And so Cooliris is bringing the same experience to Nexus One users through its Gallery app.

Gallery app makes photo viewing on the Nexus One easier, cooler and even perhaps better than on the iPhone.  Of course on feature of the iPhone Photo apps which the Cooliris didn’t have is the multi-touch gesture for zooming in and out photos. Other than that Cooliris’ Gallery App is definitely more fun that the iPhone Photo app.

The Gallery app lets you organize, share, and edit your photos easily. You can crop and rotate photos, share it on Facebook, Instant Messaging, Gmail, and Bluetooth. Browsing photos can be done through a slideshow or quick left-to-right navigation .

The app also supports geotagging as well as sync your photos with your Picasa Web Albums. And of course, since the Gallery will serve as your native Photo app for the Nexus One, it seamlessly works with other apps of the Nexus One.

There, something to look forward to if you’ve ordered the Nexus One and awaiting its arrival.

Nokia Rolls Out Image Space, Lets You View Flickr Photos in 3D

Nokia has just rolled out a somewhat familiar service on its Nokia Beta Labs – Image Space. Basically, Image Space gives you a new way of viewing photos you shared to from your Nokia supported handsets to your Flickr account.  Image Space will stitch together your photos as well as other people’s photos in a common 3D environment.

That’s all there is to it actually. Just a pretty simple mobile to web applications utilizing various technologies such GPS, photo meta tagging by Flickr, fetching photos from Flickr to Nokia Beta Labs, and the photo stitching technology employed by Image Space.

Image Space works with any Nokia handset with a-GPS navigation feature such as the N97 mini, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6720 Classic. The GPS feature is used for location tagging the photos you take and upload to Flickr.

Nokia Image Space is a pretty good service, simple and yet fun. But  the pre-requisite here is that you have a Flickr account and Nokia is relying the success of a new service to another service which is not actually their own.  Granting that Flickr is the most popular  photo sharing service online, it is quite uncertain whether users of Nokia handsets that support Image Space actually have their Flickr account.

It would have been better if Image Space could support other photo sharing site as well or perhaps even photos uploaded to Facebook. Now, that would be awesome.

Via IntoMobile

Flickr launches People in Photos feature

flickr logo Flickr launches People in Photos featureI must admit that most of the time I search Flickr it’s for pictures of gadgets or landscapes, but according to the Yahoo!-owned photo service, it’s people that are the real stars.

To this end, they’ve launched a “People in Photos” feature which allows members to link people in photos to their Flickr accounts, in a similar way to how Facebook does it except that I suspect there are fewer people with Flickr than Facebook accounts.

On top of this, there are a range of security options (which the likes of Facebook could learn something from) whereby users have more control over how their image is featured in a photo. [Read more...]

Atari launches Photo Sauce Facebook app

atari photo sauce meerkat 300x240 Atari launches Photo Sauce Facebook appI have many fond memories of Atari but they’ve certainly evolved a lot in the last three decades.

The latest news is that Atari has jumped onto the social networking bandwagon, launching something it calls “Photo Sauce” which, unsurprisingly, has a strong focus on digital photographs.

In fact, Atari hasn’t started its own network. Instead, it has created a Facebook app which allows photos to be decorated and personalised through stickers, speech bubbles and accessories.

It’s possible to create a slide show for sharing with friends, and Atari will release new stickers over time.

Check it out here.

Sony unveils Wi-Fi digital camera with web browser

sonywifi Sony unveils Wi Fi digital camera with web browserWith focus on making photo sharing easier and more convenient, Sony has introduced the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled digital camera that uploads photos and videos to web sites through any public hotspot due to its built-in web browser.

The new Cyber-shot DSC-G3 digital still camera answers one of the most pressing needs for photo enthusiasts: how to share those amazing photos and video clips of family, friends and events as soon as you shoot. The Cyber-shot camera makes it easy to upload images and video directly to popular photo and video sharing sites wherever a Wi-Fi connection is available.

The camera can wirelessly connect to any public hotspot, including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and airports. Like a computer, the camera can connect to free or fee-based hotspots, as well as to secure and unsecured access points.

The new DSC-G3 model comes with complimentary AT&T Wi-Fi access to Sony’s Easy Upload Home Page until Jan. 31, 2012. It includes Wi-Fi access at thousands of AT&T hotspots across the US, including Starbucks, selected book stores and major quick-serve restaurant locations, as well as hundreds of upscale hotels and airports.

The Cyber-shot DSC-G3 camera is now available in black for about $500.

SnapMyLife raises $5 million in new funding for mobile photo-sharing community

Mobile photo-sharing site SnapMyLife has raised a new $5 million round of funding, led by current investors North Bridge Venture Partners and Carmel Ventures. This investment will be used to further expand SnapMyLife’s service with new features, stronger international presence and global partnerships.

“Three billion mobile phones worldwide enable people to instantly capture and share moments of their lives. SnapMyLife is the first mobile-oriented service to allow a wide range of consumers to easily share photos, while building a global community of friends,” said George Grey, founder and CEO of SnapMyLife. “SnapMyLife’s premium demographic, high quality content and location-based services set us apart and offer advertisers a unique opportunity to reach older and more affluent consumers. The additional commitment from current investors will enable us to expand our global footprint and add new services in the future.”

SnapMyLife was launched in April, 2008 and has quickly grown to more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month and over 500,000 registered users. Mobile phone users from every country in the world use SnapMyLife to share pictures, make friends, see location-tagged pictures on interactive maps, add favorites, comment and chat.

ILovePhotos releases in beta; web-based version also introduced

iLovePhotos announced the official release of its public beta. The free Mac software takes a fresh approach to addressing the billions of photos that are left unorganized and forgotten with its face detection, visual tagging, automated sharing, and intelligent slide show technology to let people effortlessly organize, share, and enjoy their photos.

Alongside the launch of its public beta, iLovePhotos introduced a new Flash-based version of its Mac application. Users can access the online software from any Mac or PC without downloading any software. And people can even bring their photos straight in from Flickr.

Fotolog hits milestone with 20 million members

Hi-Media Group announced that Fotolog, the photo-blogging website and social network, has passed the 20 million member mark. Since the website’s acquisition by Hi-Media Group was announced in 2007, Fotolog’s rapidly-growing and highly-engaged community has achieved key milestones:

• Sharply accelerated growth rate going from 10-20 million members in the past year (previously, Fotolog had built a 10-million member community in 5 years).

• Rolled out the mobile service worldwide and introduced the Allopass micro-payments platform in Latin America.

• Key market growth worldwide: the #2 social network in Spain; US unique visitors doubled in 2008.

Drawing Day Embraces Web 2.0

Artists, make sure to mark June 7 on your calendar this year. Coined Drawing Day, the celebration aims to push artists and illustrators to bring attention to their art by utilizing Web 2.0. The goal is quite lofty; to upload 1 million drawings in a single day.

“It’s time artists embraced social networking as a way to showcase their art,” says founder Mick Gow. “One million drawings for our first year of this event may seem hard to imagine. Artists always dream big, so are we.”

Drawings can be created via any graphics software or by simply scanning drawings created on paper. Participants then submit these drawings to one of several social networking websites listed at

If you’re interested in joining a unified front designed to remind people of the joy of drawing, regardless of their artistic ability, the Website has a series of banners and buttons available to help promote the event.