Personal Life Media launches more shows, hits million markers, and adopts podcast ad standards

Lifestyle podcasts and blogs publisher Personal Life Media announced that four new shows have debuted the self-empowerment free pdcast network.

The latest programming installments include: “Philosophers Notes: Get Your Wisdom On,” “Business Success Tips: Entertaining Insights in Management, Finance, Marketing and Revenue,” “The North Bay: Rock and Roll Music | Blues | Progressive Rock | Folk | Alternative,” and “ Learning Digital Photography: Digital SLR | Great Shots | Easy Techniques | Cool Accessories | Creative Ideas from the Canon Blogger.”

In addition, two existing shows celebrate achieving over 1 million cumulative downloads: “Inside Out Weight Loss: Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit for Lasting Change” and “Expanded Lovemaking: Sensuality, Love and Consciousness” podcasts.

Further, the company announces adoption of the podcast advertising unit standards and audience measurement guidelines of the Association for Downloadable Media (ADM) for their free podcasts. Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media is a founder of the Association and serves as Vice Chairman. The organization facilitates the monetization of episodic consumer-downloaded content (aka podcasts and vidcasts). Now marketers can run ads in all Personal Life Media online audio shows (podcasts) with standard ad formats that are also accepted by more than 30 additional podcast networks and publishers.

Ten self-empowerment podcasts join Personal Life Media Network

Personal Life Media announced that 10 shows have debuted on or joined the self-empowerment podcast network bringing the total to 35 weekly audio shows and one daily vidcast along with their companion blogs.

The content of the new shows range from hobby-related digital photography, literature and genealogy to conversations about lifestyle design and holistic health to indie music discovery. There is also a motivational show for sales professionals in the business empowerment category.

· Camera Dojo: Digital Photography Enthusiasts

· Dear Zanny: Relationship Advice from a Family Therapist

· Digital Photography Life: Make Every Shot Count

· Family History: Genealogy Made Easy

· Life Zero: Adventures in Zen and Lifestyle Design

· Modern Immortal

· Music For Midnight

· Sales Magic: Motivations, Meditations and Visualizations to Kick Your Assets Into Action!

· TheDivaCast

· Words to Mouth: Women’s Novels & Non-Fiction

Since its launch 18 months ago, PLM has continued to grow key performance indicators. In addition to more than doubling the content offering since launch, web traffic has increased 128% for the year. ( 1,000 episodes have been produced with nearly 600 guests resulting in more than six million downloads. Its free multi-show podcast player widget launched September 2008 received nearly 500,000 page views in its first month and is utilized by myriad podcasters on and off the PLM network. partners with Personal Life Media for podcast advertising program

ice partners with Personal Life Media for podcast advertising has launched an integrated podcast advertising program to be heard exclusively on the Personal Life Media network. The relationship focuses on leveraging the unique attributes of podcast advertising, including the ability to offer highly-emotive content similar to radio and television, but delivered online. Advertising in downloadable media benefits from the personal nature of “long tail” programming and the deep appreciation listeners have for their show hosts.

In addition to the 30-second audio ads that will run on more than 10 of the network’s most popular shows, each host will provide personal endorsements during their shows. Moreover, a 2-minute advertorial interview at the end of many of the shows will incorporate an interview with CEO Pinny Gniwisch.

“Pinny has distinguished as a pioneer in innovative advertising concepts, said Susan Bratton, Personal Life Media co-founder and CEO. “He’s a fearless marketer with the assets and patience to be a leader in any next-generation media opportunity. Plus, promoting his beautiful jewelry to listeners of our relationship, personal transformation, beauty and aging gratefully shows is a lot of fun for everyone.”

To take advantage of the and Personal Life Media advertising specials, listeners can go directly to the site using the unique promotional discount code mentioned in the podcast. Listeners of Personal Life Media shows will enjoy a 20% discount on their jewelry purchases. Diamonds are not included in the discount as the phenomenal pricing at and companion site does not allow for a further price reduction.

DishyMix reveals personal side of media, internet and advertising titans

personallifemedia isobar DishyMix reveals personal side of media, internet and advertising titansPersonal Life Media, publisher of lifestyle content in the form of 16 weekly audio programs, podcasts and blogs for people on the leading edge of culture, introduces DishyMix: Juicy Interviews with Famous Internet and Media People, hosted by Susan Bratton who dishes with the influencers of the Internet and media world. As part of the move to Personal Life Media, DishyMix also receives sponsorship from Isobar US, the world’s largest dgital marketing network servicing clients in 40 countries worldwide and Blue Lithium, a leading data-driven direct marketing company.

“On DishyMix, I dialog with the most multifarious personalities in the business to give listeners an insight into what drives these VIPs from a personal perspecive,” Susan Bratton, CEO of Personal Life Media and DishMix Host, said. “My first podcast, launched on in 2005, germinated my enthusiasm for this medium. The intimacy of podcasting lends itself to revealing the unique qualities that personify these superstars in our industry and after launching my own podcast network, it was natural move to bring the show over to Personal Life Media.” [Read more...]